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 Clarinet Pickup - Tips
Author: Mirko996 
Date:   2019-03-22 01:07

Hi everyone, i need a suggestion.
I'd like to make a gift for myself, I want to buy a pickup for clarinet.
There're a different reason, but the main reason is that: I'm inspired about the electronic sound of trumpet player (See Miles Davis, Paolo Fresu, Enrico Rava), so I'd like to use the pickup to increase my experiments using pedals and effect, because I use a dynamic microphone on my house and in live experience, but you can image, in live experiences Me (and Sound Engineers) found a lot of problem.

My dear friend, suggested me to buy this brand of pickup: Rumberger, because he already has a pickup, a Piezobarrel, but he didn't enjoyed this brand, and unfortunaly he cannot lend me this pickup because is situated in his country, palestine.

I found different brands, rumberger, nalbatov etc...
I listened rumberger and I really appreciate the quality, is pretty good and I'd like to buy it, but before purchrasing this I'd like to listen your idea, suggestions, experiences about pickup world, difference etc...

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 Re: Clarinet Pickup - Tips
Author: clarnibass 
Date:   2019-03-22 10:24

I've had excellent experience with TAP and Rumberger. TAP makes many models. Rumberger I think only one or two. The TAP doesn't need any power. With Rumberger I think they have a couple of different options, make sure to get the one you want (I think one version requires phantom power, one doesn't, but check with them).

If I remember Rumberger uses a "plug" with O rings into a hole (several other pickup makes use the same method). This isolates key noise a little better. The TAP just threads into a threaded hole. I often use the key noise on purpose so actually it's an advantage for me to have a little more of it. Neither is extremely quiet or absurdly noisy.

I've also heard about Nalbantov from two players who said it was good but I haven't tried it.

Since I have the pickup I basically stopped using my AMT clip-on mics.

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 Re: Clarinet Pickup - Tips
Author: Mirko996 
Date:   2019-03-23 03:10

Thanks for the answer,
If you say you had and excellent experience with rumberger pick up I trust you, and I think is a very good pickup, I also listened Tap pick up, but I'm one video, and I'm not so sure about this pick up. So I should take rumberger (and I'd prefer) or nambaltov, which is pretty good to, but I'd prefer a rumberger

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 Re: Clarinet Pickup - Tips
Author: clarnibass 
Date:   2019-03-23 09:47

The Rumberger is good, two local clarinetists use it. Just make sure you get the version you want (XLR with phantom or 1/4" without). If you post your email I can send you the details of that I got from Rumberger (not sure it's listed on their website but look there too, it might be).

The samples are confusing. TAP uses a Greek player with a traditional Greek/Turkish tone. I don't sound like that at all when I use it. The Rumberger samples have a sort of Western European type of tone. With the TAP, I sound closer to the samples on the Rumberger website. It's mostly the player. Both sound good for a pickup. The most surprising thing is how little key noise there is from the Rumberger bass clarinet samples. I'm guessing they made the clarinet extra quiet before recording this... With regular clarinet they have about the same key noise.

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 Re: Clarinet Pickup - Tips
Author: Katrina 
Date:   2019-03-23 16:16

Nalbantov is Bulgarian and I have a friend who uses one of their accordion mics. He loves it...I'm almost ready to start thinking about getting one again. Keep us informed...I want to have the Balkan sound for this application, so I'm not put off by that. (I use different mouthpieces for classical and Balkan.)

Post Edited (2019-03-23 16:52)

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 Re: Clarinet Pickup - Tips
Author: John Morton 
Date:   2019-03-25 07:15

I use a DPA clip-on condenser mic. I made a pedal board assembly which holds a phantom power supply (very small and cheap), a 10 band EQ/volume pedal, and an octave pedal. The mic cable runs to the phantom power unit. The output gets an adapter, XLR to 1/4" cable, then to the EQ, the octave pedal, and on to the sound board.

The EQ pedal has no effect on the signal until you step on the switch. When that happens, you get whatever EQ and volume are set. I set it to 2 volume levels for ensemble and solo. I don't mess with the EQ, but I sometimes use it to notch out strange noises generated by the octave pedal.

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