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 Warming Down
Author: jonathan.wallaceadams 
Date:   2018-03-07 20:12

Warming up is talked about a lot, but what about warming down? Brass musicians do it, but would it be beneficial for woodwind players to warm down too? What would it help with if so?

Just an aspiring student.
Buffet Tradition
Mpc.: Hawkins "G", Barrel: Moba, Reeds: Reserve 3.5+

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 Re: Warming Down
Author: NBeaty 
Date:   2018-03-07 22:14

What do brass players say when you ask them why they do it?

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 Re: Warming Down
Author: Hank Lehrer 
Date:   2018-03-07 22:20

Sorry, but most of the brass players in groups I play in are already out the door while I am still swabbing my clarinet. I've seen no evidence of "warming down" but observed that the brass players take off the mouthpiece, put it and the instrument in the case, close it, and leave.

Maybe I'm in the wrong groups since a whole bunch of the brass players are former U of Michigan musicians and I'm from Ohio. :-).


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 Re: Warming Down
Author: kdk 2017
Date:   2018-03-07 23:09

NBeaty wrote:

> What do brass players say when you ask them why they do it?

The only explanation I've ever gotten is that it helps dissipate blood that has pooled or accumulated in their lips and somehow prevents some sort of slight damage that's supposed to result the next day if they don't warm down and that might make the lip tissue less flexible.

I've known a handful of trumpet players who have insisted on doing this and on its importance. I'm not convinced it does anything real for a brass player, but I don't play brass instruments in any serious way so can't say one way or the other. I don't think warming down does anything important for a reed player if for no other reason than that the lips don't have to vibrate.


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 Re: Warming Down
Author: jonathan.wallaceadams 
Date:   2018-03-07 23:09

"When you are playing a lot it is tempting to not warm up much but it is also especially tempting to not warm-down at all. You are tired at the end of that 2 1/2 hour service and want to get the horn in that case again! But you will set your chops up better for the next service if you cool-down a bit."

An example and quote from said example.

Just an aspiring student.
Buffet Tradition
Mpc.: Hawkins "G", Barrel: Moba, Reeds: Reserve 3.5+

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 Re: Warming Down
Author: zhangray4 
Date:   2018-03-08 01:04

I think I've heard pros say they do it, I've heard band directors strongly recommend doing it, but I haven't seen a brass player actually do it. Except my horn friend, who "warms down" by playing some low notes.

-- Ray Zhang

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 Re: Warming Down
Author: ned 
Date:   2018-03-08 08:09

''...but what about warming down?...''

A nice cool beer generally does the job for me after three hours on the bandstand.

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 Re: Warming Down
Author: nellsonic 
Date:   2018-03-14 13:49

When it comes to brass players, who knows? So many of them warm up in the car on a mouthpiece on the way to the gig. They may all be warming down the same way.

With the clarinet I find it productive to end technical work where I've been working at fast tempos with a much slower last run-through. I find it cuts down on the back-sliding of the work between sessions. Certainly doesn't hurt!

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