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 off brands (2)
Author: darby 
Date:   2001-04-15 20:55

Thank you for the responses. Now, what about Peddler? Conn? Evette? I see a lot of those on e-bay. Some are priced pretty good. Are they any good to buy?
Thank you. Darby

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 RE: off brands (2)
Author: Dee 
Date:   2001-04-15 23:33

The Evette series is the predecessor to Buffet's E-11 series.

Pedlar and Conn were decent horns in their day but even then they were not up to the Buffets, Leblancs, and Selmers of the time. If you think in terms of sports, the Buffet/Leblanc/Selmer group would be 1st string players and Pedlar/Conn group would be second string players. The Chinese imports would be cut from the squad.

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 RE: off brands (2)
Author: darby 
Date:   2001-04-16 01:42

Thank you Dee for the insight. What about the various Selmers I keep seeing?
The Signets? Specials? Balanced Tones vs Centered Tones? I'm a complete idiot on all this, but want to learn. Thanks, Darby

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 RE: off brands (2)
Author: Willie 
Date:   2001-04-16 03:44

The Conns and Pedlers made before WW11 were of better quality. Even still, you have to know what to look for as they made several different grades of clarinets to choose from. Most of what is out there is of the student grade as not only more of these were made but they were almost all stashed and preserved in a closet somewhere after school graduation. The clarinet is still evolving and with new designs and production machinery, even some of the student models nowdays are far better than some of the better grade oldies.

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 RE: off brands (2)
Author: jbutler 
Date:   2001-04-16 04:06


Signets and Signet Specials were intermediate clarinets. Actually, there were a few Signet resonite clarinets. The Balanced Tone and Centered Tone are the pro line Selmers that were made in the 30's (BT) and the 50"s (CT). Both of the latter are large bore clarinets with unfrased tone holes. I have a BT and CT and love them both. I can't decide which I like better. I think I like whichever one I'm playing at the moment!


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 RE: off brands (2)
Author: beth 
Date:   2001-04-16 13:15

In regards to Evette & Shaeffer Master Model clarinets, out of France, you'll see those also for resale. I posted a inquiry on the B&H buffet forum about these and was informed that the older E&S master models (I was inquiring about a 1957 model) is "...essentially a lower-cost alternative to the Buffet R-13...". I have 2 E&S master models (1956 &1957) and have been very happy with the sound of both when compared to an R-13. But always have a used instrument checked out by a tech and make sure you have a "trial period" included in your purchase agreement so you have time to have the instrument checked out, you can try it and if you're satisfied with the instrument then you can return it.

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 RE: off brands (2)
Author: joseph o'kelly 
Date:   2001-04-17 16:12

I don't know much about pedler butknow that all three are not off brands.
Conn is a reputable company. There earlier saxophones are in somewhat of a demand. I don't know how there clarinets play because I never got around to playing them.
Evette is a subsidary of Buffet. Fine horns indeed. the Master Models are esentially the R-13 that buffet would not sell under its insignia because of a slight cosmetic flaw. If you ever find an Evette and Shaffer with a K in the serial number it is a R-13. They were made in France. Most Evettes were made in West Germany and the curent Buffet E-11s, E-12 ect are the modern equivilances of the Evette line.

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