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 Selmer Paris Clarinet ID help
Author: mustar 
Date:   2017-08-13 00:05
Attachment:  selmercc1.jpg (381k)
Attachment:  selmercc3.jpg (94k)


Can anyone please help me identify the model of a used Selmer Paris Clarinet .

The instrument is owned by a friend who does not have internet access and I know very little about clarinets .

I have tried to find the model but cannot find anything which has the little gold " badge on the front " .

Any help would be much appreciated

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 Re: Selmer Paris Clarinet ID help
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2017-08-13 00:13

Is it a Selmer "Gold Seal"?

They're not Selmers, but were made for Selmer London in the '50s and '60s to fill the gap in Selmer's lineup. They were made by Malerne (as were the majority of stencil clarinets around that time) and are pretty decent instruments. They have a round brass badge inset into the top joint and bell.

The only Selmer Paris clarinet I know of with the gold badge is the St. Louis which is a more recent clarinet.


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 Re: Selmer Paris Clarinet ID help
Author: tucker 2017
Date:   2017-08-13 00:55

Chris P,

I have to say I really enjoy reading your replies to people's questions and comments. You are certainly a font of knowledge! Your responses and general comments are always informative, respectful, and well written.

When you replied to Mustar above, I thought.... I wonder if the photos are part of your collection or are those stock photos from somewhere. I'm thinking you probably have a nice collection of intsruments!

Anyway, thank you for your insight, knowledge, and participation in this forum!

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 Re: Selmer Paris Clarinet ID help
Author: Doug Leach 
Date:   2017-08-13 02:41

From looking at the pictures Mustar posted this is a Selmer Paris St. Louis model, which as Chris points out is a more recent clarinet. And from I've seen reading it seems it was quite good, although they didn't make or import very many of them.


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 Re: Selmer Paris Clarinet ID help
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2017-08-13 03:53

For some reason or other I didn't see the attachments the first time round so made a guess, but that is definitely a Selmer St. Louis (with 'SL' in the gold badge).

From what I understand, the St. Louis is a very nice clarinet. Only I've never had the opportunity to see or even play one. I don't even know anyone that owns one.

Both Bb and A St. Louis clarinets use the same barrels.


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 Re: Selmer Paris Clarinet ID help
Author: awildman 
Date:   2017-08-13 04:06

It's a horrible clarinet. Send it to me and I'll dispose of it properly.

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 Re: Selmer Paris Clarinet ID help
Author: mustar 
Date:   2017-08-13 12:02

That was quick ..

Chris P you are star for the detail and super fast response .

Thanks to everyone else for taking the time out to reply it is much appreciated .

I will pass the information on to the owner .

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