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 Overhaul Places
Author: GenEric 
Date:   2018-02-25 09:52

Looking for a place to overhaul my CSVR. Although it's a pretty clarinet, it was a demo instrument and the repair person I recently took it to didn't do a very good job taking care of it. I think having an overhaul will make it play at its very best from the start.

I've been looking at a few places to mail my clarinet and I have my eye on a couple. What are some good places to have my instrument overhauled for around the $400-600 price range? I live in Northern California so San Francisco is really close to me. Any good places there? I'm also open to mailing my instrument.

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 Re: Overhaul Places
Author: zhangray4 
Date:   2018-02-25 10:21

if you happen to come down to Southern California anytime, maybe check out RDG Woodwinds

-- Ray Zhang

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 Re: Overhaul Places
Author: nellsonic 
Date:   2018-02-25 10:53

Does it really need a full overhaul or just the right person to do some work? Locally to you I'd email Clark Fobes and see who he would suggest. He used to be in that line of work and I'm confident that he would have a well informed recommendation for you.

Personally, I'd never mail an instrument if it can avoided.

When I selected my CSVR's at the Atelier in Orange County I asked who people were taking them to in the area and was told that Horn Improvement in Mission Viejo seemed to be the shop of choice among Yamaha pro players in the region. I recently tested a new Buffet they had set up nicely, but that's my only personal experience with them.

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 Re: Overhaul Places
Author: Steven Ocone 
Date:   2018-02-25 17:24

Rufus Acosta Woodwinds in San Jose should do a good job.

Steve Ocone

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 Re: Overhaul Places
Author: Bennett 2017
Date:   2018-02-26 00:18

In SF, look at http://www.danieldeitch.com/. Many of SF Symphony go to him.

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 Re: Overhaul Places
Author: thereallukasj 
Date:   2018-02-26 00:28

If you are in California, Tim's Music in Sacramento is great! Many pro musicians and clarinet professors in my area (as well as the whole state) take instruments there. A pro trumpet player I know recently sold one of his trumpets to a music store in Colorado that didn't want it till he said it was recently overhauled by Tim's. They knew the store and their great work and instantly wanted it. I've also heard good things about Kessler and Son's overhauls in Las Vegas, NV.

Lukas Johnson

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 Re: Overhaul Places
Author: Zacharywest158 
Date:   2018-02-28 00:27

Kessler and Sons in Las Vegas is great! Both my clarinets have been overhauled by Jessica, one of their woodwind technicians. Can’t recommend them enough

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 Re: Overhaul Places
Author: GenEric 
Date:   2018-03-01 01:15

I emailed Brannen a while back and asked them if they could brannenize my CSVR. They just told me that they'll be closing the shop in the near future so they are only concentrating on helping out with Buffet players in the meantime.

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 Re: Overhaul Places
Author: gwie 
Date:   2018-03-01 01:22

John Butler in Sugar Land, TX does a fantastic job at very reasonable prices.

On my last set of CSG's I had an overhual and "silent" setup done by Wolfgang Lohff, and the it played incredibly well. Definitely worth it although it will be at the top end of the budget range, although the comprehensive three year warranty on the work done does offset that to some degree.

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 Re: Overhaul Places
Author: ClarinetRobt 
Date:   2018-03-01 03:40

I'll second John Butler. Very nice man and his quality of work is impeccable. Pricing seem reasonable to me, though I'd admit I have no idea what an overhaul cost. It was more than a nice dinner, less than a LC500. So a win/win.

~Robt L Schwebel
Mthpc: Behn Vintage
Lig: Ishimori, Behn Delrin
Reed: Legere French Cut 3.75/4, Behn Brio 4
Horns: Uebel Superior (Bb,A), Ridenour Lyrique, Buffet R13 (Eb)

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 Re: Overhaul Places
Author: Wes 
Date:   2018-03-01 08:49

Nick Spirito in Long Beach California has a following and is said to still be in business. He was hired by many local Los Angeles players, although I have not gone to him much as I generally do everything I need by myself.

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 Re: Overhaul Places
Author: shmuelyosef 
Date:   2018-03-06 05:41

I have had very good recent results and reasonable prices from Meridian Winds in Michigan...even though I'm in northern california (I lived in Michigan as a youth).

Complete overhauls vary from $400-$600...if your clarinet has been played until the pads are worn, you should probably NOT just get a repad. It's hard to properly set up a new repad perfectly without tightening up any loose keywork and replacing all the soft materials. Also provides an opportunity to give it a good cleaning as well.

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 Re: Overhaul Places
Author: Chetclar 
Date:   2018-03-06 17:55

I echo the others about John Butler. John does professional work at the highest level for a reasonable price. He is my go to technician! He completes work promptly and is always willing to go the extra mile for his customers!

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 Re: Overhaul Places
Author: Jordan Selburn 
Date:   2018-03-06 19:50

I had my clarinets set up by Wolfgang Lohff with his silent pads, and the work he did was amazing (though pricey).

In San Francisco, I'll second Daniel Deitch as the "go-to" guy for clarinets (and other woodwinds except for sax). He's worked on my horns for years, does an excellent and meticulous job and charges very reasonable prices; really nice, too. Also, by working with someone local, you'd have the added benefit of being able to interact directly, discussing and showing any issues beforehand, and fine-tuning in real time afterwards.

Also, as mentioned, Rufus Acosta in San Jose is very good as well.


Post Edited (2018-03-06 19:58)

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