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 Rovner Versa
Author: skittleys 
Date:   2010-10-20 00:43

Anyone have any opinions on the Versa ligature? I'm intrigued by the adjustable plates concept, but I've never even seen one in person, let alone played on one!

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 Re: Rovner Versa
Author: sfalexi 
Date:   2010-10-20 01:07

Looks nearly EXACTLY like the eddie daniels ligature. Maybe he's no longer sponsored by Rovner. I have an addie daniels ligature.

I wouldn't mess too much with so much "versatility". I keep one metal and one cloth ligature in my case (a rovner MKIII, and vandoren optimum with the twin rail plate to be exact). I start every reed with the Vandoren Optimum. If it sounds too light and less controllable (very reedy and ultra-responsive), I switch to the MKIII and move the reed a little up the mouthpiece to make it a little more towards my preference.

Why those two? MKIII is good at lessening the sensativity and responsiveness of a reed, and the vandoren optimum is easy and quick to put on. less turns of the screw.


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 Re: Rovner Versa
Author: Bob Barnhart 2017
Date:   2010-10-20 15:11

I too have an ED-II and would say that the Versa is exactly the same design.

I thought the ED-II brought clarity, control and precision to a reed's performance but the reeds seemed to play a little on the bright side. I almost always put the rubber flaps over the metal "rails" (I'm not sure what to call the spring-like piece that holds the inserts) to mitigate this effect. I could not tell a huge difference between any of the plate configurations, including no insert.

Ultimately, I stopped using it because it didn't fit easily in my case.

I bought a MKIII and use it and a Rovner Light as my two options. The former seems to perform just as they describe: a heftier, darker sound. As Alexi points out, it does reduce the responsiveness of the reed a bit in the process, but (for me) not as much as most metal ligatures. Based on recordings, I would say that the Rovner Light actually allows a (well-balanced) reed to respond more easily with a much fuller, livelier sound. Consequently, I will use it in an orchestra more often and the MKIII for chamber music.

As an aside, both my ligatures are the ones for Alto Sax because (1) they use brass fittings that match my CSG-Hs, and (2) they seem to have a bit thicker material than their clarinet equivalents. I have a sense that the thicker material performs better, but I haven't done any real experiments to confirm this.

I would consider both the MKIII and Light over the Versa (for both cost and performance), and would recommend the Light to anyone as perhaps the closest alternative to tying the reed on with string, which I think beats everything else hands down (except for convenience).


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 Re: Rovner Versa
Author: TianL 
Date:   2010-10-20 15:57


i had a versa and for me it didn't make that much difference in the sound with different plates so i ended up selling it.

another problem i had was that it is quite bulky (with all the parts where it holds the little plates and stuff) and when I play sometimes it would hit my chin.

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 Re: Rovner Versa
Author: Paul Aviles 
Date:   2010-10-20 15:59

The Versa/Daniels plates are different than say the Vandoren Optimum or Leather in that the Rovner plates fit INTO the gizm that actually touches the reed. The theory being that the thicker plate will "dampen" the sound a bit more. Now I would not say it doesn't work..........it kinda sorta does, however, the ligatures with the changable plates that actually touch the reed surface (mainly the Vandoren Leather....I say mainly since this one has two leather plates and one metal plate) have more of an affect. That said, I still prefer the Leather with the "Bonade style" plate (wavey) over the others.

I still occaisionally use the Versa/Daniels but as stated above, the Rovner Light is a much more universally usable ligature for most mouthpieces in most situations.

...................Paul Aviles

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 Re: Rovner Versa
Author: NBeaty 
Date:   2010-10-21 00:06

I'm unsure of the benefits of what seems to be excessive dampening of the reed\sound.

Reed= meant to vibrate freely
Ligature= holds the reed securely allowing it to vibrate while keeping in place.

Why search for equipment that's going to soak up or remove vibrations? ....

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 Re: Rovner Versa
Author: Paul Aviles 
Date:   2010-10-21 14:20

Ok, I mean such as the Vandoren Optimum, which has a lot of weight to it. The sound can come off more "dark" or "centered" with these opposed to say a Bonade or a Bay.

There is a new "add-on," "weighty" (my word) attachement for one of Rovner's latest fabric ligatures. It is called the "Turbo Charger Kit" for the EVO ligature. It's supposed to add "power" to the sound - same idea.

see it in their words

.................Paul Aviles

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