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 To the Rossi clarinet community
Author: Luisebv 
Date:   2018-03-19 06:51

I'm considering for a rossi clarinet, but i found a lack of information about it. I emailed rossi about, but i want to know if someone has experience or can give me a little advice for this clarinets.
I have heard that these are like "another animals".

Thank you for the comments

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 Re: To the Rossi clarinet community
Author: Tom Piercy 
Date:   2018-03-20 08:12


Rossi clarinets are incredible in every way.
Tone, intonation, keywork, wood, etc.
I have two Rossi clarinets. A and Bb Large bore, Rosewood.

I would talk to or email Luis Rossi directly. He is incredibly knowledgeable and honest about his instruments.

Good luck,

Tom Piercy

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 Re: To the Rossi clarinet community
Author: clarnibass 
Date:   2018-03-20 09:18

After trying more than a few, there isn't really anything I can write that I think would help. You have to try yourself. They are as good as any clarinet as far as sound, intonation, etc. I've only tried the small/regular bore (whatever it's called). They feel slightly more different than most others, but not that much, it's still a clarinet and a lot more the same than different.

As far as criticism:
The keys are a little flimsy, maybe not so much to be worried about, but enough that it's worth mentioning.
Statistically, the keys mounted on pivot screws were very often loose, even on pretty much new clarinets. From all the Rossi clarinets I've seen, most of those keys were loose to various degrees.
The one piece body is annoying for repairs and requires a less comfortable case, if that matters to you.

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 Re: To the Rossi clarinet community
Author: Luisebv 
Date:   2018-03-20 20:11

Thank you guys

I will keep it in mind, basically i want to know how different is vecchio of the cenit (or is only a cheaper version of it).
BTW i only waiting the reply of Mr Rossi.

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 Re: To the Rossi clarinet community
Author: Steven Ocone 
Date:   2018-03-21 00:45

The clarinets I worked on did not have the key issues mentioned. I was not the first person to work on them, so maybe they were corrected. The one piece body is annoying for repair techs but has advantages for players. If you can find used ones you may be able to try them out first and not have to wait.

Steve Ocone

Post Edited (2018-03-21 03:35)

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 Re: To the Rossi clarinet community
Author: bmcgar 2017
Date:   2018-03-21 03:15

I own three now. I've owned five. I've played seven or eight extensively

Yes, a different animal. (If you get to try one, you probably won't like it. They're different than the big three's horns, and you'd have to spend time learning how it wants to be played.)

Loose keys? Nope. Never.
Flimsy keys? Nope, not by a long shot.

There's reason for the one-piece body.

Luis is constantly on the road performing, doing master classes, and so forth. Don't expect a quick response; depends on what his schedule is.

If you have any specific questions, e-mail me, and I'll try to answer.


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 Re: To the Rossi clarinet community
Author: jack 
Date:   2018-03-21 10:49

Ok, so I have four Rossi's. Plus a very nice Buffet R-13, Selmer Centered Tone and Yamaha YCL-SEV Master. The Rossi's are Bb & A American bore (most similar to R-13), Albert Bore and Cocobolo French Bore.

I have not noticed anything remotely bordering on loose or flimsy keys, just the opposite. The Rossi mechanism is much easier to adjust accurately then the other makes. I would describe the Rossi mechanism to be much more fluid and supple then the other makes. I have a sense that they are just going to work organically and not let me down. As far as tone and intangibles - I have to say that I love playing them and love the tone. To me they are "first" among the others.

And I my experience was different from the above post by bmcgar: My first Rossi was the Cocobolo French Bore that I discovered at the New Orleans Fest on the last day as it was being packed to leave with the vendor. I had never heard of Rossi before. I managed to try it for a few minutes, felt it was the sweetest thing I had every played and bought it on the spot. Within the last month a world renowned clarinet pedagogue (who is my teacher - I am still trying to get good) said basically that it was the nicest thing she had heard for quite some time. The A American Bore, I believe to be the single finest horn of any I have ever played from the first note played on it.

As you can see, I have tried many horns and own several (and like them all), and I certainly feel that you cannot go wrong with Rossi.


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 Re: To the Rossi clarinet community
Author: clarnibass 
Date:   2018-03-21 14:02

Maybe I should clarify more.

The "flimsy" keys have nothing to do with being easy or difficult to adjust accurately. It's not my first language so maybe "flimsy" is not the exact word? I simply mean less force is needed to bend them compared with most other clarinets.

Re the loose keys, I've checked eight Rossi clarinets. They were mostly pretty new and bought separately at different times by different people, etc. On each of them, most keys mounted on pivot screws had play. To me this is something I'm considering if I was looking for a new clarinet, but I guess I can accept that it could be just a very weird coincidence...

In contrast to what bmcgar suggested, as far as how they play, I liked them immediately the first time I tried one. IMO the criticism is worth mentioning but not a reason not to buy one.

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 Re: To the Rossi clarinet community
Author: bmcgar 2017
Date:   2018-03-22 00:57

Just an FYI: For those Facebook users, some time ago I started the page "Friends of Luis Rossi and Rossi clarinets," if you'd like to join.


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 Re: To the Rossi clarinet community
Author: Craggynet 
Date:   2019-04-18 01:17


Since I have what probably are the first Rossi clarinets A and B (or at least the oldest ones in the market), I can surely say that after almost 28 years, they still play fine. I do some small cleaning and maintenance every now and then, keep them in shape and never had a problem. Moreover and off the record, the pads are still the original ones. Seriously. I'm thinking of making a video to show them before something goes wrong.
They play fantastic, robust, sweet, and have developed fine through all these years. If well done, I personally believe in old well kept instruments. Like good wine.
I used to play them with a Morgan, now I play them with an old Meyerowitz mouthpiece.


Raúl Cragg

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 Re: To the Rossi clarinet community
Author: ruben 
Date:   2019-04-18 13:29

Does anybody know what specific model Mr. Rossi himself plays on. I would like to recall that he is first and foremost, a fabulous clarinetist! I only wish there were more things on YouTube by him.


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 Re: To the Rossi clarinet community
Author: bmcgar 2017
Date:   2019-04-18 19:01

If past practice has continued, he switches around. No particular model all the time and forever.


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 Re: To the Rossi clarinet community
Author: donald 
Date:   2019-04-19 09:09

Mr Rossi, who I met a few years ago and lunched with him and Jane Ellsworth, is a lovely gentleman and I'm proud to say he studied with NZ clarinettist John (Jack) McCaw - who encouraged his first forays into instrument customisation etc.

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