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 buffet crampon
Author: Rikie 
Date:   2018-01-17 23:22

Can someone explain the differens between a buffet crampon, E10, E11, E12 and E13

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 Re: buffet crampon
Author: Dan Shusta 
Date:   2018-01-18 01:47

Perhaps this will help a little:


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 Re: buffet crampon
Author: jcm499 
Date:   2018-01-18 11:13

This topic is surprisingly complicated, but Dan’s link has a good summary. I would add that, to my knowledge, the only of those models currently available new are the E11 and E13.

The E11 is certainly one of the most popular affordable wood clarinets available, so it’s a very standard, unremarkable sort of instrument, which I do not mean in a negative way. To the contrary, it’s a versatile all-around model. For a few years, I believe around 2008-2010, the E11 (which was made in Germany for Buffet by Schreiber, a fine manufacturer in its own right) was replaced with the French-made E11F, which was regarded as having some technical disadvantages compared with the German-made E11. Now Buffet has acquired Schreiber, which has resumed making the E11 in lieu of the E11F.

The E12, the horn I grew up with, was a less common and somewhat mysterious model, at least in my neck of the woods. I only ever met one other person who had one. I recall promotional materials around the time (c. 1998) said it was like an E11, but “with a special bore treatment that made it more sophisticated,” so it’s supposedly a notch “better” than, but similar to, the E11. Like the E11, it was made for Buffet by Schreiber in Germany. It has since been discontinued and replaced with the French-made E12F, which unlike the E11F is apparently pretty well regarded though I’ve never tried one myself.

The E10, which is no longer available, was just an E11 with a plastic bell, so a notch below the E11. Maybe you were confusing it with the more popular B10, also no longer available, which was an entry level plastic horn?

The E13 was rumored to be an R13 (Buffet’s standard professional model) that didn’t quite make it through testing, but I’m not so sure that’s true. Buffet claims the model is derived from the BC20 (another professional model designed with Jacques Launcelot) but has the bell of the RC (yet another professional model) – in short, a different design. Unlike the E11 and the old E12, the E13 is made in France.

My advice is, if you are set on a Buffet, just to bite the bullet and get an R13, the standard professional model. If you are serious about the clarinet at all, you’ll end up wanting one eventually, and even if you’re not serious about the clarinet, R13 resale value is far better than student models. Besides life is short, why bother with almosts and not-quites?

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 Re: buffet crampon
Author: Kalashnikirby 
Date:   2018-01-19 03:07

The E13 has been revised and Buffet themselves state that it is derived from the RC. From what I remember, it does remind one of the RC acoustically, though less brilliant, and it could be certainly called a cheaper version of the RC. Wether it's sorted out at the end of the production process or determined at the very beginning doesn't matter, either way it is a somewhat lesser quality instrument. But! Test between a number of E13s, you might find a very decent one.

Or just don't bother buying Buffet, because there are now some more interesting and more affordable alternatives on the market. Especially in the sub 1,5k, a growing number of manufacturers have released highly competitive Instruments (Yamaha, Uebel, Leblanc, Jupiter, Backun, Selmer....)

Post Edited (2018-01-19 03:09)

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 Re: buffet crampon
Author: DeletedUser 
Date:   2018-01-19 21:30

I had a whole bunch of spare keys from many different makers and looking at each of them I could not find one brand that came close to Buffet - Buffet keys seem to be made with precision and no overly loaded with metal - very well designed.

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 Re: buffet crampon
Author: Caroline Smale 
Date:   2018-01-20 05:13

I have to say that as a repairer for some 25 years and clarinet player for 60+ years I have yet to find any keywork from any major manufacturer, including Buffet, that matches the quality and precision of that provided by Leblanc on their French made professional instruments prior to their take over by US owners.

My personal instruments cover makes including B&H, Leblanc, Buffet, Selmer, Yamaha, Bundy (French made) and Conn. and from vintages from the approx 1946 to 1985.

The Leblancs still stand out for the quality and precision of their keys.

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