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 Boosey Hawkes models ??
Author: john gibson 
Date:   2011-03-13 03:59

Boy it's been a long time since I've posted. Still read the stuff, just not responded. Anyway, my question is about BH clarinets. I owned a 2-20 once but traded for a C melody sax. Was a great clarinet and now I am looking at a few more BHs in my area. Stratford, Emperor and an 8-20. Anyone know about these and how they comapre to the 2-20 and to each other? Sure appreciate your response. John G

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 Re: Boosey Hawkes models ??
Author: SteveG_CT 
Date:   2011-03-13 05:29

The Stratford, 8-20, and Emperor will be almost identical to a 2-20 with the exception of the extended lower trill key and "nail file" F/C key that are only found on 2-20's. The main differences as far as I know are that the Stratford has a British-style bell (no metal rim) and I believe the 8-20 has silver plated keywork. All B&H clarinets with the exception of the 1010's had the same bore and tonehole layout so they should all play about he same.

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 Re: Boosey Hawkes models ??
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2011-03-13 09:25

All B&H clarinets from the early '60s through to 1984 had the 'nail file' LH F/C lever touchpiece and the long side Eb/Bb touchpiece only lasted around a decade.

The standard UK lineup of B&H clarinets (from the '60s onwards) were as follows:

Regent - plastic body, nickel plated keys (Bb only)
Edgware - wooden body, nickel plated keys (Bb and A)
Emperor - wooden body, silver plated keys (Bb and A)
Imperial 926 - wooden body, silver plated keys, smooth socket rings (Bb, A, Eb, bass)
Symphony 1010 - wooden body, silver plated keys, smooth socket rings, rod screws throughout, very large bore, integral wooden tonehole chimneys, no 'crow's foot', different bell lengths for Bb and A.

There are always exceptions to the rule, so you will find plastic Edgwares (Bb and A), plastic Emperors with silver plated keys, ebonite bodied Imperials and 1010s with nickel plated keys and other variants - they will usually all be stamped accordingly as to what instrument they are and some won't even be stamped at all (apart from the serial number and 'Made in England' on the backs of the joints).


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 Re: Boosey Hawkes models ??
Author: Ken Shaw 2017
Date:   2011-03-13 15:18

Chris -

It's my impression that the 2-20 was a student model, with the quality level increasing with higher numbers, 2-40, 2-60 and 2-80. Is this true, and how do the 2-xx models compare with the 926 and 1010?


Ken Shaw

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 Re: Boosey Hawkes models ??
Author: David Spiegelthal 2017
Date:   2011-03-13 16:37


The classification of B&H models as "student", "intermediate" or "pro" is rather arbitrary; because with the exception of the Symphony 1010, the various models are identical acoustically (same .593" bore), and mechanically identical or nearly so. The main differences are in body material (plastic vs. hard rubber vs. wood), trim details (bell ring/no bell ring, tenon ring styles) and key plating (nickel or silver).

With a proper overhaul, they pretty much all play the same. I've restored at least one of every model they make, so I'm writing from personal experience. However, with its massive .604" bore, the Symphony 1010 is another story.

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 Re: Boosey Hawkes models ??
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2011-03-13 17:59

Ken - the 1-10 was the plastic bodied instrument (which is the same as our Regent) and the 2-20 is the same as an Edgware which is an entry level wooden instrument - so essentially a student or intermediate instrument depending on your viewpoint. There was an 8-10 below the 10-10 (which became the 1010). I've only ever seen 1-10 and 2-20 instruments (and obviously 1010s) but never anything in between (Emperor or Imperial equivalents going by a different name).

Some plastic B&H 1-10s were Bundys (and the B&H "78" was also a Bundy) and the Regent II became the B12 (and was the Evette prior to being the Regent II).

As far as the heirarchy goes, the Regent (or 1-10) is in the same level as a Buffet B12 or Yamaha 250, the Edgware (or 2-20) is the same level as the Buffet E11 or Yamaha 450 and the Emperor is the same level as the Buffet E13 or Yamaha 650. That's not to say they're directly comparable instruments to the Buffets or Yamahas (as they are neither Buffets nor Yamahas), but they would fit into a similar price range as them if they were still being built.


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 Re: Boosey Hawkes models ??
Author: john gibson 
Date:   2011-03-13 18:44

Thanks for the info my friends. Doesn't seem that the 8-10 (I originally posted as 8-20) was much of a seller or maybe not around that long. Probably still a good intermediate I guess. I'll go look at it again.

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 Re: Boosey Hawkes models ??
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2011-03-13 18:46

I think the 8-10 is either the same as the Emperor or the Imperial 926 - either way, they both have the same bore/tonehole layout as each other.


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 Re: Boosey Hawkes models ??
Author: David Spiegelthal 2017
Date:   2011-03-13 21:06

8-10s are nice instruments, I have two of them -- the first, which has been restored (and slightly modified) is one of my best clarinets, and the other has not yet been overhauled so is "innocent until proven guilty". 8-10s have standard keywork, lacking the "Reginald Kell" keys which I happen to like (elongated German-style bottom r.h. trill key and 'fingernail file' l.h. F/C spatula); these features only came on the Series 1-10 and 2-20 as far as I know. I've modified my first Series 8-10 to replicate those features.

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 Re: Boosey Hawkes models ??
Author: shmuelyosef 
Date:   2018-08-30 01:31

There is a 1-10 listed on that claims a
"Series 1-10 Clarinet 1963-1964 African Blackwood (Grenadilla)"
I corresponded with him to inform him that these were plastic clarinets, and that the 2-20 was the closest B&H wood clarinet.
He insisted that upon inspection, it is wood, as there are 'striations' in the finish.
Is it possible that there are B&H clarinets stamped 1-10 and made of wood??
Here is the link:
B&H 1-10

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 Re: Boosey Hawkes models ??
Author: Tony F 
Date:   2018-08-30 02:53

I can't speak for 1-10's, but there were wood Regents. My first new clarinet was such. That was in 1953. I think the plastic Regents came in around that time. I'm not sure when the wood Regents ceased production.

Tony F.

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 Re: Boosey Hawkes models ??
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2018-08-30 03:23

The plastic Regents came in during the early '60s as they had the later style keywork. The wooden Regents had the dreaded die cast Mazak keys and were the earlier design with short and symmetrical C#/G# key, smooth LH F/C touchpiece and two trill key guides.

This B&H 1-10 (see link below) is definitely plastic being made from phenolic resin or Bakelite as you can see the very shiny finish, but also the slight irregularities on the surface. If it was wood, chances are it wouldn't be that shiny (although they were when new) nor would it be jet black.

The wooden ones would also have metal tenon rings and the barrel would be barrel-shaped instead of that hourglass/waisted shape.

Later Regents were made from ABS resin - that was the same thing with Bundy, Vito and Yamaha plastic clarinets as they were first made with the more dense Bakelite then changed to the much lower density ABS resin in the '70s.


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 Re: Boosey Hawkes models ??
Author: Zia 
Date:   2018-09-01 17:01

Not all wooden regents have mazak keys, i have one thats got standard keys, i've also had 2 later regents, one was ABS the other had a greenish tinge like ebonite but not quite the same. I found the regent has a nicer feel to play, more so than the emperor i recently acquired, and far better than any of the b12's i've had, they feel to light an the keywork is quite flimsy in comparison same goes for the selmer cl300, yamaha 250 and besson i've either had or still have or tried someone elses.

Post Edited (2018-09-01 17:02)

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