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 New member
Author: Caihlen 
Date:   2017-12-12 08:23

Hello. Former lurker. I'm intimidated by your vast knowledge and experience. But I've taken the plunge. I'm a beginner. But I'm totally smitten. I have many, many years of musical experience as a professional drummer, and steel guitar player. I've also dabbled in bagpipery. Don't judge me for that. Looking forward to all your knowledgeable posts.

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 Re: New member
Author: zhangray4 
Date:   2017-12-12 08:47

Welcome Caihlen! Don't worry we were all beginners at one point. But the Clarinet BBoard is filled with kind, knowledgeable people, and you'll learn a lot of info quickly. I joined this summer, and I cannot tell you how much I've learned from these wonderful clarinetists!

-- Ray Zhang

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 Re: New member
Author: Fuzzy 
Date:   2017-12-12 21:27

Welcome aboard, Caihlen! (Or should I say..."Welcome a-bboard"?)

...and hey! Everyone needs a bagpipe or two around (where else could we hide all our bad reeds?!) ;^)>>>


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 Re: New member
Author: ClarinetRobt 
Date:   2017-12-13 00:52

Welcome Caihlen!! (and Fuzzy that's some funny stuff there!)

I'm going to do my best the summarize the past year on the Bboard to catch you up. Other's can clarify and add to. These are generalities and should be taken with a grain of salt...:

1) Newer Buffets have fallen out of favor (unless you can get a hold of a sweet golden era one, 60s-ish). Much discontent with R13s these days, notably with the product's inconsistency.
2) Yamaha CSVR, Uebel Superior, Selmer Presence are the "hot/must have" clarinets these days in the pro-variety. I'd argue a Ridenour Lyrique is an excellent pro-quality "every person" horn.
3) Most agree you don't need to spend $1K+ for any ligature. Heck, anything over $100 is kinda pointless. (Though this guy loves his Ishimori.)
4) Practice will fix 99.99% of our problems. Equipment swap is rarely a magic bullet to fix a playing deficiency.
5) Rico bueno...they use avoid. Vandoren...ehhh, but many love them. "Best" reeds on the markets: Aria, Steuer, Leuthner, Pilgerstorfer, and Gonzalez.
6) Legere has finally started winning the hearts of the clarinet world. European Signature is a great product. (Results vary from player to player.)
7) Finding a favorite mouthpiece brand/model on here is like asking all of us to agree on a pizza. Try many and pick what you like.
8) Lot of products to balance reeds. I like the ATG system. Reek Geek is good. Reed rush is still popular. Hard to beat good old fashion 400/600 grit Wet or Dry sandpaper. Practice does make perfect with balancing. Note: Legere European Signature takes a lot the drama out of reed problems.
9) The "American Sound" seems to be moving away from an uber dark (dead?) quality to something with more overtones. Still warm, but with a ping that can fill any hall.
10) Bboard is the best thing going on the internet! Sometimes we bicker like brothers and sisters, but I still love these guys!

~Robert L Schwebel
Mthpc: Behn Vintage, Lig: Ishimori, Reed: Aria 4, Legere Euro Signature 3.75, Horns: Uebel Superior, Ridenour Lyrique

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 Re: New member
Author: fskelley 
Date:   2017-12-13 01:05

Nothing like rekindling 10 arguments in a single post. Should be fun to watch. Seriously though, nice summary- Robert.

And welcome, Caihlen! Anybody who can play steel guitar and/or bagpipes without embarrassing themselves should have no trouble with clarinet. As you've probably read here, the expert consensus is that "any" instrument with "any" accessories will play fine with enough effort. But that doesn't stop us from trying, much to the profit of the manufacturers.

Stan in Orlando

EWI 4000S with modifications

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 Re: New member
Author: Caihlen 
Date:   2017-12-13 08:20

Thank you all so much. When I feel like I have something to add I will. Until then I'll just ask stupid questions!

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 Re: New member
Author: zhangray4 
Date:   2017-12-13 09:04

Nice 10 commandments from Robert hahaha

-- Ray Zhang

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