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 Unknown mouthpiece Vandoren ?
Author: RClarinet60 
Date:   2019-01-22 04:59

I have a mouthpiece that only has the lyre to the right of the table and absolutely no other markings. It doesn’t appear that any markings were ground off (see attached images). It came with a very old )1930’s? Clarinet I purchased online. Is this a vandoren?

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 Re: Unknown mouthpiece Vandoren ?
Author: J. J. 
Date:   2019-01-22 06:06

Very likely a 5RV Lyre.

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 Re: Unknown mouthpiece Vandoren ?
Author: donald 
Date:   2019-01-22 08:53

I LOVE the idea of a mouthpiece having a lure!!!!!

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 Re: Unknown mouthpiece Vandoren ?
Author: Ken Lagace 
Date:   2019-01-22 17:52

Donald, now be nice... I know you never made a mistake in your life.

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 Re: Unknown mouthpiece Vandoren ?
Author: RClarinet60 
Date:   2019-01-22 23:51

It was a typo and I fixed it. I’m mostly curious if anyone could estimate an age for this mouthpiece. As I mentioned, it came with a very old instrument. It doesn’t happen to have the horizontal buffing markings like the newer vandorens...

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 Re: Unknown mouthpiece Vandoren ?
Author: Dan Shusta 
Date:   2019-01-23 05:57

According to the following website, the oldest it could possibly be is 54 years old because the 5RV Lyre was first introduced in 1965.

Now, O.T., as to the word "absoluno", it's Greek for "absolutely".

And, as for "lure" which I suspected was a typo since the letter "u" is located just to the right of "y" on the keyboard, I found it interesting that when you translate "lyre", with its English pronunciation being "līr", into Greek, this yields "Λύρα" which has the English pronunciation of "Lýra".

The following gives the pronunciation of "Lýra" which I found to be rather close to "Lyre":

Anyway, I suspected "absoluno" was from a different language, but I was quite surprised when I translated "Lyre" into that same language...which happened to be Greek.

Post Edited (2019-01-23 06:17)

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 Re: Unknown mouthpiece Vandoren ?
Author: donald 
Date:   2019-01-23 11:23

Hey there, sorry- I didn't intend that to come across as criticizing the typo, I was genuinely amused by the concept of a mouthpiece having (or being called) a Lure (especially given those of us who have zillions of mouthpieces- at the time I wrote that I was looking at a pile of about 15 mouthpieces waiting to be refaced).

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 Re: Unknown mouthpiece Vandoren ?
Author: Steven Ocone 2017
Date:   2019-01-23 18:25

The mouthpiece is probably a recent mouthpiece with the decal worn off.

Steven Ocone
Ann & Steve's Music

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 Re: Unknown mouthpiece Vandoren ?
Author: RClarinet60 
Date:   2019-01-24 02:06
Attachment:  D74BA4BF-D3A9-4521-83CA-8190D37FEC08.jpeg (1668k)
Attachment:  9A499B6C-700A-4EDE-94D1-352BAFA47CF5.jpeg (1839k)


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 Re: Unknown mouthpiece Vandoren ?
Author: RClarinet60 
Date:   2019-01-24 02:08

I uploaded photos but it certainly doesn’t appear to be a recent mouthpiece....

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 Re: Unknown mouthpiece Vandoren ?
Author: RClarinet60 
Date:   2019-01-24 02:09
Attachment:  2C2F5636-4888-4E18-85E7-48A6C1A5BCAF.jpeg (1493k)


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 Re: Unknown mouthpiece Vandoren ?
Author: Brad Behn 
Date:   2019-01-24 03:58

It is a run of the mill Vandoren mouthpiece. You can see from a variety of tells. First, the standard two ligature lines on the bottom, the depth of cut, the width of cut. Second, the way the table was cut, as evidenced but the arced surface texture on the table. Third, the way the inner corners of the facing are sharp. In looking at the photos, I would think this mouthpiece dates from the late 70's-80's. Probably the original Vandoren logos simply rubbed off over time leaving the only thing that was pressed in place - the Lyre symbol.

If I had a better photo of the baffle contouring (or lack thereof as the mouthpieces of the timeframe I suggest had rather flat baffles) I would know with certainty of both the make and date.

Brad Behn

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