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 Yamaha CSG powerful enough?
Author: Jeroen 
Date:   2018-03-13 21:11

Just played a terrific Yamaha Custom CSG A-clarinet. It plays like a dream with good tone and intonation.

However... when I compare it with a Buffet Tosca or Vintage A the CSG seems to lack power. I've tested in a small room only and may be results are different in a a large concert hall(?) Any thoughts about this from other CSG players?

I just wonder: Are there that many orchestral players that use the CSG successfully? Or would the Yamaha CSV be a better choice for orchestral use?

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 Re: Yamaha CSG powerful enough?
Author: seabreeze 
Date:   2018-03-13 22:50

I've heard many concerts given by a woodwind group composed of professors at a local college. In the group one clarinetist plays a CSG and the other (his wife) plays a Buffet R13. They both project well. Sitting in the last row, I can easily hear them both. The difference is in the quality of the tone. The CSG is more covered and wider, perhaps a little heavier. The Buffet is more concentrated and livelier. The adjective "opaque" seems to apply to the CSG and the adjective "transparent" applies to the Buffet. I think the same is true in an orchestra. They both project but do not have the same coloration. To my ears, the CSG puts puts out a broader sound, but the Buffet, though narrower in sound is also deeper.

I find the duet in this Youtube performance interesting. Nicholas Cox is playing a CSG and the other player is playing a Selmer (not sure if it is a Signature or a Privilege). I'd say Cox projects quite well.


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 Re: Yamaha CSG powerful enough?
Author: Bob Barnhart 2017
Date:   2018-03-13 23:08

I believe that Loren Kitt (former principal clarinet National Symphony) and Joachin Valdepeñas (principal in Toronto) play[ed] them. There may be others as well but I can’t bribg them to mind.

I’ve played the CSG in orchestras for 11 years and never felt any issue with projection. I’m currently using a MoBa P+ mouthpiece with VD Traditional #3 or Pilgerstorfer Dolce #3.5 and have never played louder.

FWIW, I’ve RECENTLY tried the CSG-III, CSVR and SEVR at the Buena Park Yamaha Ateluer in LA, and still prefer the sound and feel of the CSG. I feel that it is freer or less restrictive than the others. I doubt one would have difficulty playing any of these in an orchestra with an appropriate setup.

Bob Barnhart

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 Re: Yamaha CSG powerful enough?
Author: ClarinetRobt 
Date:   2018-03-14 02:56

Ivan Petruzziello uses a CSVR (I'm not that familiar with the Yamaha family clarinet models) and projected beautifully across the orchestra...even at soft dynamics he filled the hall. I'd describe his sound as very nuevo-American...great core with colored overtones. What ever that mean, LoL.

~Robert L Schwebel
Mthpc: Behn Vintage, Lig: Ishimori, Reed: Aria 4, Legere Euro Signature 3.75, Horns: Uebel Superior, Ridenour Lyrique

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 Re: Yamaha CSG powerful enough?
Author: donald 
Date:   2018-03-14 08:30

Michael Collins played CSV for a while (still does for all I know). I heard him play concerto couple of times over a few years, and regardless of whether you like his sound etc he certainly did NOT have any problems projecting his sound and being heard over a full orchestra.

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 Re: Yamaha CSG powerful enough?
Author: gwie 
Date:   2018-03-14 12:01

What drew me to the CSG in the first place at the 2007 ClarinetFest was the wonderful color and focus in the sound I was able to generate from it. I'd been doing a whole bunch of barrel and mouthpiece experiments with my R-13 to get the sound that I wanted, and then this Yamaha comes out of nowhere and does exactly what I want, "out of the box." Oh, and the intonation was ridiculously good.

The CSG is an amazing clarinet. It's not everyone's cup of tea, and when they stick their mouthpiece + reed combo that sounds good on their R-13 on it, it's invariably a bit too bright. But when one takes the time to discover what works on it, the rewards are worth it.

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 Re: Yamaha CSG powerful enough?
Author: JamesOrlandoGarcia 
Date:   2018-03-15 03:00

Just played Mahler 5 last night. No projection problems here with my CSGII's.

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 Re: Yamaha CSG powerful enough?
Author: Jeroen 
Date:   2018-03-15 14:02

Thanks for your responses so far. So, it should be possible to get sufficient projection in orchestra. Mahler 5 is a good reference ;-)

Seabreeze made a very good description of the quality of sound of the CSG. It's indeed that 'opaque' sound that is a feature of the CSG. However it is also bothering me as I am afraid I will sound too dark on the CSG. May be this sound is just not my cup of tea and I should look for clarinets that have more 'sparkle' in the sound.

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 Re: Yamaha CSG powerful enough?
Author: seabreeze 
Date:   2018-03-15 20:13

Ask successful CSG players which mouthpieces they use. If they were playing that dark, they wouldn't be projecting. Michael Collins gets some sparkle in his sound on the CSG and so do many others. Mouthpiece selection is important when you are thinking of changing clarinet brands and models.

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 Re: Yamaha CSG powerful enough?
Author: Jeroen 
Date:   2018-03-16 16:47

seabreeze wrote:

> Mouthpiece selection is important when you are
> thinking of changing clarinet brands and models.

Yes, I know and I will focus on that the coming days. The clarinet is too good to let it go easily.

Yesterday I tested the CSG in a larger hall and it actually projected a lot better than I expected. The sound was still very full and opaque but there was a sort of 'Germanic' ring in the sound that does certainly help projecting. It was still not really like my taste but other players did like it though.

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 Re: Yamaha CSG powerful enough?
Author: D Dow 
Date:   2018-03-16 22:20

I play on a matched set of CSG clarinets..projection is not a problem. I use B40lyre and B40 facings with no.4 vandoren reeds..i use the 3.3.4 vandoren with no issues at all. You may want to look in to the area of pads etc..i use the glotin leather which really seal nice and play freely. just my two cents

David Dow

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 Re: Yamaha CSG powerful enough?
Author: Jeroen 
Date:   2018-03-22 18:49

After a week of trying with different mouthpieces, reeds etc. I have found the answer on my original question: "Yamaha CSG powerful enough?"
Yes, it certainly is, it projects actually very well, much better than I expected.

However, I also found out that despite all effort I couldn't alter the sound enough into the direction I like. So, I decided to return the instrument.

BTW, the stock 5CM mouthpiece that comes with the CSG proved to be a very good mouthpiece.

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