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 Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: William 
Date:   2008-06-16 21:37

Noticing that Lisa's Clarinet Shop is now a advertiser on the BB, I just want to mention that having bought a Selmer S80 soprano sax, an E11 C clarinet, a Prestige 1192-2 bass clarinet and countless other assessories from Lisa's old place of business, I am a totally satisfied customer of her's and would recommend her stock of selected instruments to anyone interested in really top-drawer stuff. She's a player, knows what to look for and will go out of her way to satisfy your musical and aritistic needs. If you want a good selection of great clarinet equipement, Lisa's is the place in to shop.

[this is my unsolicited and noncompensated personal opinion as a past satisfied customer]

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: hartt 
Date:   2008-06-17 00:16

William..........not to diminish your experience and satisfaction, others have not had the like experience....I , for one.
There is a thread on here pertaining to this very topic.
Personally, I (and I've read on here) found Lisa to be arrogrant and obnoxious.
She gave me the distinct impression that she has the best, better than any other 'dealer'. When I tried a Vintage and returned it, she was indignant and wrote me , to say teh least, a nasty email re how dare I return a clarient that she selected. Frankly, it was good but nothing to write home about.....and others who tried it felt the same.
Further, she mentioned that before sending it out, she was to have her personal repair tech (name witheld) go over it.
Someone went over it alright: cluster keys were out of adjustment and pad leaks.......not to mention, no factory paperwork and a case replete with dog hair !

It was also mentioned on here that she sent out mass emails. Some people objected adn put her on block. Again emails came through and it was discussed herein how she circumvented this.

Aggressive sales technique ca be an asset. Personally I don't care for aggressive people most especially when they show obvious signs of arrogrance.
There a manyyyyyy players who can/will select clarinets. Vince Marinelli has a stellar reputation for choice clarinets. Ted Oien of teh Detroit Sym will do this service for $125 and as he stated, it may take a year to find what a client is looking for.


 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: kev182 
Date:   2008-06-17 01:36

Lisa refused to sell me a clarinet because she didn't like who i studied with.... to me thats disgustingly unprofessional.

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: Sean.Perrin 
Date:   2008-06-17 02:47

Post Edited (2016-01-17 03:07)

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: hartt 
Date:   2008-06-17 03:18

No, he's not kidding.
Obviously, without a post like this, there is much that goes by unsaid.

When 'running' IMS, I had sent a set of R13's to Tom Fritz for voicing/tuning.
Weeks went by; nothing, Phone calls went unanswered. I felt that Tom was avoiding me.
After one month, he mentioned that Lisa play tests the clarinets and this one she had used to play outside the shop.
I felt honored in a way as this particular R13A had once belonged to my HS teacher, Leon Russianoff. I told Tom that I wanted it back and now.
Shortly thereafter, I received a phone call from Lisa. She inquired if my R13A was for sale. In fact, she then mentioned if I had any other R13 Bb's like the one sent with the A, she'd like to try them and perhaps put on consignment.

When I had tried that aforementioned Vintage, I had sent an R13 anniversary model to her towards a potential trade. When I returned the Vintage, she emailed me and stated that my R13 was pathetic; needed pad work, key adjustments, tenon corks and the case was trash. She estimated the repairs to be $350. She stated that she might be able to sell it after repairs and offered me $300 as is.
When I informed her that the clarinet had an unplayed on O/H, she openly questioned the repair tech and how I overpaid. When I stated that prior to sending it, I first sent it to the repair tech to again take a final look. It was the repair tech who actually mailed it to her to save me undo postage fees.
Needless to say, she returned the clarinet.
BTW, the O/H she questioned was done by a nationally respected repair tech who I've used many times.....a BB sponsor who many BB members use.

No doubt the repair tech is reading this and recalling the incident.

I sold the clarinet in question for $1.100 to a semi pro freelance player who was enamored with it and still uses it.

go figure an aside, I fail to understand how she (and some others) offer to sell barrels that are hand selected when.........they don't have the player's mp or clarinet.
They are simply maintaining an inventory for trial....just as any mail order retailer.

This crap of "hand selected" can really get abused in a hurry.


 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: Sean.Perrin 
Date:   2008-06-17 05:08

Post Edited (2016-01-17 03:08)

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: BobD 
Date:   2008-06-17 12:46

Lisa is an excellent clarinet player.

Bob Draznik

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: Iceland clarinet 
Date:   2008-06-17 16:38

It's just like with a mouthpiece only that clarinet is obviously greater investment only YOU can choose for yourself. So what I would do is to go to Clarinetfest and try all the major clarinetbrands and then choose which one you like the best and go from there. It would be best to go to the factory like in France and choose the instrument there and buy it from a dealer in Paris and (if you play professionally) get two year service from that dealer.

