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 Solos for Clarinet in A
Author: radailey 
Date:   2017-09-07 23:17

Hello, I am sorry if this has been asked before, and if it has can I get some links to those posts. I bought a new Yamaha CSGIIAH and I LOVE it. However my only problem is that I can't seem to find any solos or pieces for the A clarinet. This problem I believe is because every time I search for solos the search engines think I just want solos for "a clarinet" instead of solos for the "A clarinet". Anyway if any of you are willing to help me locate some information I would be extremely grateful.

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 Re: Solos for Clarinet in A
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2017-09-07 23:41

Anything you can play unaccompanied on a Bb clarinet you can always play on an A.


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 Re: Solos for Clarinet in A
Author: radailey 
Date:   2017-09-07 23:53

Thank you for your help. While I understand that anything can be played on the A clarinet, I would like to find pieces specifically written for it, with its tonal characteristics in mind. For example the Mozart Clarinet Concerto can of course be played on the Bb but sounds better on A. I imagine this will be the same concept but in reverse for pieces written for the Bb?

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 Re: Solos for Clarinet in A
Author: nellsonic 
Date:   2017-09-08 00:35

Mozart Concerto
Honneger Sonatine
Stravinsky 3 pieces (I and II)
Schumann Fantasiestucke
Reinecke Sonatine
Suttermeister Capriccio
Nielsen Concerto

There are others, but this should keep you busy for awhile! The Stravinsky and Suttermeister are unaccompanied.

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 Re: Solos for Clarinet in A
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2017-09-08 02:05

I didn't mean to sound flippant there - I was merely saying make the most of your A clarinet by playing all your usual exercises on it instead of on your Bb.


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 Re: Solos for Clarinet in A
Author: zhangray4 
Date:   2017-09-08 02:05

3 romances

-- Ray Zhang

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 Re: Solos for Clarinet in A
Author: gatto 
Date:   2017-09-08 03:02

Brahms Quintett
Brahms Trio
Mozart Concert
Mozart Quintett
Rachmaninov 2nd Symphony (Adagio)
Reger Quintett
Shostakovich 9th Symphony
Shostakovich 10th Symphony
Shostakovich 15th Symphony
Sibelius 3rd Symphony (2nd movement)
Tschaikovsky 5th Symphony
Weinberg 4th Chamber Symphony Op. 153

Post Edited (2017-09-08 03:05)

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 Re: Solos for Clarinet in A
Author: Philip Caron 
Date:   2017-09-08 03:06

The Poulenc sonata for 2 clarinets has the 2nd part for A (the first is for Bb).

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 Re: Solos for Clarinet in A
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2017-09-08 03:15

And if you're doing Dvorak's 9th, play it all on A as there's absolutely no need to use a Bb in the 2nd movement at all.

It's in A-B-A form and apart from the opening chords, it changes to Bb clarinet in the A sections. So instead of all that hassle and risking playing on cold clarinets, just change the key signature in the A sections from the printed three flats to four sharps (the notes remain in their same positions) and play the B section (in Concert C#m) exactly as written.


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 Re: Solos for Clarinet in A
Author: ClarinettyBetty 
Date:   2017-09-09 01:44

Although I am not adding a piece to your list, I have often found that using the search term "clarinet in A" rather than "A clarinet" is more helpful.

Best of luck!

Eb: 1972 Buffet BC20
Bb: c. 1965 Buffet R13;
A: 1963 Buffet R13

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