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 Re: Dental veneers
Author: Kalashnikirby 
Date:   2017-12-04 01:52

Looks like iatrogenic anterior open bite. It seems like your molars don't occlude correctly, but have a cusp-to-cusp contact when you bite, which is pretty terrible in any situation, filing your molars isn't an option either, cause this form of tooth contact cannot be fix without extreme substance loss.
Did the braces happen to move your upper molars, and/or was your front extremely protuded

It is possible that you need jaw surgery. Actually, a side view would be very interesting and help determine that, though there are many factors and I'm not going to judge that, it's just one possible therapy form.

Why did he have you wear Invisalign, then braces? If anything, it should be the other way round; you'll have to asume poor planning on his side. Actually, Invasalign is the go-to option if the patient wishes for a less visible, but also less flexible (at least for the orthodontis) than a mutlibracket apliance (=braces) which is able to do all the necessary tooth moving.

Your front tooth look perfectly fine. No need for veneers and they won't improve your situation. Actually, they look great, it's the bite that needs fixating. No need for gum contouring, people don't notice it anyways on the laterals.
Do you happen to know, or can you find out which Angle class you're coming from and whether it is off by the width of less than or more than half a premolar?

It is possible, or at least I suppose, that he moved your upper side teeth to the front, creating severe malocclusion. This is more than just short-sighted, if that is the case, I can't say why anyone would do this to their patient.
Here's my theory: you might have had a normal intercuspidation, but due to the (probably necessary) corrections of your front, the space opening up was corrected using the PC, pulling your molars to the front by about 1/2 the width of a premolar.
If I'm right, this is some severe malpractice. He should have known about the bite changing drastically.

Edit: Both these movements you mention in your additional post create even more space. Did he really go and think it'd be close by moving your molars?
Adding composite to the approximal contacts would have been one solution.

Here's what I think: You have a frontal cross bite, class III malocclusion (your lower canines touch are way to far in the front, cannot comment on the first molars which I cannot see in the photos).
He knew you had a severe class III which sometimes requires surgery, or extraction of the lower premolars, then pulling your teeth back.
Either way, leaving you with this bite is unacceptable.

Post Edited (2017-12-04 02:14)

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