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 Hammerschmidt clarinets
Author: Patrick Klassen 
Date:   2000-10-13 03:30

I am a student of the clarinet in my third year of college. I already have managed to procure a good buffet soprano but I am ever on the look out for new deals. Recenty I bought a Karl Hammerschmidt " Klingson" clarinet and amazingly they did not seem to put any serial numbers on it and I coud find no pace where there might have been any. I was wondering if anyone could possibly give me any info on where to research this fact or if you know already.the bell has the marking Karl Hammerschmidt then the next line which is surrounded by the top two reads u.SOHNE then the bottom line says BURGAU ( SCHW ). the only other markings are Klingson and Made in Germany. It is a wood clarinet and plays alright for the fifty dollars I paid for it. Any Information will be greatly valued. Thanmk you for reading this

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 RE: Hammerschmidt clarinets
Author: Keil 
Date:   2000-10-13 20:47

The only thing i know about the Hammerschmidt clarinet is that my friend from Austria plays on it. While at tanglewood i met her and she used this clarinet... It tuned to A 442 i think, the barrel was much more circular than any barrel i've ever seen i, played it and it seemed to play okay. She told me that they are the top clarinets in her area, they're hand crafted and only a select few are made each year. I hope this little bit of info was helpful.

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 RE: Hammerschmidt "G" Boehm System Clari
Author: John Chookasian 
Date:   2000-10-14 20:33

Dear Sirs:

I am interested in purchasing a new, or good condition, used Boehm System "G" Clarinet from your Karl Hammerschmidt Clarinet Company in Burgau, Germany.

I would like a "G" Clarinet to be tuned to 440. Do you have a mouthpiece that matches the
"G" Clarinet? Does the mouthpiece come with the Clarinet; when you purchase it from your company? Does the standard Boehm System "G" Clarinet use a Bb mouthpiece? What is the mouthpiece "bore" size? Does it match the top barrel joint bore size of the "G" Clarinet? What is the bore size of the top portion of the barrel of the "G" Clarinet? Also, what Clarinet mouthpiece companies do you recommend that match the bore size of the "G" Clarinet? What are the various models or serial numbers, of these Bb mouthpieces that your company recommends for your "G" Clarinet?

What are the general price ranges of the new and used "G" Clarinets from your company?
Do you have a distributor in the United States of America? If yes, please provide me with their address and telephone number. Thank you very much
The most important aspect is that the "G" Clarinet be in tune with itself and the the upper and lower registers of the "G" Clarinet match and are in tune!

Thank you very much for your efforts on my behalf. I await your reply to this letter.


John Chookasian
(559) 449-1777
Fax (559) 432-6666

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 RE: Hammerschmidt "G" Boehm System Clari
Author: Mark Charette 
Date:   2000-10-14 20:48

Somehow or other you've confused the BBoard with the Hammerschmidt company. Perhaps someone can find the address of the Hammerschmidt company and send it to John (and me - I'll update the Retail list). I didn't find it in a cursory search of the BBoard.

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 RE: Hammerschmidt "G" Boehm System Clari
Author: Mark Charette 
Date:   2000-10-14 22:55

Heinz Blumenstock sent me the following:

Some informations about Co. Karl Hammerschmidt & Soehne:

Hammerschmidt Karl & Soehne GmbH
Industriestraße 6
89331 Burgau

Tel (0)8222 1436
Fax (0)8222 1059

The best way to contact them is per fax.
It is important to send them the *exact* reply-fax number.
(country-prefix included)

There are AFAIK no Boehm System Hammerschmidt G clarinets.
They offer only some different models of German system G clarinets.
They haven't a retailer in the USA.

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 RE: Hammerschmidt "G" Boehm System Clari
Author: Heinz 
Date:   2000-10-15 23:26

Keil .. my guess is what you have seen wasn't a Karl Hammerschmidt & Soehne
clarinet. It was a clarinet from the Austrian clarinet maker Otmar Hammerschmidt.

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