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 Clarinet Mouthpiece Refacers
Author: Dan Shusta 
Date:   2018-01-11 00:30

I thought that it might be useful to have a list of those who reface clarinet mouthpieces. I would like this list to be a kind of directory of those who reface clarinet mouthpieces.

I'm sure you'll easily notice those who have no website or contact information. If you have contact and/or pricing information, please respond by personal email and I'll keep correcting this list. Also, I'm sure that there are more individuals who do this kind of work. Again, please inform me by personal email if you know of any others.

Thanks for your help.

(Names are listed in last name alphabetical order)

Nathan Beaty-- Brad Behn taught Nathan his refacing techniques and has worked along side Brad at numerous clarinet conventions.
Contact information: $60 + 7.15 return shipping.

Brad Behn-- $160 (refacing only); $160/hr (repairs & restorations); Free evaluations and estimates.

Bob Bernardo-- Refacing is often free IF it only takes about 15 minutes. Bob worked with Mitchell Lurie and refaced his crystal mouthpeces which were made by Pomarico. He has the tools for refacing hard rubber, plastic, & crystal mouthpieces and measures 18 points along the curve. Contact Bob at

Walter Grabner-- $67 (domestic) and $75 (international) It appears that Walter only refaces mouthpieces he has personally sold.

Erik Greifenhagen-- Erik began an apprenticeship with Ralph Morgan in 1983, and is currently Product Manager at Morgan Mouthpieces. He began customizing work in the mid 1990s for students and faculty at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Phone: (937)207-4107. (Updated 09/17/18)

Richard Hawkins-- Email: or phone: (440) 776-9875.

Chris Hill---$

Jimmy Jensen-- $75 for hard rubber/resin/plastic; or call 319-234-3561. (A full write-up on with all my services and charges is coming soon!)

Dave Knox--(mentioned on SOTW, no contact info given)

Sebastian Knox---$175C...approx $130 USD, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Email:; Shipping $35 USD---insured & expedited; Does mostly Tenor sax work but also does work on Bb Sop. & Bass clarinet mouthpieces.

Vytas Krass-- $85-$125 + $7.50 shipping. Free evaluations and estimates.
e-mail: (Scroll down to Clarinet Mouthpiece reface service)

Scott Kurtzweil-- A flat $50 in almost all accounts, any follow-up work at no extra charge. Phone: 269-340-9013

Lee Livengood-- Mr. Livengood can be reached at

Michael Manning--, Phone: 917-513-8140

Dave McClune-- Bb and Eb is $75 plus $8 return shipping. Bass clarinet is $90 plus $8 return shipping. Email: or phone: 731-499-3756.

Mojo--Keith Bradbury-- preferred!), also
$75 for HR/Plastic; $20 more for glass crystal; $20 more for bass clarinet; $5 return s/h in the US.

Brian Powell-- Brian began his apprenticeship with Ralph Morgan in the fall of 1995, and learned the art and science of mouthpiece hand craftsmanship from Ralph for nearly 13 years. Phone: (937) 271-8291.

Ben Redwine---410-693-9741; $50 per facing (Ben learned refacing from Ignatius "Iggy" Gennusa) Email:;;

RS Woodwinds-- email:, phone: 619-757-6155

Rick Sayre-- "Sayre Woodwinds" Phone: 630-916-1525 (as of 02/2010). Rick had an early working relationship with the legendary clarinet mouthpiece maker, Frank Kaspar of Cicero.

Scott Shachter-- No pricing listed.
Email Scott for quote at

David Spiegelthal-- Contact Dave at

Thomas Woodwinds-- $65/hr

Mike Vaccaro-- $75/hr

John Weigand-- 304-293-4893, email:

Ramón Wodkowski-- Per Ms. Okwabi, Ramón's personal assistant, pricing can only be found out through email:

Tim Wright-- $60 for Bb & Eb; $90 for Bass; $10 for return postage. or phone: 318-741-5951.

