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 Info on Selmer Full Boehm
Author: jordan.1210 
Date:   2018-04-12 01:48
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I recently got a Selmer full Boehm clarinet and I was wondering if anyone could describe some of its history. It's marked with Brevette and has a K serial number.
I've gotten into the history of the instruments I play and I think it'd be cool to know a little more about this instrument.

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 Re: Info on Selmer Full Boehm
Author: Caroline Smale 
Date:   2018-04-12 02:03

From the serial number I would suggest the clarinet dates to around 1929/1930

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 Re: Info on Selmer Full Boehm
Author: TrueTone 
Date:   2018-04-12 06:43

I think the first number's a 3, not an 8 like I think Caroline read it as, as that would date it to about 1926, before their logo changed to the modern one in the area of 1926/7. (about K4500 is the serial when it changed.)
The chart I'm using is Steve Sklar's:
It's more accurate than some of the ones I've seen from what I gather, as it both includes the K-Series and matches up recently well to what Thierry Doublon at Selmer Paris says is about when my K-Series A was made. (chart says 1923 for K17xx, Thierry said 1925.)
Unfortunately you can't learn about who the first owner is for Selmer Pre-WW2, as they lost their record books for clarinets for that time during WW2.
If yours plays anything like my A, it should be rather nice!
The thumbrest on my A is really awfully positioned though, way too low.

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 Re: Info on Selmer Full Boehm
Author: jordan.1210 
Date:   2018-04-12 11:05

It seems to play very nicely. I'm slowly getting used to the new alternates available and I really like having the option of a low Eb. Looks like one of the keys (the lowest trill key) was bent at some point but this isn't too big of a deal for me since I don't really use it to begin with. I'll probably get it fixed later.

Also, I don't care for the case it came in. It is one of those that splits it in between the first and second sections and stores them that way. It doesn't let the corks air out and it doesn't look to protect the instrument very much. Does anyone have an option for a case? I've seen that they are hard to find nowadays and usually require modifying a Bb case.

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 Re: Info on Selmer Full Boehm
Author: Clarineteer 
Date:   2018-04-12 12:36

The third ring key on the upper joint tends to be problematic as you are playing. This is a Selmer problem. Buffet clarinets with that extra ring do not have this problem.

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 Re: Info on Selmer Full Boehm
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2018-04-12 17:05

Clarineteer wrote:

"The third ring key on the upper joint tends to be problematic as you are playing. This is a Selmer problem. Buffet clarinets with that extra ring do not have this problem."

Interesting - I've never had any problem with the LH3 ring key on any Selmer clarinet I have or had, or on any other make of clarinet with it fitted. I've even fitted it to some of my own clarinets and it functions as well as I expect it to.

Why is it specifically a Selmer problem and what have Buffet done so they don't have the same alleged problem?

And what exactly is the problem with it?


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 Re: Info on Selmer Full Boehm
Author: Jeroen 
Date:   2018-04-12 17:29

I also never had a problem with the 3rd ring on my Selmer (semi-) full boehm clarinets. And also not on Reform Boehm Wurlitzers.

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 Re: Info on Selmer Full Boehm
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2018-04-12 17:45
Attachment:  yamaha24.jpg (191k)

If you mean it's problematic as the LH3 tonehole is inline with the rest of the tonehole chimneys, then drop your left wrist down so you're playing with your fingers so they're more perpendicular to the top joint. Later Selmers with the forked Eb/Bb mechanism have an offset LH3 tonehole chimney which is flush with the joint surface.

Although more recently some clarinet makers have been fitting a raised LH3 tonehole bush - that will make fitting a forked Eb/Bb mechanism much easier as the bush is already present and the only cutting that will have to be done is cutting a recess around it and drilling the small vent tonehole between the LH3 and LH2 chimneys. I added the forked Eb/Bb mechanism to my plastic Yamaha and it works as well as can be expected - see attachment.


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