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 Mouthpiece Recommendations
Author: apaul001 
Date:   2018-01-28 19:29

I'm in the market for a new mouthpiece, and it's been so long since I've bought one, I don't even know where to start. Plus, I'm playing on an instrument that's new to me (a fully restored pre R13 Buffet), so, no idea what the good options are for that instrument. I've googled comparison charts but am a bit leery of them, as so many are just manufacturers' specs without interbrand comparisons and of course each manufacturer wants to sell their own product. The sound I'm going for is the rich warm one. I'm not so concerned about projection, as I'm just starting to play again after many years' absence and won't be allowing anyone else to hear me for some time! My end goal is to play well enough to get on the third stand of my town's community band. (Baby steps!) My chops are still pretty soft but coming along nicely with exercises and practice. It begs the question, is now even the right time to fit my horn with a new mouthpiece, or should I wait until I'm in better shape? Or maybe a new mouthpiece of good quality will help me improve faster? Currently I am playing on my 40 year old Selmer 2 Star (which never had great care and was subject to all kinds of abuse through marching band, etc.) and I'm on a #2 reed, just about to transition to a 2 1/2. With this 2 Star I was cautioned not to go too hard reed-wise, so have never used stronger than a 3. BTW, I'll need a new ligature that goes well with whatever I buy and meets my needs. Reed recommendations always welcome, too. ; )

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 Re: Mouthpiece Recommendations
Author: jonathan.wallaceadams 
Date:   2018-01-28 20:20

Do you want a dark sound or a bright sound?
Do you have to struggle to get the depth of sound you want?
Do you like a covered feel or a free-blowing feel?
Do you want to be loud or restrained?
Do you want to experiment with harder reeds?
Professional or Intermediate mouthpiece?

Intermediate Mouthpieces:
Dark sound: Vandoren M13 Lyre ($90)
Free-blowing, Bright: Vandoren 5RV Lyre ($90)

Bright, Free-Blowing: Bonade Silver Cut-Out ($40)
Dark, Resonant: Rovner Versa-X ($40)

Behn ARIA 3.5 ($35/10)
Gonzalez 3.25 ($20-35/10 on eBay)
Vandoren 56 Rue Lepics: ($25-30 on Amazon)

There are a lot of other options for professionals that cost more and are better, but this is to get your head wrapped around it.

Just an aspiring student.
Buffet Tradition
Mpc.: Hawkins "G", Barrel: Moba, Reeds: Reserve 3.5+

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 Re: Mouthpiece Recommendations
Author: Luisebv 
Date:   2018-01-28 20:51


Maybe you must look for the Vandoren B40 or B45, is the most suitable for you. Is easy blowing, you can easily move to higher reed strength. And is a good and reliable mouthpiece.

For ligature you can use the rovner ones, what ever you want to fit (because their are ultra durable and bendable danger free)

If it's dark or bright thing i think it's not important now, you will notice in the way. But You must concern on the reliability of s good mouthpiece

Hope this help

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 Re: Mouthpiece Recommendations
Author: Bob Bernardo 
Date:   20