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Author: linds 
Date:   2001-04-12 20:47

Can anyone please offer some advise on vibrato. What is the best way to achieve it? I can do it with my lip at the moment, but can't seem to achieve the same effect using my diaphragm!

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 RE: vibrato
Author: Mindy 
Date:   2001-04-12 23:27

If I remember right.......... My teacher says it isn't necessary to be able to do vibrato. So I am not sure really how you do besides to just move you rlips around. I'm sorry that I can't really help you.

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 RE: vibrato
Author: William 
Date:   2001-04-12 23:36

Vibrato is best done with the lips. The use of vibrato is quite controversial, used mainly by jazz and pop artists, but seems to be coming accepted among the legit and classical players as well. I recommend establishing intonation and focus of sound before tryng to use vibrato, but other opinions probably differ. This could be quite a lively discussion. Good clarineting!!!!!!!!!

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 RE: vibrato
Author: Jim 
Date:   2001-04-13 03:53

It is necessary when the director yells, "Clarinets use vibrato!" I never used it, spent years developing a clear solid sound. But, as indicated, it is sometimes used for pop/ big band etc. We were playing a medley of Tony Bennet songs the other night when the most recent request was made. It sounds and feels a bit contrived and un-natural to my taste, but it does make the sound he is after.

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 RE: vibrato
Author: jbutler 
Date:   2001-04-13 11:21

I advise you start off pulsing eighth notes at a slow tempo with the breathe and diaphragm. Sort of like going "Too--ooo-ooo-ooo-......" Make a wide variance to start to get used to speeding up and slowing down the air stream. I sometimes tell students it's like playing loud/soft./loud/soft....Be careful not to make pitch a problem. Get yourself comfortable with the slow tempo and begin increasing it gradually. You'll find that after awhile you will be able to pulse evenly. I was taught to pulse an odd number of pulses per note rather than even...I really don't think about it much anymore.


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 RE: vibrato
Author: Miles 
Date:   2001-04-13 14:15

Hello All,
I agree with John. It would also help to listen to others who really make a great sounding vibrato like; Eddie Daniels, Buddy DeFranco, and Pete Fountain. I have been using vibrato a long time now. The style of music will dictate when to use it and when not to. I think of it as more of a feeling and the vibrato comes from within.

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 RE: vibrato
Author: Gordon (NZ) 
Date:   2001-04-13 14:29

jbutler, that's how I do it, but I am primarily a flute player. I have never heard of flute players using lip vibrato. lLip is standard for saxes but I and others find the other OK.
Lip vibrato usually gives a greater pitch change, as opposed to a volume change.

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 RE: vibrato
Author: Benny 
Date:   2001-04-14 02:50

VIBRATO ON CLARINET??? I never use it. When I play sax, that's another story (I use my lip on sax). But if you really insist on doing clarinet vibrato, do it with your diaphragm as if you were singing. Good luck!

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 RE: vibrato
Author: Mark Charette 
Date:   2001-04-14 03:04

Benny wrote:
> VIBRATO ON CLARINET??? I never use it. When I play sax,
> that's another story (I use my lip on sax). But if you really
> insist on doing clarinet vibrato, do it with your diaphragm as
> if you were singing. Good luck!

If you don't do vibrato on clarinet, and use lip on sax, why would you feel qualified to tell someone to use diaphragm on clarinet?

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 RE: vibrato
Author: joseph o'kelly 
Date:   2001-04-16 23:52

Vibrato. A great technique for jazz clarinet playing. Oboes and Flutists usually use there diaphram for this but saxophonists will use their jaw. The clarinets bore is not traditionally designed for vibrato (so i've been told) but it obviosly can be done. Despite my leanings toward classical playing I love to play jazz and improv my own "classical" works. When I use vibrato I lean towards jaw vibrato. There are technique books out there but I would find an instructor to monitor proggression. If you can not find a clarinet instructor that knows this technique (many don't) you could seek similar results with a sax instructor. he could teach you classical and jazz vibrato.

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