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 reed profile vs. intonation
Author: saxlite 
Date:   2018-09-20 09:03

Lately, I have been trying Legere reeds. I find them to play a bit flat compared to my VanDoren reeds, but not a significant problem. However, they do seem to have a different effect on making certain notes sharp or flat compared to the cane reeds.
Has anyone done a study of the the effects of reed profiles vs. intonation?

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 Re: reed profile vs. intonation
Author: QuickStart Clarinet 
Date:   2018-09-20 15:51

I have known Legere reeds to play flatter than cane reeds, but that is really fascinating that it is changing the tendencies for some notes.

I think the reason for the difference in pitch, overall, is that Legere reeds are very responsive and flexible, especially if you are playing the European cut, so they require less embouchure pressure which creates a flatter pitch.

Since it takes a little bit different air and embouchure pressures to get the right sound I suppose that could also account for some of the change in individual note tendencies as well.

Josh Goo
QuickStart Clarinet Founder

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 Re: reed profile vs. intonation
Author: Bob Bernardo 
Date:   2018-09-21 00:12

It can happen if you tend to bite a shade. As a double lip player the plastic reeds can cause some pain and discomfort as the reeds don't give live cane reeds do. There is that adjustment period, but I wasn't able to adjust. So I understand what you are saying. Plastic just may not work for you either.

Designer of - Vintage 1940 Cicero Mouthpieces and the La Vecchia mouthpieces

Yamaha Artist 2015

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 Re: reed profile vs. intonation
Author: Mojo 
Date:   2018-09-21 18:17

Legeres are not changing the length or bore of the instrument. So I think it is logical to consider that they are making the player want to use an embouchure that plays flatter.
Mojo Mouthpiece Work LLC

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 Re: reed profile vs. intonation
Author: Paul Aviles 
Date:   2018-09-21 19:23

As far as profile goes for the Legere reeds, I feel that the global configuration of the reed; profile, length, width, thickness; in total is used to achieve the desired affect for the given type of plastic used. For example I would not normally use a German cut reed (real German cut.....short, narrow, very short vamp) on a Boehm mouthpiece, however, the German cut Legere (perhaps due to the overall affect of this total shape for the material used) works really REALLY well on Boehm mouthpiece (where the window is not overly wide).

Another comparison contrast exists with the "Classic" Legere vs. the European Signatures. The European Signatures are made of a more brittle (and clear) form of plastic and Legere seems to have found the right architectural elements that work with that material on Boehm mouthpieces.

So unlike cane; where you can see, feel, and hear a predictable difference between a V21 and a Rue Lepic; I don't believe plastic works that way.

That said, I have also found that I play lower with Legeres

................Paul Aviles

Post Edited (2018-09-21 19:24)

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