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 Re: Clarinet Mouthpiece Refacers
Author: NBeaty 
Date:   2018-01-11 00:47

Contact information: $60 + 7.15 return shipping.

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 Re: Clarinet Mouthpiece Refacers
Author: Bob Bernardo 
Date:   2018-01-11 01:03

Me! Also make mouthpieces. Refacing is often free IF it only takes about 15 minutes. Been doing this since 1979. Making mouthpieces since 1984. I don't advertise about refacing, however I'm one of the very best at it, because most refacers use maybe 5 gauges, I use 18 or so. Sometimes more, up to 22 for long facings, so the facings are perfect. I also go down to 0.0005" shim. No one does this.

A lot of facing have bumps in the curves because of only using 4 or 5 gauges. That curve must be perfect.

Designer of - Vintage 1940 Cicero Mouthpieces and the La Vecchia mouthpieces

Yamaha Artist 2015

Post Edited (2018-01-11 01:17)

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 Re: Clarinet Mouthpiece Refacers
Author: NBeaty 
Date:   2018-01-11 01:11

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 Re: Clarinet Mouthpiece Refacers
Author: Dan Shusta 
Date:   2018-01-11 02:03

If any of you have contact info for the names taken from SOTW, please let me know. Thanks

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 Re: Clarinet Mouthpiece Refacers
Author: seabreeze 
Date:   2018-01-11 02:43

I've used the refacing services of Brad Behn and Nathan Beaty with great satisfaction. Another fine refacing service is Tim Wright, Bossier City, LA. His contact info is and phone 318-741-5951. Richard Hawkins also does custom facings and "mouthpiece updating."

Post Edited (2018-01-11 21:31)

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 Re: Clarinet Mouthpiece Refacers
Author: Mojo 
Date:   2018-01-11 18:40

I have mostly a sax playing client base. I have refaced mouthpieces for doublers who like my work. I have also been primarily a wind ensemble bass clarinet player for the past few years. I sell custom faced bass clarinet mouthpieces shown on my web site that project well for wind ensemble and big band doubling.

I have over 50 videos on YouTube showing how I do refacing work.
Mojo Mouthpiece Work LLC

Post Edited (2018-01-11 18:44)

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 Re: Clarinet Mouthpiece Refacers
Author: TomS 
Date:   2018-01-11 21:02

Had good service with Dr. McClune ... and his MPs are popular in central Arkansas area ...


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 Re: Clarinet Mouthpiece Refacers
Author: Dan Shusta 
Date:   2018-01-12 02:02

Because the Refacer Directory has grown to quite a few individuals, I believe that some players, who may feel that their mouthpiece needs refacing or at least a thorough inspection, may be wondering: "Who should I contact?"

I would like to see more comments like those from seabreeze and TomS.

If you've had one or more mouthpieces refaced by one or more of the refacers listed (or not listed), please comment on your experience(s) so that others can use this thread as kind of a guide as to whom they might want to contact.

Thank you.

p.s. If you see any errors in the list or if you see your name listed and would like for me to reword what I have written, please send me a private email. I'm thinking of including years of experience and with whom a refacer studied or worked with to gain their skills.

Post Edited (2018-01-12 02:16)

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 Re: Clarinet Mouthpiece Refacers
Author: seabreeze 
Date:   2018-01-12 03:28

My experience with the mouthpiece techs I mentioned is that all of them are competent and will almost certainly not ruin your mouthpiece by doing something rash or extreme to it. One possible limitation is that none in my little list does any extensive work on crystal mouthpieces, especially in the internals of the piece. I believe Ramon Wodkowski's experience does include extensive crystal remodeling, but I haven't sent him anything yet. I have been struck by the honesty of the people I mentioned; if they are having trouble with something, they will let you know! I've found some of them work better on less common designs (like August Periers or Vandoren 3UDs) than others, but that's to be expected. Before you send anything, always ask if the refacer is familiar with the design and is comfortable working on it. If you do, you won't have any trouble.

