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 Thoughts please!
Author: NZDee 
Date:   2017-12-08 22:58

I have to decide today which mouthpiece to take back to the store! I have an hour or two to decide!

Yamaha 650 clarinet, standard ligature - D'Addario X10 or Vandoren 5RV mouthpiece? I'm an intermediate player.

In the shop I thought the X10 was easiest to play and had a good sound. 24 hours later and playing at home, I *think* I prefer the sound of 5RV... however when I listen to recordings (on my phone!) I'm not sure there is a massive difference... slightly clearer on higher notes on the 5RV?

Any input very welcome!

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 Re: Thoughts please!
Author: Hank Lehrer 
Date:   2017-12-08 23:05


I have both mouthpieces and play them on a Yamaha CS Custom with Vandoren 3 1/2 reeds. I'm a doubler and prefer the X10 put I always liked the 5RV. IMHO. you have two very nice mouthpieces. I assume you are using the same strength reed for your trials? Pick which ever you prefer for whatever reason.


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 Re: Thoughts please!
Author: nellsonic 
Date:   2017-12-09 00:08

If you haven't already: Check the intonation over the range of the instrument. Also ease of articulation in each register.

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 Re: Thoughts please!
Author: ClarinetRobt 
Date:   2017-12-09 02:18

Nellsonic is brilliant as always...
Intonation has to be the ultimate tie breaker...through all registers.
I also agree responsiveness with articulations is also very important!

~Robt L Schwebel
Mthpc: Behn Vintage
Lig: Ishimori, Behn Delrin
Reed: Legere French Cut 3.75/4, Behn Brio 4
Horns: Uebel Superior (Bb,A), Ridenour Lyrique, Buffet R13 (Eb)

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 Re: Thoughts please!
Author: zhangray4 
Date:   2017-12-09 04:40

its hard for us to tell you which one to choose. which one do you sound best? check tuning, articulation, resistance, evenness, etc.

-- Ray Zhang

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 Re: Thoughts please!
Author: NZDee 
Date:   2017-12-09 05:09

Thanks for your comments.
I'm holding out on my decision until the shop closes in a couple of hours. I can hit the top notes more clearly with 5RV, but other than that they sound similar... I'm playing them both with the same reeds.
Oh I'm so confused! lol

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 Re: Thoughts please!
Author: gavalanche20 
Date:   2017-12-09 11:18

If you have a regular Vandoren (not 13 series) you may find you play sharper than with other mouthpieces. You definitely would want to check that with a tuner.

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 Re: Thoughts please!
Author: Wes 
Date:   2017-12-09 11:34

Well, I bought a Vandoren 5RV from Harry Gee in about 1950 as we played together in the U of MN orchestra. Harry later became a well known arranger and professor. That 5RV still plays great in 2017.

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 Re: Thoughts please!
Author: Bob Bernardo 
Date:   2017-12-10 01:36

Don't like the Rico line at all. The bore is too small so the throat tones and the octaves will be an issue. Such as low C to high C. The pitch most likely will be all over the place.

Get the Vandoren, but not the M series. They play out of tune, because they are too long in length

Designer of - Vintage 1940 Cicero Mouthpieces and the La Vecchia mouthpieces

Yamaha Artist 2015

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