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 full-boehm selmer 9
Author: rgoldem 
Date:   2018-01-25 03:04

At the moment I have the opportunity of buying a beautiful full-boehm selmer 9 (plain 9, not 9*). I heard nice things about this horn however some criticize its tuning when compared to modern instruments. I would appreciate if someone who owns a similar horn could give me an impression regarding this matter.

Thanks in advance.

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 Re: full-boehm selmer 9
Author: Caroline Smale 
Date:   2018-01-25 03:11

The ultimate and only true test is to try it yourself and see if you like it and can handle it's intonation with minimal effort (same as applies for any other make/model of clarinet).

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 Re: full-boehm selmer 9
Author: Jeroen 
Date:   2018-01-25 12:24

Yes, try before you buy if possible.

Based on my experience I found the versions without the low Eb key play much easier and better in tune. And I have owned 2 Series 9 FB B-flat clarinets in the past decades. Venting of certain tone holes (e.g. for D5 and G5) was critical, resulting in very high key positions to get sufficient venting.

Eventually, the sound didn't 'open up' and I never achieved the nice open sound that you can make on the normal 9.

But of course this is my experience and instruments do vary.
May be earlier versions (T and U serial number range) are better.
I think Chris P. is more enthousiastic about the FBs.

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 Re: full-boehm selmer 9
Author: Katrina 
Date:   2018-01-25 16:09

I own one. I haven't spent nearly enough time playing it to become accustomed to its particular intonation, however. My R13 and I have way too close a relationship for it to be easy for me to play other makes...

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 Re: full-boehm selmer 9
Author: Clarineteer 
Date:   2018-01-25 16:17

I have found that the extra ring on the upper joint is a problem with the design and makes it difficult to play.

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 Re: full-boehm selmer 9
Author: Chris_C 2017
Date:   2018-01-25 17:10

I like mine! I use the LH D# all the time, and the Eb-with-speaker-to-sound-Bb a lot. It all depends on the price...

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 Re: full-boehm selmer 9
Author: TomS 
Date:   2018-01-25 22:54

I have a friend that had to abandon her Selmer Full-Boehm (minus low E-flat) ... I think it was a Centered Tone (?) ... when she ran away and married almost immediately after High School ... she didn't know what she had at the time ... I remember the unusual keyword and the tone hole going thru the center joint ... Boy, it was pretty!


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 Re: full-boehm selmer 9
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2018-01-26 01:13

I've got an early Series 9 full Boehm A (S prefix) and a late '70s Bb (A prefix). They're both excellent instruments and don't have any unexpected tuning/intonation issues if you're used to playing Selmers.


Depending on their age, the top joint toneholes are either inline or offset. The ones from the mid to late '70s (around Y to A prefix) having the offset LH3 tonehole/ring key, so they'll feel better for most players who aren't accustomed to inline toneholes. But the ones from the '70s aren't built as nice as the earlier ones - they're still good players, but you can clearly see the differences in the keywork.


Post Edited (2018-01-26 01:15)

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 Re: full-boehm selmer 9
Author: shmuelyosef 
Date:   2018-01-26 05:23

I have a mid-50s CenteredTone that is effectively a full Boehm but without the low Eb. It is delightful and plays just like my ordinary CT except that the C#/G# notes speak a little better. It took some commitment to learn to use the extra keys but it helps that my primary instrument is sax as the using the articulation is natural. It does help in fats passages. It's nce that it fits in a normal case.

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 Re: full-boehm selmer 9
Author: Mdfried 2017
Date:   2018-02-02 09:44

With my smaller hands, I've had problems playing seven-ring Selmers as the 7th ring is inline with the other two RH fingers rather than offset slightly like an unringed third finger hole normally is. On some other brand FB or EB horns, the 7th ring is offset and is more ergonomic for me (my seven-ring Penzel-Mueller Artist plays just like my six-ring Super Brilliante). As for intonation, I've found large-bore Selmers to require different mpc's than many other horns to not play sharp; experimentation seems to be key there - I've had better results with American "low pitch" mpc's such as vintage Woodwind Co. and Portnoy than with Selmers or other French mpc's, even vintage ones.

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 Re: full-boehm selmer 9
Author: Bob Bernardo 
Date:   2018-02-02 13:04

I had the 9 star for a year. An A clarinet, because I've never liked the Buffet A's. What was so impressive was the key work. They keys just felt so nice in your hands. Slightly oversized compared to the Buffets. The pads were larger too, but only by a 1/2 size on most of the holes. THis is why the keys felt so good. Decided to sell it because switching back and forth in the orchestra from a Bb Buffet and the A Selmer wasn't an ideal match.

If the horn plays well buy it. There are still plenty of good repairmen that know how to overhaul these and tune them. I would strongly suggest using a mouthpiece with a larger bore, because the horns have larger bores. This would help with some of the tuning issues. They are not hard to work on and tune. Just find that right person.

Designer of - Vintage 1940 Cicero Mouthpieces and the La Vecchia mouthpieces

Yamaha Artist 2015

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