Perhaps the main thing to be aware of when it comes to mouthpiece refacers is that they are technicians and maybe even artists, but they are not miracle workers. Mouthpieces, by virtue of their material and basic measurements, have certain intrinsic qualities that are going to prevail, no matter what the tech does. They can IMPROVE what's already there, but they are not alchemists who can change lead into gold.

Through the years, I have learned much and had many false notions and erroneous assumptions corrected by engaging in conversations with mouthpiece techs, beginning with E. Matson and Glen Johnston and continuing with the current crop. I'm always interested in hearing their perspective on my current favorite (or sometimes least favorite) pieces.

Post Edited (2018-01-12 03:41)

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 Re: Clarinet Mouthpiece Refacers
Author: Dan Shusta 
Date:   2018-01-12 03:52

seabreeze, thank you for what I deem to be very solid, good advice. Certainly, I think a player would be far better off sending their cherished mouthpiece to someone who has successfully refaced, revoiced, or refurbished the exact same type mouthpiece that the player has.

As to crystal mouthpieces, I have read many good reports about David Spiegelthal. Dave appears to have a special knack or expertise in freeing up stuffy Pomarico crystal mouthpieces.

From what I've read on this BB, even a simple "refacing job" can offset other parameters in a mouthpiece which will then need to be attended to. Hence, the possible need for a specialist who "does it all" besides just putting on an excellent facing.

Just my opinion...

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 Re: Clarinet Mouthpiece Refacers
Author: nellsonic 
Date:   2018-01-12 10:39

I had an appointment with Ramon Wodkowski today. It was the second time I've worked with him in the last few years, and the work he does amazed me again. There's nothing like sitting across the table from a master craftsmen and having him nudge each parameter of a mouthpiece towards its sweet spot as you play and hand it back and forth. He is fun to visit with as well as all this goes on.

One great thing about Ramon is that he travels extensively. If you are near a big city or music school in the United States or the UK there's a chance that you might have an opportunity to experience this for yourself. He'll be in Los Angeles at RDG Woodwinds this weekend.

Post Edited (2018-01-12 11:36)

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 Re: Clarinet Mouthpiece Refacers
Author: donald 
Date:   2018-01-12 11:18

Seabreeze- I had a lovely Perier that I wrecked by accident when refacing it. This was one of the experiences that convinced me to curtail my activity and only reface within limited parameters. That mouthpiece was the sweetest piece in my quiver, I've never found another! d

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 Re: Clarinet Mouthpiece Refacers
Author: Mike Blinn 
Date:   2018-01-12 18:42

I broke my Pomarico bass clarinet mouthpiece a few years back, and contacted David Spiegelthal right away. He sent me two no-name replacements. Both great!

I kept one and it's my favorite. Far superior than my Selmer Paris or my late Pomarico and reasonably priced.

Mike Blinn

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 Re: Clarinet Mouthpiece Refacers
Author: Maestro_6 
Date:   2018-01-15 19:25

I've tried many of the makers listed and the best results I've personally received was from Nathan Beaty. Plus, for his rates, it's a no-brainer. His refaced pieces blows the ones I have from Ramon out of the water for me. (I'm not affiliated at all - just a happy customer.)

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 Re: Clarinet Mouthpiece Refacers
Author: Dan Shusta 
Date:   2018-01-15 23:58

Maestro 6, you may already know that Nathan Beaty was trained by Brad Behn and has worked along with Brad at around a dozen clarinet conventions.

To me, Brad Behn is still the undisputed master clarinet mouthpiece craftsman. Therefore, because of Nathan's training by Brad, his refacing work is far better than the average "good" refacer.

Hence, your level of satisfaction with Nathan's work.

Just my opinion...

(Edited to correct grammar.)