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: KristinVanHorn 
Date:   2008-06-17 18:29

If this is the Lisa I'm thinking about here's my experience with her. I tried to buy a used R13 from her a little over a year ago. The sale was going fine until I made the mistake of mentioning to her that had only been playing clarinet for a year. She then told me that she wasn't about to sell a perfectly good R13 to stupid beginner who was probably going to quit anyway. That was my first and last experience with Lisa.

Correction: I just checked and Lisa Canning is NOT the Lisa I dealt with a year ago. The Lisa I dealt with was Lisa McNichols. Just wanted to clear that up.

Post Edited (2008-06-17 23:00)

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: clarinets1 
Date:   2008-06-17 18:54


i'll say it again


 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: Morrigan 
Date:   2008-06-17 18:54

I own a pair of awesome clarinets from Lisa, and know many others who have great instruments too. You either love her or you hate her, but I had a hard time picking from 3 R13's she sent me a few years ago.
I've posted about her before on other threads and will continue to do so whenever someone criticizes her business model, which I cannot comment on, but can certainly vouch for the quality of her instruments.

I often go into auditions or performances thinking I've got a 'secret weapon' because I've got 'special' instruments, and that feeling is priceless!

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: LisaCanning 
Date:   2008-06-17 20:08

Greetings to all,

Someone was kind enough to send me this thread. Thank you.

Since those of you commenting on this thread are speaking about who I am, let me tell you a little bit about me too.

I am a perfectly imperfect human being- just like you are. My heart is in the right place- as I hope yours is too.

For those of you who do not agree, then I must apologize to you now and take responsibility for being misunderstood.

I do however, take great pride in my work. So should each of you. I hope all of you know in your heart of hearts that your the best at something. You deserve to do something better than anyone else on this planet. I have found my passion and am happy to know what I can do for others. My wish is the same for each of you.

But, after all, anyone who does something well, is too likely to be imperfect. While I am certain those of you who have negatively commented have issues with me, the best way to resolve them is to discuss them directly with the person. I am not suggesting the result would be anything more than we can understand each other, but that in and of itself would be a good outcome. Positive things happen when people understand each other- call it good karma if nothing more.

I certainly would be happy to address individually, off this list, anything anyone feels about my service. I am an honest, hardworking, passionate clarinetists and business person. I aim to please and do a darn good job overall- but no one is perfect. Including those of you who's comments misrepresent who I am and how I conduct myself.

By all means, feel free to call or write me directly.

Every good wish to all of you and I hope each and everyone of you who commented on this post will stop by and say hello to me at the Clarinetfest.

Lisa Canning

Lisa's Clarinet Shop

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: DAVE 
Date:   2008-06-17 23:39

Lisa was very good to me in my dealings with IMS. Always helpful and sent only excellent clarinets.

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: Sean.Perrin 
Date:   2008-06-17 23:40

Post Edited (2016-01-17 03:08)

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: jbutler 2017
Date:   2008-06-18 12:56


Yes, as a matter of fact, I do remember the overhaul. I think whoever you sold the clarinet to got a bargain.

John Butler

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: Synonymous Botch 
Date:   2008-06-18 13:11

Hand selected,
"I reach into the package, and with my own hand select one to ship to my customer for a small fee.

This is why dealing directly with a maker can be a superior experience.

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: Tobin 
Date:   2008-06-18 13:39

Synonymous Botch,

I don't think anyone is disputing that Lisa can recognize a A or A+ clarinet from a B or B+ clarinet. Just the way that she comports herself.

Obviously this is not a service for the highest level of clarinetists but for those who, for whatever reason, cannot make the trip to select and purchase for themselves.


Gnothi Seauton

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: hartt 
Date:   2008-06-18 15:12

Tobin is correct in that Lisa provides a service to those unable to make trips for clarinet selection. Yes, they add a fee but they use their personal time, energy and efforts. So to her and others who provide this service, we should be grateful.
For instance, Walter Grabner, also a BB sponsor, provides this service and does it as a full service offering. Walter provides photos, descriptions, welcomes trades/consigns/outright buys.
I know from personal experience (as I also do with Lisa and others have similarily commented) that Walter is grateful for even the opportunity to work with someone. He openly states this in his communications.
He gives the impression (rightfully so) and actually let's one feel that they are the most important customer. And, does not question one's decision to return. In fact, he has apologized for not being able to provide a clarinet for which the client was specifically looking for.
Walter and others are courteous and grateful in this regard. They are not insulting and don't have the need to offer personal imperfections as excuses.
I mention Walter as just one. Others are Vince Marinelli, Kristin of Roberto's in NYC, Phil Muncy, Peter Spriggs: all with whom I've had diverse experiences.
Lisa's above post is virtually the same verbiage she used with the last thread along these lines: a self humbling composition that assuages and placates.

