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 Buying a clarinet in Prague, any tips?
Author: skjaeve 
Date:   2007-08-22 12:21

I'm going on a work trip to Prague, and I was wondering about using my free time to find a clarinet. I'm very much an amateur, and a fairly lousy one, but I'd like to get my own wood instrument, one with some potential, and not just use my band's plastics. Instruments are reportedly much cheaper in Prague than in Norway, at least for Amati clarinets, which are Czech made. I was planning to spend up to USD 500-600 (incl. instrument, mouthpiece, case, cleaning kit and a few reeds).

Any advice, learned ladies and gentlemen? What traps do I need to avoid? What bargains should I look out for? Any particularly good shops? Unfortunately, my shopping time is limited one day (bad, I know).

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 Re: Buying a clarinet in Prague, any tips?
Author: Bassie 
Date:   2007-08-22 12:46

I've heard you have to be very careful exporting instruments through Customs - they're quite aware of how reasonably priced their instruments are and take smuggling very seriously. If you're taking your own instrument into the country, bring proof of ownership if possible.

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 Re: Buying a clarinet in Prague, any tips?
Author: dgclarinet 
Date:   2007-08-22 14:46

I visited Prague in May, and never found any Amati horns to look at, but I did find some very nice cd shops. There's a little shop right on the other side of the Charles Bridge that had an incredible number of clarinet cd's. They weren't particularly cheap, but I bought quite a few of Czech clarinetists that turned out to be wonderful. At the Rudolfinium (where the Czech Phil plays) there's a pretty nice cd shop as well...with cd's by some of the artists in the Czech Phil. I picked up one with a clarinetist who was playing with them when I heard them in Chicago about 5 years ago...fantastic cd.
Great city to visit...very tourist friendly. And when you get tired of walking, you can get a very inexpensive Pilsner Urquell, which I really developed a liking for (it's cheaper than the water).

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 Re: Buying a clarinet in Prague, any tips?
Author: EEBaum 
Date:   2007-08-22 19:14

I'm still kicking myself for not visiting a certain shop when I was in town. There's an instrument shop (lots of antiques, I think) on Pohorolec(sp), a short ways west of the palace. It's across the street from a very cool little toy store. Dunno how their stock is on new stuff, but it looked like they had lots of cool old horns. And, of course, be sure to visit the museum of music.

Also, be sure to know your currency conversion rate. You'll find a delicious full dinner for $8 literally across the street from a mediocre $16 turkey sandwich. (US dollars as of 2005)


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 Re: Buying a clarinet in Prague, any tips?
Author: Katrina 
Date:   2007-08-22 20:03

When I was there in '01 there was an Amati shop somewhere east of the Old Town Square. I couldn't tell ya the name of the street if ya held a gun to my head...

I really really wanted the German system G clarinet!!!

Oh yeah...the beer is great, but be sure to try the Becherovka!! And anyplace that has "Turkish" coffee!!!

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 Re: Buying a clarinet in Prague, any tips?
Author: skjaeve 
Date:   2007-09-01 13:33

I ended up with an Amati ACL 212S with a Vandoren B45* mouthpiece. I'm quite happy with it so far, although the cleaning stick included leaves so much fluff it's useless.

Somewhere on the way from the shop to home, somebody managed to get their hand into the plastic bag where the mouthpiece, ligature and reeds were (firmly out of sight, inside my closed bag at all times, but sending it as checked luggage might have been stupid) and nicked the box of reeds. At least whoever decided to mug me took the cheapest thing in the bag.

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 Re: Buying a clarinet in Prague, any tips?
Author: BobD 
Date:   2007-09-02 13:49

In a word, don't. Those wild and crazy Czech pickpockets are notorious.

Bob Draznik

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 Re: Buying a clarinet in Prague, any tips?
Author: Vrat 
Date:   2007-09-09 09:11

There will be a Music Fair in Prague September 13 - 15. Certainly a good opportunity. I am sure Amati Kraslice will be big there.
While Bob is at least partially right about pickpockets in Prague, it is easy to protect yourself: just be careful.
Good Luck.

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