Post Edited (2018-01-16 04:02)

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 Re: Clarinet Mouthpiece Refacers
Author: Maestro_6 
Date:   2018-01-18 04:52

Hi Dan, yes I was aware. You are right that Brad is a phenomenal craftsman and a staple of this work. Nevertheless, I've owned a couple of Brad's high-end models, yet I use Nathan's regularly (all within the same ballpark as far as facings go). That's absolutely not to say that his mouthpieces are better by any means, but his work happened to fit my particular needs a bit more. YMMV as per usual...

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 Re: Clarinet Mouthpiece Refacers
Author: sonicbang 
Date:   2018-05-20 13:50

I recently got back two mouthpieces from Nathan Beaty. I sent him a Sumner and Broadus to work on and bring them back to life. We discussed my preferred style of facing and reed strength. I can say he did a really good job on both of them! Both mouthpieces are easy to control without effort and the sound has focus and depth. I think he knows how to build upon a mouthpiece's inherent good qualities and he is improving them without transforming them. I think you got what I mean. The Broadus is a really special one, and I'm about to use it in some upcoming performances. Besides, Nathan is easy to communicate with and he is looking forward to satisfy the customer's needs. This is something I appreciate just as much as accurate workmanship.

(disc: I have no gain from this post, I'm just a satisfied customer who would like to share the experience)


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 Re: Clarinet Mouthpiece Refacers
Author: Ken Lagace 
Date:   2018-05-20 18:00

Sent my info via email.

This is an important list an ought be in a separate list rather than as part of a thread which will be difficult to consult.

Good idea Dan!

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 Re: Clarinet Mouthpiece Refacers
Author: TrueTone 
Date:   2018-05-21 04:03

Ben Redwine (his username on here is just redwine) isn't on your list and refaces mouthpieces-he refaced a Chicago Kaspar for me that I really like.
His email is, if I recall right.

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 Re: Clarinet Mouthpiece Refacers
Author: Ken. 
Date:   2019-01-02 08:23

Here are a few more I came across from SOTW

Chris Hill
Mike Lomax
Sebastian Knox

Post Edited (2019-01-02 08:24)

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 Re: Clarinet Mouthpiece Refacers
Author: Dan Shusta 
Date:   2019-01-02 09:14

Thank you Truetone and Ken. I'll be adding 1) Ben Redwine, 2) Chris Hill, 3) Mike Lomax, and 4) Sebastian Knox as requested information becomes available to me through personal inquiries.

Ken Lagace, please check that I added the one you sent to me through personal email. I hope I haven't missed it.

When I looked up Glen Johnston, (who is now deceased), I ran into an old BB posting about refacers in NY. John J Moses added: 5) Jimmy Yan (NY), 6) Les Scott (NJ) and 7) Virgil Blackwell (NY). I will check into these last 3 to determine if they are still in the refacing business.

Post Edited (2019-01-02 09:59)

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 Re: Clarinet Mouthpiece Refacers
Author: donald 
Date:   2019-01-02 12:32

Jimmy Yan has passed away. Do you mean Dan Johnston rather than Glen Johnston?

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 Re: Clarinet Mouthpiece Refacers
Author: Dan Shusta 
Date:   2019-01-02 13:14

Hi donald, according to the following BB thread (which is 16 years old), it was Glen Johnston, who has since passed away.

I looked up Dan Johnston and found his mouthpieces for sale on various web sites, however, I cannot find any current information on him and presume that he also has passed away.

If you know differently, please let me know.


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 Re: Clarinet Mouthpiece Refacers
Author: donald 
Date:   2019-01-02 14:10

I'm not sure about Dan Johnston, but I do know he never had much of a "web presence". A student of mine bought one of his mouthpieces off me, and her college teacher and various clarinet players in Wellington/NZSO tried it out and LOVED it. However they found it very difficult to find any contacts for him, and to order/trial stuff long distance (I later emailed her offering to buy it back when she decided not to be a music major, but she wouldn't part with it!). That WAS about 2006. I last spoke to him in 2003.

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