Dennis Charysyn

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: Tim P 
Date:   2008-06-18 15:34

To all and Lisa

Airing the particulars of my personal dealing with Lisa in public would of course not be in anyone's interest. I also understand that this country enjoys a form of free enterprise and she can run her business any way she chooses. However, since this forum is all about one clarinet player helping another I will make the following statement that others may or may not find useful.

I am exercising my half of the free enterprise system, and based on my totally unsatisfactory experience with Lisa's Clarinet Shop, I hope, pray and strive to be absolutely sure that I NEVER to do business with her again.

In her defense I will say that I DID get my deposit back when the trial instruments where returned as per our agreement. This was not a money related problem. In that regard she was straight up.

"saving the world, one beer at a time"

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: Dileep Gangolli 
Date:   2008-06-18 18:41

It might be good for me to weigh in here.

I am a private teacher and freelance performer in the Chicago area and have sent students to Lisa for purchasing clarinets.

In my mind, she provides an invaluable service for me.

My students get a much better clarinet than they would from a local retailer or a Big Box like the WWBW. The fact that she has screened her litter insures that my students are choosing from a good sample size that is better than any store.

I do not have the time or desire to go with my students to help them pick out instruments. That would take at least a day of my time and at $70-$100/hour (based on my billing rate for the jobs I do in and outside of music) none of them could afford it.

The incremental expense for her services are well worth what she adds on to the price of a base instrument. I feel lucky to have her expertise to rely on.

It is true. She can be quite direct at times, but she is down deep a good person and trying to make the best of things while making a living in a competitive business.

I am sure that she will take some of the comments on this thread to heart and make changes when appropriate.

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: Sean.Perrin 
Date:   2008-06-18 23:08

Post Edited (2016-01-17 03:08)

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: LisaCanning 
Date:   2008-06-19 00:45

I am sorry to see that any of you think my post was written to assuage or placate. Simply untrue and not intended. And no, I don't consider having healthy self esteem a character defect- I offer a lot of good to the arts world. And no, I don't think saying that I am proud of my work is wrong. How about you? I hope you feel satisfied overall with the work you do too and are willing to tell others you do a good job. Frankly, the world needs more of that coming from artists, in my opinion.

And yes, I do deal directly with my customers. And I do always try with everyone to do my best. I please 99% of my customers. Really. I must be doing something right...

I spend a considerable amount of time and money flying to now Florida, before that California and before that driving to Buffet's oldest location in Illinois- my backyard- to pick out instruments. I spend a lot of time and money working with Rick Sayre to set up instruments for customers before they try them too. And yes, others now offer similar services like Walter Grabner, who was a customer of mine before he began his business. I applaud Walter for his work. Walter Grabner uses Zinner blanks for his mouthpieces. I helped Zinner grow their market in the US so that many mouthpiece makers could use their quality products.

I do business with professionals, amateurs, teachers and students alike. Professionals and teachers are the core of my business actually. I help a large number of professional players because of the quality of my instruments and service. You would be surprised how many do not feel comfortable picking out instruments and appreciate my help.

I have worked hard at this business for 23 years. If any of you have experience working in the music industry, you know there is no room for a lack of clear communication because it is a tough business. What store can you go into and "try out" 3 of an expensive item, put a deposit only down on one, ask for it to be customized to your liking, keep them all for two weeks and then return it if you like and get essentially a full refund? Being direct in this industry is necessary. I have to buy 3 instruments for every 1 I sell. Inventory is very expensive to hold.

I do not charge anything extra for the level of service I provide either. I offer as generous an approval policy as I can and only charge MSP- Buffet's required minimum selling price for everything I sell- nothing more. I should charge more for the level of service I provide. Many tell me that and yet I don't because I am trying to provide a great service.

The music industry is not for the faint of heart. It is a tough tough place to try and earn a living.... And yes it is a free world. Go where you like and do business with whom you like. No matter what you offer in life, not everyone is going to like you. I know that. But animosity and anger does nothing for you or anyone else. I try and please people and be honest and do a good job but some people are not going to see it that way. And life goes on.

