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 Selmer Recital diameter
Author: skittleys 
Date:   2010-10-12 15:27

The following is from Selmer (Paris)'s description of the Recital:

"...with an exceptional presence (diameter of the joints is bigger than a traditional model, by two millimetres)."

What does this actually mean? What is its effect?

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 Re: Selmer Recital diameter
Author: Paul Aviles 
Date:   2010-10-12 16:28


The bore is pretty standard for Selmer 571 ish I think. The difference is that the wood billet is thicker. That is, there is much more wood SURROUNDING the bore. This has the affect of damping the sound somewhat (some would say produces a "darker sound").

I just found them to be too heavy. Other than that, a typical Selmer.

Now if you're interested in a really interesting Selmer, try the new(ish) Privilege. Now THAT'S a cool sounding horn. Perhaps even a Buffet killer!

...............Paul Aviles

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 Re: Selmer Recital diameter
Author: NBeaty 
Date:   2010-10-12 21:46

A former teacher of mine equated the Recital A Clarinet to "holding a baseball bat".

From what I remember, the actual bore is a bit smaller than average, while the body is larger. I agree with Paul that it definitely dampens the sound. It also plays very evenly. As far as flexibility goes......well.....

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 Re: Selmer Recital diameter
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2010-10-13 05:10

Selmer Recital joints are parallel and the outer diameter along their entire length is as wide (or maybe slightly wider) as the lower joint tenon shoulder on a standard clarinet.

Yeah, they are heavy! Just as well they never made full Boehm Recitals to my knowledge - you'd need to be a weightlifter in order just to hold one of them up - and then you'd have to play it!


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 Re: Selmer Recital diameter
Author: Liquorice 
Date:   2010-10-13 07:16

"As far as flexibility goes......well....."

Alessandro Carbonare sounds pretty good on his!

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 Re: Selmer Recital diameter
Author: skittleys 
Date:   2010-10-14 02:19

Thanks for all the replies! I'm having enough trouble with thumb pain already and often wear a neck strap these days ... so that extra weight would kill me!

FYI, the bore is supposed to be very small...I've written down 14.35mm (0.564") in my little comparison spreadsheet, but a quick Google search showed 0.563" or 0.567" ... in any case, that's quite narrow.

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 Re: Selmer Recital diameter
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2010-10-14 04:31

I think the bore diameter is the same as the !0S which was 14.35mm.


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 Re: Selmer Recital diameter
Author: Ed Palanker 
Date:   2010-10-14 15:15

I tried the Recital clarinet about 4 years ago when looking for a new Buffet, which I could not find to my satisfaction. Ricardo Morales was using one at the time so I was curious. I found it too heavy too and found the ones I tried a bit too resistant. Then I tried the Signature model and feel in love with it. I tried 6 but always came back the first one and bought it. The store owner told me that the Signature has the same bore and key action as the Recital but without being so thick and heavy,
( I'm not sure if that's true or not about the bore size) though it is a bit heavier than my Buffet A R13. I love it. ESP

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