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 New Franklin Cohen mouthpiece
Author: seabreeze 
Date:   2015-05-31 01:08

On his website, long-time principal clarinetist with the Cleveland Orchestra, Franklin Cohen, recently announced that his new clarinet mouthpiece is due on the market by August this year.

Evidently the mouthpiece will come in 3 different models: The Sotto Voce for solo playing, the Orchestral, and the Chamber Music designs.

AT <>, Cohen plays the Nielsen Concerto.

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 Re: New Franklin Cohen mouthpiece
Author: tylerleecutts 
Date:   2015-06-01 09:40

The image looks like the packaging that comes with the Reserve mouthpieces. Almost like his label was photoshopped everywhere the Reserve logos were.

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 Re: New Franklin Cohen mouthpiece
Author: MarlboroughMan 
Date:   2015-06-02 20:16

Thanks for the Nielsen Link!! I didn't know that was out there!

[I missed his performing this in Cleveland about a decade ago, and have regretted it ever since...fantastic playing...]


The Jazz Clarinet

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 Re: New Franklin Cohen mouthpiece
Author: TomS 
Date:   2015-06-02 20:25

I've heard he uses a pretty resistant set up (or used to) ... #5 1/2++ reeds, or thereabouts.

Mr. Cohen had a really dark, woody sound ... I wonder if these MPs encourage such tone production?

Will be interesting to see ...

He is a wonderful musician.


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 Re: New Franklin Cohen mouthpiece
Author: rmk54 
Date:   2015-06-02 21:23

Does it come with a little table so you can reface it every ten minutes?

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 Re: New Franklin Cohen mouthpiece
Author: Ed Palanker 
Date:   2015-06-02 22:26

I know one can never have enough mouthpieces to choose from. Is this the forth or fifth hundreth mouthpiece to come on the market in the last ten years? :-)


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 Re: New Franklin Cohen mouthpiece
Author: seabreeze 
Date:   2015-06-03 01:23

On his website, Cohen has a very recent performance of the Mozart Concerto that is the most danceable I've every heard. When he plays a rondo, it really is a rondo-you can imagine peasants and shepherds rocking to the music. His recording of the Debussy Rhapsody with Boulez is one of the best of all time. And his Nielsen is positively haunting and filled with shades of tonal variation seldom heard.

I agree with Ed that there have been many mouthpieces and want to add that many mouthpieces bearing the names of great players (e.g. Marcellus, Combs, Lurie) have turned out to be less than wonderful. I hope that doesn't happen to Cohen's mouthpieces. If they turn out to reflect his playing at its best, they should be some of the finest mouthpieces ever offered. Let's hope that happens. If anybody can push the world of classical clarinet mouthpieces beyond the monotonous choice of 1) a Chedeville clone, 2) a Frank Kaspar Chicago or Cicero clone, 3) A hybrid Chedeville/Kaspar clone, it should be Franklin Cohen. He has never been a "let's do it the same old way" kind of player, so I would hope that he would do more than just turn out "the same old kind" of mouthpieces.

I'm wondering if the difference between the three models is only in the facings or if there will be deeper, internal design differences as well.

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 Re: New Franklin Cohen mouthpiece
Author: Jbosacki 
Date:   2015-06-03 08:20

"The image looks like the packaging that comes with the Reserve mouthpieces. Almost like his label was photoshopped everywhere the Reserve logos were."

That's exactly what I thought the second I clicked the link. It's the same box and the same clarinet mouthpiece diagram. Has to be some relation or endorsed by D'addario"

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 Re: New Franklin Cohen mouthpiece
Author: Ed 
Date:   2015-06-03 22:52

I think that rmk54 has a great marketing idea!

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 Re: New Franklin Cohen mouthpiece
Author: Liquorice 
Date:   2015-06-04 02:26

I love rmk54's marketing idea! Add to that, that you need to buy the mouthpiece in packs of 5.

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 Re: New Franklin Cohen mouthpiece
Author: donald 
Date:   2018-03-07 14:21

I'll get to try these later in the year, should be interesting...
re the comment from rmk54, reminds me of the suggestion from Peter Pryzbylla that one should "avoid refacing your mouthpiece on the day of a concert" (good advice!)
I once had an international soloist, visiting NZ for various concerto performances, phone me the night before a performance asking me to reface his mouthpiece. Apparently the humid weather had warped the facing, apparently (??????). For various reasons, any number of reasons, I decided NOT to touch his facing. I did however measure the mouthpiece to assure him that it was his reeds that had warped....

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 Re: New Franklin Cohen mouthpiece
Author: Ken Lagace 
Date:   2018-03-07 20:06

Notice the site says;
>>Handcrafted mouthpieces will be available for purchase beginning August 1, 2015.

Typo - or has it been out for a few years? Probably a typo.

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