And for those of you who doubt my sincerity - I do learn and grow daily. But sometimes there is nothing to learn when what is being said is factually incorrect. And sometimes there is something to learn. And sometimes its water over the bridge because it is difficult to remember (the specific particulars) about every last situation that happen(ed long ago). But the burden of learning needs to be shared both ways-

Lisa Canning

Lisa's Clarinet Shop

Post Edited (2008-06-19 03:47)

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: CPW 
Date:   2008-06-19 01:20

Lisa said: "And sometimes its water over the bridge "


Against the windmills of my mind
The jousting pole splinters

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: hartt 
Date:   2008-06-19 01:28

......for Lisa, I offer the following:


 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: am0032 
Date:   2008-06-19 01:54

I have had nothing but great experiences with buying and selling clarinets with Lisa's clarinet shop. Every clarinet(Bb, A, Eb and basses) that she has sent me has been ready to play right out of the case and a great clarinet. I will continue to use her services because she has a great product and gets the job done at competitive prices.

Adam Myers

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: Simon 
Date:   2008-06-19 03:08

Down under, people like Lisa have the pleasure of being compared to Car Sales People, but then again nothing wrong with Car Sales People if you not living in Oz.

Bad news travels twice as fast as good news folks, that's being proved in the past over and over!

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: LisaCanning 
Date:   2008-06-19 03:21

Some barrels do play better than others. I weed them out based on response, depth of sound and color of sound. That's as far as I go.. then I just send them out to try. I don't consider them just stock because I do choose them but your right it is not possible to know how they will be received on the other end...

Lisa's Clarinet Shop

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: LisaCanning 
Date:   2008-06-19 03:24

If you want to go to France set it up with a dealer in advance and make sure to specify how many instruments will be there to try. I fear not many. France, while they make the product, holds in stock little that is finished. Those who go, even the big named players, find only a few instruments there...

Lisa's Clarinet Shop

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: Tom Puwalski 
Date:   2008-06-25 19:39

While I was in the Army Field Band I would tour all over the country and I had a chance to visit Lisa at IMS while in Chicago. I played a few clarinets and decided that I would fly out and spend a few days picking out a new set of clarinets. I had an absolutely delightful time over a weekend spending time with Lisa listening to every tenth clarinet I would move over to the "possibility" pile. I had never been around such a large stock of Buffets that all "worked". I really got a chance to understand what Lisa looked for in a Clarinet. I bought 3 clarinets that trip. But I decided that as much fun as that trip was, it was unnecessary. Lisa probably would have sent those clarinets to me without me going through all the ones I did. When the Field Band needed clarinets I would just call her and the ones she send played every bit as nice as the ones I picked out. Over the years, I've bought a Bass Clarinet, basset Horn, and my C clarinet from her. I've enjoyed all the clarinet purchases I made from Lisa back in the IMS days.

Tom Puwalski, the Artist formerly known as Sarge

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: Anon 
Date:   2008-06-25 21:21

In the last 2 years, I have had 3 of my students buy R13's from Lisa as well as entrusted her to sell one of my own instruments.

She has always been accommodating, knowledgeable, and helpful. I will continue to recommend her to my students and colleagues.

Marianne Breneman

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: beejay 
Date:   2008-06-26 20:30

Allow me from personal experience to take issue with Ms. Canning's remark that you do not get a choice in France. I recently accompanied a neighbor to buy a student-level clarinet, and Feeling Music in the Rue de Rome, Paris, set up a dozen E11s and B13s for us to try. We could have gone on looking, but we found a superb B13 among those that were offered.
Just want to set the record straight.

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: Keith P 
Date:   2008-06-27 05:11

(Disclaimer: I have never spoke with Lisa or anyone else on this matter; these are simply my observations on what was written)

I believe Ms. Canning meant that not all of us have the opportunity/time/money to take a trip to France to select a clarinet from the factory. Also, I don't think it is her quality of work in question, but her customer service and relations.

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: LisaCanning 
Date:   2008-06-27 22:24

I was referring specifically to going to the Buffet factory- Not to a dealer like Feeling Music- just to be clear. Dealers like Feeling music do have a decent selection often but Buffet, the manufacturer often only has lots of instruments in parts...

Lisa's Clarinet Shop

 Re: Lisa's Clarinet Shop
Author: Drenkier_1 
Date:   2008-06-28 15:28

I just want to say Lisa is one of the most wonderful human beings I have had the pleasure of dealing with over the fun.

My Junior year of High School towards the end of the year we were doing a breathing exercise in Wind Ensemble and I put my clarinet in my seat and forgot it was there. I ended up sitting on it and the clarinet cracked in half, literally.. A BRAND NEW like 2 week old R-13. I was so depressed about it but Lisa reassured me about it and fixed everything at no charge, all I paid for was shipping. She took care of me so well and since then I have ALWAYS recommended her for business. She is a truly genuine, loving person whom I always will do my clarinet shopping with.

God Bless you Lisa Canning!

Kevin Collins

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