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 register skip
Author: Sandee 
Date:   2001-04-15 02:51

Does any one have an understanding of why the clarinet jumps an octave and a half for our register skip, but sax, bassoon, flute, oboe etc don't?

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 RE: register skip
Author: Melanie 
Date:   2001-04-15 03:41


It all has to do with the harmonics on the instrument. I don't remember all of the specifics, but I think the clarinet operates as a closed pipe, whereas the other woodwinds operate as open pipes. The overtones are different on closed pipes than on open pipes. Wait a few days and I'm sure you'll get a few very thorough descriptions of the process from the scientists on the board :)


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 RE: register skip
Author: Mike Irish 
Date:   2001-04-15 05:08

well, on a flute, you can get one octave of the chromatic scale with the keys availible....
on an oboe, it works the same way......
on the clarinet, you have more keys then is needed for one chromatic scale,
which is about an octive and half.

make any sense?

hope so....


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 RE: register skip
Author: Mark Charette 
Date:   2001-04-15 06:05

Do a seatch on "twelfth" here and you'll find quite a few posts.

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 RE: register skip
Author: Anji 
Date:   2001-04-15 12:07

Don't let them mislead you...

Maxwell's little demons needed work and Denner gave them tenure.

"You can't get out of the game."

"You can't win."

"The best you can hope for is to break even."

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 RE: register skip
Author: Dee 
Date:   2001-04-15 12:28

The clarinet jumps a twelfth rather than the octave as acoustically it behaves like a cylindrical pipe closed at one end. To get the mathematical background, look at books on acoustics. Because the clarinet jumps a twelfth, it needed extra keys to fill in the gaps between the registers. This is why we have the Ab and A keys in addition to the register key.

On the other hand, the flute acoustically behaves like a cylindrical pipe open at both ends and so jumps the octave.

The oboe and saxophone both behave acoustically like conical pipes. It doesn't matter if they are open on both ends or closed on one end. In either case, conical pipes jump an octave.

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 RE: register skip
Author: jbutler 
Date:   2001-04-15 12:59

Go to this web link. It was supplied by another Sneezer a few months ago...but I can't remember who. I'll not take the credit. Once you get there click on Sound>Musical Instruments>Woodwind>Clarinet.

<a href="">Click Here <a/>


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 RE: register skip
Author: Fred 
Date:   2001-04-16 00:06

Anji is an optimist . . .

It's to keep us humble, to bring added complexity to "take it up an octave", and to create jobs for the makers of fingering charts.

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