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 sorta-clarinet identification help
Author: ronfstop 
Date:   2013-07-29 19:57
Attachment:  clarinet-brand-name.jpg (146k)
Attachment:  clarinet-lower-joints.jpg (134k)

In 1957 I bought a mutant clarinet in Germany. It was popular at the time among jazz players. The mouthpiece carries an alto saxophone reed rather than a clarinet reed and there are no open rings -- all have pads. After some experimentation with the fingerings I played it for a number of years in sundry dance bands and some jazz.

I can't read the brand name -- it's in a calligraphic type face (attachment 1).

Attachment 2 is a photo of the two lower joints, showing the padded tone holes instead of open rings.

I sure would like to know more about this instrument that served me well.

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 Re: sorta-clarinet identification help
Author: Ken Shaw 2017
Date:   2013-07-29 21:29

The script looks like Lincklag.

It's an interesting plateau clarinet with mother of pearl key-tops. Without seeing the thumb hole and the right-hand mechanism from the side, I can't be sure, but it looks like it has the standard German fingering -- first-space F and the second-ledger-line C are fingered with the left middle finger down, B/F# is fingered with the right index finger and Bb/F is fingered with the right index and middle fingers and the sliver key, or the right index and ring fingers. It has the Albert trill keys and little finger keys with the patent F#/C#.

Please show us the barrel and mouthpiece, plus the entire instrument assembled.

Ken Shaw

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 Re: sorta-clarinet identification help
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2013-07-29 21:33

The main action is sax fingering but without a Bis key. Would be interesting to see how this plays.


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 Re: sorta-clarinet identification help
Author: ronfstop 
Date:   2013-07-30 20:21

Thanks for the help. Lower register fingers like a saxophone including the middle-left-finger C. Photographs of assembled instrument, mouthpiece and barrel, left/right of main mechanism are attached. There is nothing special about the mouthpiece (excepting that it is wide enough to carry an alto reed).

After all these years, it is fun to find out something about this instrument.

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 Re: sorta-clarinet identification help
Author: chris moffatt 
Date:   2013-08-03 16:27

The name is "Lindberg" in old german script. There is a bridge-key mechanism so fingering is a bit of Albert, a bit of Boehm and a bit of sax....
AFAIK these horns were stencilled by Keilwerth. I don't know if it's the same Lindberg but there has been a large Lindberg music store in Muenchen for decades. Is yours HP or LP? all those I've seen were HP so far.

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 Re: sorta-clarinet identification help
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2013-08-03 20:04

I've never worked on any clarinets (or Fossati oboes) with pearl touches - how are you meant to install pads without scorching the pearls? Can the pearls be removed?

I've repadded loads of saxes but the pad cups are obviously larger than the pearl touchpieces (even on sopranos) and in some cases the pearls can be removed (eg. Yamaha). I use a pearl protector (a large metal cup hard soldered to a steel rod) in cases where the pearls are crimped in (eg. Selmer) so can't be removed when installing pads.

I haven't used liquid shellac which I suppose is the answer, but how long does it take to set hard?


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