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 Mozart adagio by Chinese clarinetist
Author: Klose 2017
Date:   2018-10-02 04:50

What do you think?

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 Re: Mozart adagio by Chinese clarinetist
Author: Liquorice 
Date:   2018-10-02 09:57

I think the orchestra sounds very empty without the wind parts.

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 Re: Mozart adagio by Chinese clarinetist
Author: Bob Bernardo 
Date:   2018-10-04 18:16

A bit bright and the reed is choked off. Get rid of the mouthpiece and the ligature. Musically he's playing notes without feeling. Sorry if people disagree with me.

I've always felt the slow movements of the Concerto and the Quintet are the hardest movements. You need to get into Mozart's BRAIN and FEEL him dancing with a pretty lady as this was one of his favorite things to do. No TV's back then.

You can't slap your fingers down on the notes. but magically and softly lay them down and slowly lift them off of the keys.

Yes the orchestra sounds empty.

NEWLY DESIGNED - Vintage 1940 Cicero Mouthpieces

Yamaha Artist

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 Re: Mozart adagio by Chinese clarinetist
Author: fernie121 
Date:   2018-10-04 18:28

I like it. It’s not overly dark sounding like most clarinetists sound today.

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 Re: Mozart adagio by Chinese clarinetist
Author: DavidBlumberg 
Date:   2018-10-04 18:37

Thin sounding Orchestra, the lights I hated!!!

Clarinetist played well, subdued yet very very audience aware almost too aware.

Almost reminded me of the Violinist from Vienna with the Women's Orch - Andre Rieu

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 Re: Mozart adagio by Chinese clarinetist
Author: Ken Lagace 
Date:   2018-10-04 19:04

I can't accept the poor tuning.

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 Re: Mozart adagio by Chinese clarinetist
Author: Philip Caron 
Date:   2018-10-04 21:09

There's a lot of variability in how mistuning affects listeners. See other recent threads. Even among performers it varies to a degree, but some listeners, even avid music lovers, routinely accept ongoing pitch discrepancies without thought and pay more attention to other things.

On a newsgroup I used to frequent ( there were quite a few professional musicians among the regulars, and one, a professional bassoonist, often lamented intonation problems in specific commercial recordings. Mistuned pianos particularly irked him, but he had a very accurate ear, and the discrepancies he was noticing were sometimes subtle, and most other commenters either a) didn't find the problems significant, or b) didn't notice / couldn't hear them. In the cases I could check I (not a pro) sometimes agreed with him, but sometimes the problems were too slight to bother me as a listener. I used to think the guy went a little overboard, but in fact some recordings feature pianos that are shockingly mistuned.

The Mozart linked does have some intonation problems, and they bothered me some, but not terribly. I liked some of the expressive choices, but not others - a little too much sentimentality for me. And I miss the full score.

Hmm. Having read this discussion and reread what I've written. I just listened to the link again, and the intonation bothered me considerably more than it did the first time. Hah! I guess it depends on how you have your filters set. - Never mind me.

Post Edited (2018-10-04 21:10)

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 Re: Mozart adagio by Chinese clarinetist
Author: Luuk 2017
Date:   2018-10-05 17:06

David - small correction: André Rieu is Dutch.

By the way, he realized $51.000.000 turnover/year, over past ten years (source:

Audience awareness might pay off...


Philips Symphonic Band
The Netherlands

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 Re: Mozart adagio by Chinese clarinetist
Author: Roxann 
Date:   2018-10-05 17:19

He plays with very "flat" fingers...not the "C" shape my teacher keeps reminding me to use.

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 Re: Mozart adagio by Chinese clarinetist
Author: Alexis 
Date:   2018-10-05 17:55

I think the balance is off, and because the clarinet is miked, the intonation problems are much more obvious. Too much bass, and because of absent winds (and too little upper string miking), feels disconnected from the quite penetrating clarinet sound.

I think its hard to assess his playing based on this, when the vast majority of performances are not miked in any way and the timbre/timbral changes are different at a distance.

Personally I find the concept of performing this in a club a bit pointless. The lights don’t add anything and I can’t see why anything needs to be miked at all.

Post Edited (2018-10-05 18:12)

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 Re: Mozart adagio by Chinese clarinetist
Author: Bob Bernardo 
Date:   2018-10-06 14:02

Hmmmm That's what threw me off. I didn't notice he was Miked. Still don't like his sound. I thought it was for recording. He looks very young, maybe in time his sound will open up a lot.

NEWLY DESIGNED - Vintage 1940 Cicero Mouthpieces

Yamaha Artist

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