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 How far do you travel?
Author: Ben Shaffer 
Date:   2018-02-05 17:46

Just curious how far others travel weekly to go to play or practice in a band.
I live in Greensboro, NC and travel to Winston Salem NC to play in the Advent church Band there.
Takes me about 30 minutes to cover the distance which is 30 miles
I would prefer if the band would relocate next door to me and I would only need to walk outside and go practice next door. :)
I guess I'd really feel better if I knew others were traveling as much as me!
Some may even be traveling even more.
Ben Shaffer
PS I do play in 2 other bands , one 10 minutes away, the other 20 minutes, but these Bands don't play as often

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 Re: How far do you travel?
Author: TomS 
Date:   2018-02-05 18:53

Depending on ensemble ... 10 to 90 minutes ...


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 Re: How far do you travel?
Author: dorjepismo 2017
Date:   2018-02-05 19:49

30 minutes, but during rush hour, so considerably short of 30 miles.

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 Re: How far do you travel?
Author: LC007 
Date:   2018-02-05 19:58

30 minutes each way once a week for band practice. But it's in the evening so traffic is not an issue. Totally ok with that.

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 Re: How far do you travel?
Author: Tony F 
Date:   2018-02-05 19:58

I play in several groups and bands, so anywhere from an hour (60Km) to 25 minutes (23Km).

Tony F.

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 Re: How far do you travel?
Author: Chris_C 2017
Date:   2018-02-05 20:06

25 minutes for 7 miles. Says something about traffic in Bristol, UK...

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 Re: How far do you travel?
Author: Jordan Selburn 
Date:   2018-02-05 20:22

My longest regular (weekly) commute to rehearse is just under 20 miles, but takes about 40-45 minutes since it's at rush hour. The other clarinetist in my orchestra frequently drives ~50 miles; my wife sometimes up to 75.

For a look at what it's like for some professionals in the Bay Area, trying to piece together a living playing in multiple regional groups scattered all around the bay, check out the documentary "Freeway Philharmonic". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2J0R-Ax1Yc


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 Re: How far do you travel?
Author: tucker 2017
Date:   2018-02-05 20:28

A band mate of mine plays in 4 ensembles. The one she's in with me is about 2.5 hours from her home. She also plays in one where she has to FLY to weekly rehearsals.... in her own plane! As they say, must be nice!

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 Re: How far do you travel?
Author: sax panther 
Date:   2018-02-05 20:45

no more than 10 mins for rehearsals. For gigs.....anything up to 4 hours each way!

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 Re: How far do you travel?
Author: Caroline Smale 
Date:   2018-02-06 02:08

30-40minutes if traffic is OK.

re Jordan's post I remember Jack Brymer telling me quite some years back that even then the traffic in London was so bad, and he would often have 3 or 4 different sessions in one day, that a moped (small motorcycle) was the only reliable way to get between the gigs.

Just as well he didn't play Bass Clar much.

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 Re: How far do you travel?
Author: concertmaster3 
Date:   2018-02-06 08:45

(Since you're a local member, you'll understand this pretty well). I play in a number of symphonies in the area, and essentially will travel if the pay is right! I was just in Hickory, NC (I live in Greensboro too) which is about 1.5 hrs. And my "home" symphony is about 2 hrs away (Fayetteville, NC). Last April I took a gig in Atlanta, GA (4+ hrs), but I also do a bit of work around Greensboro.

I don't do much in the community groups anymore due to time, but some of my fellow classmates and I used to travel to Greensboro from Winston to play in the Greensboro Philharmonic (community orchestra) during college to get more orchestral playing in. If I had the extra time (and they needed), I had often thought about playing flute in the Phil again, but I also know how my gig schedule gets!

Ron Ford
Woodwind Specialist

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 Re: How far do you travel?
Author: Hank Lehrer 
Date:   2018-02-06 18:08


There is another dimension to this question and that is "how far will you travel to play in a specific kind of ensemble." Others have eluded to this above but I'd like to drill down a little bit.

Within a very short drive from my location, there are several community bands of various size and abilities. However, after having played in many of these groups over the years, I have chosen to drive a little further for more mature bands and enjoy the playing experience more.

To be more specific, several of the first group do not have the musical rigor or the musicianship that I thrive on. All too often, many of the players do not prepare their parts prior to rehearsal, talk frequently during pauses, and are thus not attentive to the conductor's instruction. Rehearsals are often more socially than musically rewarding.

I am happiest in a group that consists of experienced players who take their membership seriously. Unfortunately, that means I have to drive an hour or more in some cases for rehearsals and performances. My wife says "you really are a musical snob, you know." I take that as a compliment.


Post Edited (2018-02-06 21:37)

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 Re: How far do you travel?
Author: Mojo 
Date:   2018-02-06 18:33

My wife and I travel 45 min weekly Mondays to one quality wind ensemble and 1 hour 45 minutes twice a month Sat AM to another. There is a more local community band we also go to once in a while. It is musically challenging in a different way...

Mojo Mouthpiece Work LLC

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 Re: How far do you travel?
Author: clarinetist04 
Date:   2018-02-06 21:25

1 hr each way (over about 55 mi) once per week.

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 Re: How far do you travel?
Author: super20bu6 
Date:   2018-03-13 23:52

Once a week.....hour and 15 minutes one way. The drive for a quality group is worth it, in my mind.

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 Re: How far do you travel?
Author: Wes 
Date:   2018-03-15 08:38

The LA County Sheriff's Bands, started last year, take me a little more than one hour going to and more coming home through Los Angeles freeway traffic. They are a concert band and a swing band, both quite good and loaded with players I respect. I have played with groups closer to home, but many of these players are long time friends and are excellent performers. I play Bb clarinet and saxophone in two rehearsals on the same day. We've been on television twice, the Doctor's TV program and the Los Angeles Music Center Christmas program. It's worth the drive.

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 Re: How far do you travel?
Author: clarimad 
Date:   2018-03-16 00:21

Slightly sharp of the question but I was selling a Selmer Balanced Action SA80 baritone sax and the buyer, who lived in John O'Groats in the tip of Scotland, travelled to me in north Norfolk, a 650 mile journey and then back home again, another 650 miles!!

That's ridiculous!! Can anyone beat that?

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