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 Odd A Clarinet Barrel
Author: JF Clarinet 
Date:   2017-03-09 07:02

I bought an A clarinet off of Ebay, and it just arrived today. To my surprise it came with one more barrel than I had been expecting, and I am not 100% sure what exactly it is. It says it is a Royal USA Classical 66 barrel. I have done some research on the brand, and have found others of their Classical barrels, but none that look like this. It seems to play very well in tune, and I prefer the sound to the Chadash barrel it also came with. Does anyone know what kind of wood this is, if it is supposed to be any good, or what this may be worth?

I'm having trouble uploading pictures, so here are links to pictures of it:

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 Re: Odd A Clarinet Barrel
Author: ClarinettyBetty 
Date:   2017-03-09 07:42

I feel like the Classical barrel listed on the website looks very similar to yours. The color of the wood does not show as well in the website photos as yours do, but they look pretty close.


It sure is pretty!

Edit-fixed hyperlink. :)

Eb: 1972 Buffet BC20
Bb: Selmer Paris Presence
A: Selmer Paris Presence
Bass: 1977 LeBlanc


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 Re: Odd A Clarinet Barrel
Author: JF Clarinet 
Date:   2017-03-09 07:57

Would this be a cocobolo barrel then?

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 Re: Odd A Clarinet Barrel
Author: NTSOG 
Date:   2017-03-09 09:02

Hi ClarinettyBetty,

When I clicked on the link:


I got Korean or Chinese writing or symbols.


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 Re: Odd A Clarinet Barrel
Author: JF Clarinet 
Date:   2017-03-09 09:33

The page is currently under maintenance (google translate worked for once)

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 Re: Odd A Clarinet Barrel
Author: ClarinetRobt 
Date:   2017-03-09 18:53

The barrel looks like a layering processing (veneers?) to achieve the rainbow look. I've seen something similar in wood bowls and other kitchen utensils. The barrel definitely looks cool, but I'd find it hard to believe a clarinet purist would use something quite this gimmicky. If this barrel was a viable alternative, we'd be tripping over ourselves buying them.
It look awesome on an Amazon green (or red or yellow?) plastic clarinet. LoL. HS marching band kids rejoice!

~Robt L Schwebel
Mthpc: Behn Vintage
Lig: Ishimori, Behn Delrin
Reed: Legere French Cut 3.75/4, Behn Brio 4
Horns: Uebel Superior (Bb,A), Ridenour Lyrique, Buffet R13 (Eb)

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 Re: Odd A Clarinet Barrel
Author: JF Clarinet 
Date:   2017-03-10 07:12

I am just a high school student, so maybe I am not the best one to test if this is a decent barrel or not, but I did a blind tuning test today, and here are my results of comparing the Chadash Buffet 67 barrel that also came with the instrument to the Royal 66 barrel. The results from the Chadash are on the left and Royal on the right (I am not sure how much is considered standard for these tests, so here is my full range starting at low E):

E:-8 E:-18
F:-18 F:-21
F#:-6 F#:-9
G:+2 G:0
G#:+5 G#:-3
A:+7 A:-1
Bb:+5 Bb:-2
B:+9 B:0
C:+4 C:-5
C#:+11 C#:+2
D:+7 D:0
Eb (right side):+6 Eb (right side):0
Eb (left side):-4 Eb (left side):-10
E:+6 E:0
F:+3 F:0
F#:+10 F#:+3
G:+7 G:0
G#:0 G#:-6
A:+4 A:0
Bb:+4 Bb:+2
B:+12 B:+4
C:+9 C:+6
C#:+9 C#:+5
D:+7 D+8
Eb:+13 Eb:+10
E:+12 E:+12
F:+5 F:+4
F#:+4 F#:+4
G:+9 G:+5
Ab: +16 Ab:0
A:1 A:0
Bb (right side): 0 Bb (right side):+4
Bb (left side):-4 Bb (left side):0
B:0 B:+1
C:+5 C:+4
C#:+5 C#:+4
D:+6 D:+2
Eb:+4 Eb:+7
E:+5 E:+4
F:-4 F:0
F#:-10 F#:-4
G:+22 G:+6
G (alternate):-3 G (alternate):0
Ab:+10 Ab:0
A:+19 A:+13
Bb:-13 Bb:-2

It seems to me that I was significantly sharper on the Chadash barrel, but I could always pull out a little bit to help correct that. The Royal had more flat notes, but a lower standard deviation at 6.462 (compared to 7.386 of the Chadash). I am not sure which I will primarily use yet, but based on my test it seems that the oddly colored Royal barrel is at least a suitable alternative.

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 Re: Odd A Clarinet Barrel
Author: MichaelW 
Date:   2017-03-11 15:19

Reminds of the Conn "Propeller wood" Cocobolo (?) laminated clarinets from the 1940ties. See http://test.woodwind.org/clarinet/BBoard/read.html?f=1&i=342397&t=342349

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 Re: Odd A Clarinet Barrel
Author: JF Clarinet 
Date:   2017-03-11 20:12

MichaelW wrote:

> Reminds of the Conn "Propeller wood" Cocobolo (?) laminated
> clarinets from the 1940ties. See
> http://test.woodwind.org/clarinet/BBoard/read.html?f=1&i=342397&t=342349

It certainly does seem somewhat like those from pictures that I am seeing. However, what I have has different colors from what I am seeing on the old propeller wood clarinets. Is it possible my barrel was made with the same process of laminating, but with less natural coloring involved?

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 Re: Odd A Clarinet Barrel
Author: JF Clarinet 
Date:   2017-03-12 09:18

In this Backun video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMaXRb0VJlk there is a barrel that seems near identical to mine (just not of the same brand) highly visible at 0:26 and played on at 2:59. I am not sure if it was presented as a different wood or just a colored wood, so it doesn't help me figure out what I have, but still interesting to see such a similar one.

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 Re: Odd A Clarinet Barrel
Author: Alseg 
Date:   2017-03-13 01:07

Re the original question:
It is a modern wood layered laminate.
They are typically stable and strong and heavy. Laminates are used
in rifle stocks as well, where their weight mitigates recoil, and their stability resists the bending caused by temperature and humidity changes when regular wood is used.
Since they are multi-colored, wood turns this material to great effect.

The Pan Am model used a single source veneer applied over another material.

I have made pens from laminate stock, but I have not made barrels from it.

disclaimer: I make and sell custom clarinet barrels.

-Where the Sound Matters Most(tm)-

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 Re: Odd A Clarinet Barrel
Author: JF Clarinet 
Date:   2017-03-13 06:48

I asked the company that makes the barrel for more details about the barrel. Here is what I was told:

Thanks for your email

Yes , this is our early products that in a special production during 2008--2010 , we had very limited quantities of this wood , ( we called colored wood , its nature wood use very high presseure machine to laminated together in few layers . with our early design of Classical model .

This is Colored wood as we called , its not pure greanadilla or cocobolo , its few different wood compressed together including grenadilla and purple heart and argentinian green and others togehrer. its rare but works very well . ... give focus sound but with sweet and mellow feeling...... of course bore design are importanted too .

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