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 My new mouthpiece and lig came today!
Author: kimber 
Date:   2010-07-13 21:44

I'm just too excited, I had to share. My new-to-me mouthpiece and lig came today, a Vandy B40 and an Optimum. Upgraded blindly from a Hite Premier and Luyben. I love the more refined sound of the B40 and my thumbs will no longer scream from having to turn the double screws. Best of all, I am able to 'bloom' my higher notes insteading of 'blurting' them and can stick with my softer reeds. Yippy!

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 Re: My new mouthpiece and lig came today!
Author: johng 2017
Date:   2010-07-13 22:33

Well kimber, I am happy that you are happy. Screaming thumbs and blurting high notes are definitely not good.

John Gibson, Founder of JB Linear Music,

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 Re: My new mouthpiece and lig came today!
Author: Iceland clarinet 
Date:   2010-07-13 23:08

I'm not sure if a music store with a decent stock is a long way from you but I would say(ok I live in Iceland and mail order for professional quality hand made mouthpiece is the only way except if I want Vandoren and then the stock is not too good) that the only way to find the best mouthpiece for you is to go to a music store and try 2-3 mouthpieces at a time and limiting 2 "bad ones" and keep 1,take 2 more and limit again 2 of them until you narrowed it down to maybe 2 mouthpieces and then really test them by playing some music.

Check this also out:
and select on the orange border How to select a mouthpiece(2nd last one)

Post Edited (2010-07-13 23:09)

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 Re: My new mouthpiece and lig came today!
Author: andrewsong 
Date:   2010-07-13 23:49

Yes, like Iceland said, you may take a while to find the BEST mouthpiece, even if your current one is a great improvement. If you really like that model, try to get 2 or 3 more and test them all. Perhaps you may find one that is even better :D

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 Re: My new mouthpiece and lig came today!
Author: GLHopkins 
Date:   2010-07-14 02:22

Kimber, if you are happy with what you have then I'd play it and have fun doing so. There's no need to try a bunch of other mouthpieces if you are content.

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 Re: My new mouthpiece and lig came today!
Author: sfalexi 
Date:   2010-07-14 02:34

Enjoy! Just be careful and don't turn into me where the search for the mouthpiece becomes akin to searching for the holy grail (although it certainly can be fun).

Enjoy the mouthpiece, and play everything you used to play, but marvel in how much more control and color you can now apply to it.


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 Re: My new mouthpiece and lig came today!
Author: William 
Date:   2010-07-14 14:42

Hello Kimber. If you would like to try some clarinet mouthpieces--as was suggested above--a trip to the Milwaukee suburb of New Berlin's Casio Music (Interstate Music Inc) might be just for you. Here's a link:

Also, another Milwaukee music store that specializes in Buffet & Selmer products (as well as ww mouthpieces) is Melk Music, near the West Allis State fairgrounds.

I live in Madison and have visited both of these music stores many times over the years. Of course, if you want to make the longer trip here, the store to visit is Ward Brodt Music Mall next to American TV on the south beltline.

Otherwise, enjoy the mpc/lig setup that you already have. If it plays good for you, then it is good.

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 Re: My new mouthpiece and lig came today!
Author: Iceland clarinet 
Date:   2010-07-14 16:59

Of course mail ordering few pieces is the best way as you get to try the pieces in real situation,different acoustics and let more than one set of ear listen to you.

I've been to Howarth of London and I tested out some mouthpieces from different makers to find out which maker I liked best.

So the next time I ordered I emailed the maker and got pieces to try,two of each model that were slightly different from each other and taking it to my teacher,band rehearsal etc. helped me a lot.

Sometimes a mouthpiece that sounds rich,"dark" and clear to you does not have a good focus and clarity at the back of a larger hall.

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 Re: My new mouthpiece and lig came today!
Author: William 
Date:   2010-07-14 17:21

Yes, Ice, I totally agree that the best way to test new equipement is "on the job", especially new instruments. I've found that clarinets which sound great in the audition studio fail to perform as well in the ensemble, usually in terms of tone quality and musical expression. Same, to a lesser extent, with mouthpieces. I think we are on the same tune with this one...... :>)

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 Re: My new mouthpiece and lig came today!
Author: kimber 
Date:   2010-07-14 19:05

I appreciate the posters who gave the 'search out and try multiple' mouthpiece advice. The sound-minded advice applies for most parts of any instrument playing and I have read it repetitively in the forum threads here for everything from instruments, mps, ligs, reeds, etc.

Despite that - I chose to go ahead purchasing my way and will enjoy my new equip as I practice at home and at lessons (as that is the extent of my current 'on the job' playing.) I'm a six-month beginner and learning clarinet as a doubler instrument.

I will admit that I am addicted to reading the boards! Thanks to all that post specifics and examples that are easy for 'beginners' to relate to.

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