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 Clarinet Appreciation Thread
Author: Speculator Sam 
Date:   2018-08-30 03:30

I'm sure everyone visiting this site might see this thread as a dead end, however I'd like to share my feelings. You know... the moment you open your case and see the shiny object that you take such good care of; using your high grade, or even cheap grade, cork grease on all the tenons and joint crevices, feeling the pieces of the clarinet come together buttery smooth.

Feeling air pass through and the clarinet warm-up and come alive as you perform long tones (or noodling if you're me, in which case you mentally slap yourself for lacking discipline); hearing the keys click, and the musical sound made so rich and soulful every once in a while when you execute a note just right. Being in a trance like state, where nothing could possibly bother you... besides a wrong note. The feeling of gratefulness, as you have the privilege of being able to tend to your hobby that you enjoy so much.

Then the sigh of relief and disappointment. Your practice is done for the day; you've done everything you could to improve your skills and craft. Your muscles and brain are exhausted and tired, but your heart begs you to not stop. Why must you retire the thing you love so well, your heart asks? Of course, you'll be able to do this again tomorrow, but god damn it! Why must world matters, like oh I don't know... having to remember to eat and go to work/school... why must they take me away from my love?

Alas, you remind yourself that the ability to play and enjoy life is but limited to the amount of time in a day given the circumstances. Remembering to swab your pretty and wipe the parts down after carefully disassembling the instrument. "No spit will clog and make my pads sticky today. Not on my watch" you state authoritatively. When clean, you place the parts back into the case, hoping that you'll be able to partake in such pleasure again in a near future. Whether that's later that day, or later this week, or month even; you know you'll have another opportunity to repeat this ritual once more.

Thanks for reading.

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 Re: Clarinet Appreciation Thread
Author: DG74 
Date:   2018-08-30 05:00

Beautifully written. It's like you're in my head! I sometimes feel my clarinet is like an addiction - the more I get, the more I need!

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 Re: Clarinet Appreciation Thread
Author: Ken Lagace 
Date:   2018-08-30 15:09

Poetry in prose - lovely.

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 Re: Clarinet Appreciation Thread
Author: jthole 
Date:   2018-08-31 00:42

Alas, I don't have such command of the English language :-) but indeed, when your fingers do everything you want, your staccatos come out sparkling, the deep voice of the chalumeau register warms you, and your altissimo sings, you're on a cloud ... only to come down the next day again, when your reed refuses to cooperate, your fingers are stiff, and you get frustrated with the thinness of your altissimo ;-)

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 Re: Clarinet Appreciation Thread
Author: Zia 
Date:   2018-09-04 00:01

hypnotically your fingers dance up and down the instrument, one fluid movement, my favourite Turkish march or the achievement or a new skill for me achieving a reasonable glissando in the last 30 minutes (i couldn't believe it worked, spent the last week on it) the first opening of a new clarinet to you, whether new or old the delight at first sight is like nothing else.

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 Re: Clarinet Appreciation Thread
Author: Bob Bernardo 
Date:   2018-09-04 03:18

<"No spit will clog and make my pads sticky today.>

It's not usually spit! But condensation.

It's wise to brush your teeth before playing as food can get into the horn and the tone holes; but not from spit from air and condensation from your lungs.

Designer of - Vintage 1940 Cicero Mouthpieces and the La Vecchia mouthpieces

Yamaha Artist 2015

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