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 SML or Marigaux Experts....
Author: bradfordlloyd 
Date:   2013-04-05 20:52
Attachment:  magniere.jpg (134k)

...I have reason to believe that the stencilled clarinet I purchased was built by SML and I need your help in identifying what might be the nearest type/model to this stencil, Paul Magniere (photo attached). Could it be an SML 5 star? Marigaux? I don't know the SML brands well enough to see all of the resemblances....

There are additional details at the following link (and the clarinet pictured, while not mine, is identical to mine):

Any thoughts or insights you have are appreciated. This is a terrific horn, and I'm seeking more information about its lineage....

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 Re: SML or Marigaux Experts....
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2013-04-05 22:18

It definitely has the large flanged pillar bases which Malerne used, so I'd say it's almost certanly a Malerne/Marigaux.


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 Re: SML or Marigaux Experts....
Author: bradfordlloyd 
Date:   2013-04-05 22:57

Thanks, Chris.

Now, I know that Marigaux bought out SML in the late 1970s, so are you saying this was probably made in the Malerne factory for Marigaux after that time? Or is it really just a Malerne product?

I'm just trying to make sure I understand.....

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 Re: SML or Marigaux Experts....
Author: Jack Kissinger 
Date:   2013-04-06 18:29

"Now, I know that Marigaux bought out SML in the late 1970s"

Given that Marigaux apparently died in the early 1970s, this seems unlikely to me. Despite Wikipedia's reputation for inaccuracy, I think this is far more likely the correct history:

SML (or whatever its official name was by then) purchased the Malerne factory in 1975 -- after Malerne went out of business around 1972 -- and moved its operations there.

Best regards,

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 Re: SML or Marigaux Experts....
Author: bradfordlloyd 
Date:   2013-04-06 21:43

My error, Jack, I meant to write that SML purchased Malerne in the 1970s....thanks for catching that...

I will assume that means an SML-made horn using parts from Malerne....

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 Re: SML or Marigaux Experts....
Author: Vytas 
Date:   2013-04-07 01:17

This is a student level clarinet "5 Star" later model made by SML. The Left-Hand levers aren't pinned to the F#/C# and E/B keys.

Vytas Krass
Clarinet Repair
Professional clarinet technician
Custom clarinet mouthpiece maker
Former professional clarinet player

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 Re: SML or Marigaux Experts....
Author: bradfordlloyd 
Date:   2013-04-07 11:16

Thanks, Vytas...very helpful, though I'm thinking it's at least an intermediate model as I'm guessing that it's from the 1970s (based on a few factors including Chris' above) and it is made from some lovely wood rather than plastic or ebonite as would have been common at the time.

Still, I'm glad to confirmed that it's SML, confirmed a rough date, and have some indication of various features. Thanks for your help and terrific insight....again, I really like the horn and think that it plays quite well!

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