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 Fritz Wurlitzer
Author: pieter 
Date:   2007-10-16 15:31

Hi there,
I was a Clarinettist in a Royal Dutch Military Orchestra.
All that years my instrument was a Fritz Wurlitzer Bb clarinet.
The system is Schmidt-Kolbe.
My instrument was build in 1972.
Now I am retired from the band, and I am not playing anymore.
This because of health problems.....

The Clarinet is very valuable for me, but maybe it's better to sell.
The sound is GREAT!!!
Very warm, sonore and the pitch is absolute perfect.
At this time, this quality is not available!!
In our orchestra at the beginning af my carreer we played with 10 !! fellow clarinettists on the Wurlitzers.
10 People withe the sound of 20 Buffets/Selmers, you name it......
The Dutch bands were full of Wurlitzers Clarinets.
But now, the French system and brands are popular.
The French instruments are noisy, fast out of tune etc.etc...
Fritz Wurlitzer putted his Grenadil wood for 12 !!! years in an oil bath.
There was very good silver, and it was all hand-made.
No computers!! But old fashioned workers with excellent ears and hands.
And, the most important of all, patience, patience and much more patience...

I am glad to tell you all this story, give your opinion please....
Listen to our famous Orchestra. Find it on eMule.
Search for JWFMILITARY Band.
We made more than 50 Cd's for music publisher "De HASKE ".
Johan de Meij, Jan de Haan, Jacob de Haan are all friends of our orchestra.

Have fun at playing your clarinets!!
Regards from the Netherlands


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 Re: Fritz Wurlitzer
Author: BobD 
Date:   2007-10-16 22:16

Hi Pieter...visited the website and was quite impressed with the J.W.F.Military Band's playing, especially the Classics. But how does one purchase any of these cds online?

Bob Draznik

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 Re: Fritz Wurlitzer
Author: pieter 
Date:   2007-10-25 18:08

Hi Bob,

All our Cd's were made for music publisher De Haske in Heerenveen Netherlands.
You can buy worldwide the Cd's by music publishers who are selling De Haske sheet music.
Bob, you live in Illinois USA?
We had several concerts about 10 years ago in Michigan for many Dutch immigrants overthere.
We also played in Chicago.



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 Re: Fritz Wurlitzer
Author: pieter 
Date:   2007-10-25 18:16

Click Here

This is the history from Fritz Wurlitzer in a few pictures.


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 Re: Fritz Wurlitzer
Author: D Dow 
Date:   2007-11-01 13:58

Thanks for the excellent post here..the history of the Wurlitzer Oehler clarinets is fascinating..these are truly superb instruments and if any fellow BB members have not tried them they should at some point. The quality of these clarinets are beyond the scope of the imagination. Tuning and timbre are always dead on...

It is also interesting to read about the predecessor of Leister..this is Alfred Burkner who had a glorious tone..there are some fine examples of his playing with the Berlin Phil from the mid 50s in stereo such as the Fricasay Beethoven 9th..he was an incredibly smooth player. I always liked his tone more than Leister but that is more a subjective opinion...he also made the sound glisten in a way few others could.

I also remember a great Dutch Reform Boehm player named Bram deWilde who did a great job with Haitink on the MOZART clarinet concerto..this was released on Epic in the US and Canada. As to great performances of the clarinetist Alfred Burkner one should check the Beethoven 3rd with Furtwangler recorded in the 40s...it is incredible and the clarinet work is fantastic...

thanks so much!!!

David Dow

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 Re: Fritz Wurlitzer
Author: DavidBlumberg 
Date:   2007-11-02 01:26

Michele Zukovsky plays Wurlitzer Oehlers.


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 Re: Fritz Wurlitzer
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2007-11-02 11:47

For anyone in Germany,

Do you know any companies where I can get a new Yamaha YCL-457 case and cover from? I don't want an expensive case, so the plastic Yamaha one will do.

I'm looking for a compact single Bb case for my Yamaha Oehler as the case it comes in is too big, and the smaller case also means the bell isn't attached to the lower joint while it's in the case.


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 Re: Fritz Wurlitzer
Author: 2E 
Date:   2007-11-04 10:41

Those pictures posted are fantastic, really interesting to see the original historic development of the instrument we all know and love. Isn't Michele Zukovsky the one that owns the rights to John Williams Clarinet Concerto?

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 Re: Fritz Wurlitzer
Author: DavidBlumberg 
Date:   2007-11-04 12:43



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 Re: Fritz Wurlitzer
Author: Bas 
Date:   2007-11-04 13:26

Bram de Wilde played a Fritz Wurlitzer clarinet with the Schmidt-Kolbe system
and not a reform bohm system.I studied with him.

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 Re: Fritz Wurlitzer
Author: kenb 
Date:   2007-11-04 18:14

Hi Pieter/Bas,
Can you tell us why the Schmidt-Kolbe system was abandoned?

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 Re: Fritz Wurlitzer
Author: Bas 
Date:   2007-11-06 13:27

I dont know why the Schmidt-Kolbe system was abandoned.
You can ask Wurlitzer,wurlitzer@wurlitzerklarinetten.de

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 Alfred Bürkner
Author: Hansdenijs 
Date:   2007-11-07 10:26

I have seen this thread by incident and it is a surprise to see my own Oskar Oehler instruments, previous played by Alfred Bürkner during his career, on the Clarinet Board by a link. I have placed these photos to stimulate interest in the rich clarinet history. I am specialised in the history of the best German clarinet builders of the 20th century and have collected (and play) German soloist instruments in nearly all pitches (Oehler system, Reform-Boehm system, Schmidt-Kolbe system, Graessel system). Furthermore i have collected catalogues, publications, mouthpieces (very important for the older instruments) and other information with the objective to interest clarinettists in this matter and to support present or future owners of these nice older (German) instruments in playing and optimizing the set-ups, which can be very different for each brand and also within the same brand.

To answer the concrete question about the Schmidt-Kolbe system: this system is not built anymore (except the bassethorn by the firm Reidel/Wernitzgrün/Germany on request) because of the complexity of the keywork. Herbert Wurlitzer (the son of Fritz) has decided in the sixtees to continue only with the Oehler system and the reform-Boehm system.
The sound of the Fritz Wurlitzer clarinets are indeed impressive, specially the earlier wide bore instruments. The problem is to find the original cylindric bored mouthpieces with a diameter of 15,8 mm! This kind of used instruments are circulating in the Netherlands coming from older profi's and bought by mostly amateurs.

If owners of original Fritz Wurlitzer, Arthur Uebel or Georg/Fritz Graessel instruments have questions, let me know, i will try to answer you.

greeting from Holland

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