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 Who made this clarinet?
Author: insure2020 
Date:   2008-06-11 02:53

I have a wood clarinet that I can't find ANY information on.

It is stenciled "the woodwind co" new york.
I know that company was bought by Leblanc in the late 60's, and they were/are famous for their mouthpieces. The clarinet is also marked "France".

My question is...does anyone know who The Woodwind Co. imported these from?


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 Re: Who made this clarinet?
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2008-06-11 12:01

Have you got any photos?

I wonder if it could be ...

(wait for it)



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 Re: Who made this clarinet?
Author: Don Berger 
Date:   2008-06-11 13:33

Chris' suggestion of pics will prob. the best means of identification, by keywork etc. Is there any other info on it ?? I'd guess that from the "France", it might be Malerne, who made many of the "stencilled" cls of that time period 40-60's. If, perhaps, the wood bodies were machined in France, and the keywiork put on here in the US, the neighboring [to NYC]] makers were Penzel-Mueller on Long Island, Pruefer, Pedler, and Bettoney in New England. Luck, Don

Thanx, Mark, Don

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 Re: Who made this clarinet?
Author: insure2020 
Date:   2008-06-11 18:12

Okay guys and gals, here are a bunch of photos.
I could not get a clear shot of the serial number, as they are very faint.
The stencil is pretty faint too, but I managed to get a pic of it.

The serial # is 15812, which doesn't really fit in with Malerne's serial numbering system...right? (I was under the impression they used a letter in front of each number)

Instead of posting a bunch of pics on this site, go to my photobucket album here:

If you need any other pics, let me know. (I am not that knowledgeable about clarinets) I assume this is a Bb, if not please let me know!

Thanks for your help!


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 Re: Who made this clarinet?
Author: mathteacher 
Date:   2008-06-11 19:02

I just bought a buffet "so the seller clains" on ebay but it is missing the "buffet" stamp on the barrel and top joint. Is there any other way to identify it? There is a serial number of 913936 and it says made in germany on the lower joint. I feel as though I have been swindled. Any thoughts?

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 Re: Who made this clarinet?
Author: David Spiegelthal 2017
Date:   2008-06-11 19:59

Re: The "German Buffet" is the student model made for quite a few years by Ernst Schreiber.

As for the original question, another possibility is that the maker is Thibouville Freres, who I believe also made 'stencil' clarinets sold under other brand names.

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 Re: Who made this clarinet?
Author: Caroline Smale 
Date:   2008-06-11 20:04

Schreiber made the B10/12 plastic and E11 wood student clarinets but I'm
fairly certain they all had the Buffet logo (Paris) on them and were not marked "Made in Germany"

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 Re: Who made this clarinet?
Author: insure2020 
Date:   2008-06-11 23:18

Re: Thibouville Freres...
I suppose it is possible, but from what I have gathered on the net, the only known stencils they did were for about 18 companies, none of which was the woodwind company.

Also see: --which seems to back up the "18 companies" claim--quite a good history of Thibouville (I had to get the page from google cache as the page is no longer active)
Here is a short snippet from that page:

Martin Denis’s other son, Eugène (b 1832; d Ivry-la-Bataille, 1891), established his own firm by 1855 in Paris; by 1862 it was located in Ivry-la-Bataille as ‘Noblet & Thibouville’. This was succeeded in 1886 or 1887 by ‘Eugène Thibouville et fils’, the two sons being Adrien (b Ivry-la-Bataille, 1855) and Camille (b Ivry-la-Bataille, 1864). By 1890 it was called ‘les fils d’Eugène Thibouville’ and in 1909 ‘Thibouville frères’, which continued, after 1910, under the management of Adrien’s younger son George (b Ivry-la-Bataille, 1886; d Ivry-la-Bataille, 1957), passing in 1957 to Maurice Masson. The woodwind instruments made by Thibouville frères could also be stamped on request with the mark of any of 18 different clients.

I guess The Woodwind Company must have only sold these clarinets for a very short period of time, since finding out who made them seems nearly impossible.
It's hard to believe that no one else has ever stumbled across one of these.

I've checked virtually every reference on the net to "the woodwind company" and have only found one or two references to them selling instruments, and in those cases they were saxophones. (i think the consensus was they were made by SML?)

Any more guesses?

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 Re: Who made this clarinet?
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2008-06-11 23:39

Pre-Buffet B12 (and pre-B&H Regent II) and E11, the Schreiber-built 'Evette' clarinets (in both plastic and wood) had 'Made in W.Germany' stamped above the thumbrest by the serial number.

Though I think the B12 and E11 for the US market may have 'Made in Germany' on them.


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 Re: Who made this clarinet?
Author: Jack Kissinger 
Date:   2008-06-12 03:20

My 1980's E11 is marked "Made in W. Germany." I suspect that designation was used at least until the Berlin Wall fell.

Best regards,

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