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 Tube cane diameter
Author: jcfasanar 
Date:   2007-09-19 13:47

I'm making my own blanks from tubes and making the reeds with Dilutis machine.

My blanks are 2.8 mm (thin blank style, VD blue box style) but im having problems to find good cane tubes to achieve good thickness on the walls (sides) of the blanks. I have tubes from:

Xilema. aprox diameter: 30 mm
Rigotti. aprox diameter: 25mm
Ghys. 25mm
Silvacane. 25mm

(the best results im having is with the wider diameter from xilemas)

My question is about this. Which are supposedly the "ideal" diameter for the cane tube to make good 2.8 blanks? or simply the best cane is the wider cane?

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 Re: Tube cane diameter
Author: cpark 
Date:   2007-09-19 15:42

I'm not sure, but have you tried glotin cane?

I've gotten terrible results with Xilema with the same blanks and vamp dimensions as what I make with Glotin.

I haven't tried the others types though....


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 Re: Tube cane diameter
Author: RodRubber 
Date:   2007-09-20 00:02

Ghys is excellent cane and is my personal choice at the moment.

consider creating a model reed that is custom tailored to the cane you have.

If you wish to create a reed blank that is flatter, consider carefully quartering your tube. Look for the area that is flatter, as often, the tube is somewhat oval in shape. If you have an oval tube, sort of quarter it length wise, and you will have individual pieces that are somewhat flatter than if the tube was round.

I used this procedure to reproduce v12 style reeds. I did this for quite a while with good success, but not the sort of spectacular reed happiness that i was looking for. I decided to design my own reed based on the old morre reed, with adjustments that i made with my reed guru. This custom model reed has produced results that are absolutly more succesful than copying v12s.

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 Re: Tube cane diameter
Author: cpark 
Date:   2007-09-20 00:49

Ghys huh? I'll have to try it. Where do you get it? do they also sell blanks or just tubes?


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 Re: Tube cane diameter
Author: RodRubber 
Date:   2007-09-20 01:00

Ghys can be had by contacting some local sources. no blanks. Contact me if ur interested.


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 Re: Tube cane diameter
Author: jcfasanar 
Date:   2007-09-20 01:33

Thanks for your suggestions RodRubber.
I like Ghys more than xilemas in sound characteristics. Rigotti produces some good reeds too.

The main problem is to find the adecuated tubes for produce decent blanks. For me, this is easier with xilemas than with other cane, because this wider diameter, I supose.

The result is less disctarted tubes with xilemas than the other brands.

I will try cutting the tubes in the flatter areas... Thanks!

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 Re: Tube cane diameter
Author: Don Berger 
Date:   2007-09-20 21:20

Hi- FWIW, I'm jumping into a reed-making discussion about which I know next to zero ! I was attracted by the thread title, and "re-finding" my 4" piece of light tan cane, [a reed-selling gift], I measured its O D at 28.2 mm. Its I D was uneven, somewhat oval and fiber-grained. I presumed it was stock for sop. Bb reeds, larger reeds need larger cane, dont they? Don

Thanx, Mark, Don

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 Re: Tube cane diameter
Author: cpark 
Date:   2007-09-21 11:31


not to change topics but, how are your results on the Dilutis? Are you using a metal blank?

I've never been able to get good results but I haven't gotten a metal blanks yet...


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 Re: Tube cane diameter
Author: jcfasanar 
Date:   2007-09-21 12:39

Im getting some excelent copies with the machine. The cut is clean and smooth, although its important to learn how to use the machine properly to get this cuts

At the moment I have learned to use the machine and I am only
experimenting with different cane brands to find the best one for me (i have the machine since july)
The reeds that use as a model only last to do 1 or 2 decent copies. This is the reason for which i have ordered 2 Steel reeds to Robert (Trad. cut, and V12 style for my brother) I hope it arrives next week...
I think the Steel guide is the only solution to obtain best and even results with this machine.

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