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 Who played the clarinet on...
Author: Green Henry 
Date:   2019-04-28 01:50

A quiet Saturday evening and my wife and I were watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Not really paying attention, tbh. Then during Slughorn's party I started to notice this clarinet in amongst the music. I'm a beginner/intermediate player, late starter, very keen. Who played it? It's unobtrusive but so virtuosic! How did (s)he make that sound? Beautiful little bubbles of sound. Is it just what any regular pro could do or is it a specific technique?

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 Re: Who played the clarinet on...
Author: Fuzzy 
Date:   2019-04-28 02:08

Not being familiar with Harry Potter, I looked up "Slughorn's Party" on YouTube. If the part I listened to is the same part you're referring to - then the answer is: There's more than one clarinetist playing. The effect is from rhythm, chord structure, voice leading amongst the parts...and proficient clarinetists.

I wouldn't say there's a specific technique or trick to the playing.

It sounds "full" or "round" because the clarinet parts are filling the chordal structure instead of all playing a single melody/line.

At least that's what I heard in the clip I watched,

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 Re: Who played the clarinet on...
Author: Green Henry 
Date:   2019-04-28 02:26

Thanks Fuzzy.

Would it be a fair conclusion from what you say that the sound I enjoyed is down to the composer scoring it that way (plus what you call proficient playing, which is probably way ahead of my playing but hey, what's new?)?

I have noticed in various ensembles how much better the whole sounds than the parts. A big part of the joy of playing with others, of course.

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 Re: Who played the clarinet on...
Author: Fuzzy 
Date:   2019-04-28 04:06

Hi Henry,

Hopefully others more knowledgable than me will chime in...but to answer your question about being scored that way: yes...to a degree, but the clarinetists also must come in on each note together and end together (and be in "tune" with one another) in order to achieve the sound. The rhythm is somewhat syncopated...with emphasis on specific notes and/or space in between, so the task is more difficult (perhaps) than if the clarinetists were just playing whole/long notes together.

For others who might be reading this post...the speakers I'm listening to this clip on right now aren't the best...is the piece in question synthesized?


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 Re: Who played the clarinet on...
Author: Ken Lagace 
Date:   2019-04-28 04:39

If this is the clip;

There is a string bass on the bottom, an occasional french horn in the background, and three clarinets playing parallel chord triads. No tricks and fairly easy for advanced players.

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 Re: Who played the clarinet on...
Author: Green Henry 
Date:   2019-04-28 10:47

Hi Ken

Yes, that's the one. Thanks.

Not sure whether I'm pleased to know it's routine for an advanced player or a bit crushed at another glimpse of how high the mountain is! I think pleased: lately I know I've improved a bit, but simultaneously have become less satisfied with how I play, and I realise that the improvement is down in great part to hearing more objectively, so that I have practised more effectively.

And on listening again, I can hear it's several instruments not just one. When two or more play together the whole is always more than the sum of the parts, which is a big part of the joy of doing it.

Anyway, thanks again!


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 Re: Who played the clarinet on...
Author: donald 
Date:   2019-04-29 07:54

In 1983 my mum bought me an LP with a performance of the Rossini Introduction, theme and variations. The 2nd variation was SO FAST that I was SURE it was two players for a while... TWO YEARS LATER I was playing that piece myself. If you put the time and love into it and keep that effort going you can surprise yourself!

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