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Author: nellsonic 
Date:   2018-01-22 05:21

Anyone going next weekend? What's on your list to check out?

I haven't had a chance to go through the catalog in much detail yet. I do know that I'm looking forward to giving the Uebel instruments another good toot. They are often tucked away in a corner of the third floor, I think. Also getting to the Yamaha booth and them maybe seeing if Legere is giving out any samples. I still haven't been interested enough to fork over for one of the newer European model reeds. Past that I'm not sure... cruise by Buffet and see if they've brought instruments with them that actually are ready to play?

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Author: tonyl 
Date:   2018-01-22 06:16

I'll be going on Friday. Will visit Buffet, Selmer, Yamaha, Backun, Uebel, Legere and Ishimori.

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Author: Dan Shusta 
Date:   2018-01-22 06:38

Navigate the NAMM show on your iPhone or Android:

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Author: thereallukasj 
Date:   2018-01-22 08:05

It will be interesting if Backun will finally release its fabled bass clarinet after years of hints on their website and youtube.

Lukas Johnson

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Author: Tom Puwalski 
Date:   2018-01-23 19:30

I"ll be there, but there is nothing that I haven't played or owned. So I'm basically going to see the craziness that is 50 companies making saxophones, and maybe some new PA system things. Maybe I'll get an answer to the question "who buys all this stuff?" It is in LA so there is always hookers and blow!


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Author: gwie 
Date:   2018-01-24 13:04

Yamaha will be located in the hotel convention wing right across the street from the Anaheim Convention Center (it's a very short walk over). Come by and say hi!

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Author: Bob Bernardo 
Date:   2018-01-25 05:17

I had a booth there for a few years. It's 3/4's of a million people walking through there. It's just not fun. As far as testing out horns it's kind of gross. All of those 1000's of players blowing through the horns. Then the sound levels. Well good luck hearing the quality of the finest horns! Some companies have rooms that are soundproof to a point, but even then the rooms are pretty dead and you can't hear a thing.

No I'm not going!

Designer of - Vintage 1940 Cicero Mouthpieces and the La Vecchia mouthpieces

Yamaha Artist 2015

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Author: nellsonic 
Date:   2018-01-25 06:29

I hear you, Bob. It's been three years since I went last, so it's time to make an appearance. I'm mostly looking forward to running into old friends and seeing some of the All-Southern honor group rehearsals. Some of my students placed very well this particular year and I want to hear the groups in rehearsal since I can't stick around for the concert on Sunday. As for so many people playing the instruments, it's all a matter of blow - don't suck. [tongue]


Post Edited (2018-01-25 10:39)

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Author: Bob Bernardo 
Date:   2018-01-26 07:51

Nellconic! Oh man you have me laughing so hard! Yes no sucking!

The last time I had a booth there wasn't that long ago 2016. I was in a horrible area and I did see several booths close down because they broke the sound barrier! Decibel readings were too high do NAMM kicked them out.

It's kind of horrible watching someone sitting for 10 minutes and hitting a cymbal every 10 seconds. Bang, bang, bang. You wanna kill him!

At the clarinet convention there was this one player trying out a horn playing the same passage trying to hit high C and failing for 2 hours. I went over to the booth and asked the salesman if he could end this somehow. Sadly he said no. The player was in his 70's not that this has anything to do with this as we all know there are killer players at the age of 70 and above. The funny part is this was right next to the Vandoren booth and Drucker left!

Designer of - Vintage 1940 Cicero Mouthpieces and the La Vecchia mouthpieces

Yamaha Artist 2015

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Author: nellsonic 
Date:   2018-01-26 09:09

Having a booth there would not be my cup of tea. I need a break every two or three hours and after my second break I'm usually done. It's an exhausting place to be.

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