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 Re: Dental veneers
Author: Kalashnikirby 
Date:   2017-12-04 00:52

I'm gonna have to add a few things, studying dentistry in the 8th semester and having learned a few things about orthodontics, too.
First of all, it is NOT indicated to prep an completely functional and esthetically sufficient tooth, unless the specific case demands it.
When did your orthodontic treatment start? Did you have a deep bite, was there generally too much overbite (vertical relation)? What was your wish regarding your front tooth? Ie., did they have to be more pro/intruded, did you want them lower/highger?
You have to be aware that at a certain point and without certain pretty uncomfortable and/or costly appliances, your teeth cannot be that easily moved vertically. I do wonder why he'd shorten the incisor edges, but assume that was because of them making contact with your gingiva (which can have some serious periodontic consequences) If this is not the case, you should seek another orthodontist.
If, however, you're inclined to make your incisors appear longer and more protuded, veneers can be a convenient. Be aware though, any form of durable (not this composite nonsense gaining popularity again), aesthetically pleasing (ceramic) restoration will both cost you tooth substance and money. Maybe attach a picture of your situation like this:
Generally speaking, if the ideal overjet (horizontal relation) is 1-2mm and the ideal overbite is 2mm; should you come any close to this, there isn't much that can be or should be done (apart from crown lengthining if you find your marginal gingiva unpleasant).

You know what, a picture of the frontal view will suffice...
Please do not delude yourself into thinking veneers will make your teeth "better". These terrible youtube videos of people praising them, especially the cheap composite ones are just so wrong on many levels, because they disregard both the limited durability and the loss of healthy substance that you pay with, apart from the money. That being said, if you'd like to attach a photo, that'd make it much easier to judge your situation. Veneers can be a great solution, but might not improve your feel when using those incisors.

Here's one example
Pause at 7:14 and you'll see
-Her dental mid is still off anyways (to the left; doesn't correlate well with the facial mid, but most people wont notice anyways)
-The incisor edges of the second front teeth have different heights, they canini are far off (tip of 23 is on the same level as 22, but 13 is much lower
-at least in prosthodontic terms, her front teeth (13-23) are way too big now, being wider than the base of her nose.
-Here first incisors where perfetly well dimensioned, despite their slight mesio-rotation ("butterfly")
- Her canines are just a tad darker then the other front teeth and that's perfectly normal and NATURAL, why change your already bright teeth to "A1"? They were about
-IMHO her first incisors have some ridiculous dimensions now. Why would you do this to yourself? Her natural front was perfectly fine and was symmetrical enough, with the widths being spot on (one could have taken some orthodontic measures to rotate them a bit, but they looked fine anyways)

Up to the last point, any more or less educated dentist would observe this. There are worlds in between what people perceive as good looking and what is "right" in prosthodontic, orthodontic conservative terms.
Damn those "beauty dentists".

Best regards and sorry for the rant,

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