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 Non-clarinet, music youtube video(s)
Author: sfalexi 
Date:   2007-08-18 17:16

Don't know if you want a ton of posts on youtube music (my thoughts were probably not), so I thought maybe I could start an off-topic thread that could encompass what others thought were neat or nice or amazing videos to watch. Maybe we can keep a bunch together so that when I get a good internet connection upon arriving back in the states, I'll be able to find a bunch of good music youtube videos in one thread.

The train of thought began at Michele Gingras video, to her 5 year old pupil video, to wondering what other young musicians were out there. So here's one.


It's a video of a 5 year old, blind girl (Korean if the posts I read were correct) playing piano. A few mistakes here and there, but otherwise really amazing to watch. And even more amazing knowing that she is playing these things by ear, from memory, with teeny tiny hands, and probably is mostly self-taught.


PS - When she plays and sings along with herself in that tiny five year old voice I couldn't help but "Aawwwwww!!!" out loud. Adorable!!!

US Army Japan Band

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 Re: Non-clarinet, music youtube video(s)
Author: GBK 
Date:   2007-08-18 19:39

For great alto sax playing, it doesn't get any better than Sonny Stitt, in this 1958(?) clip:



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 Re: Non-clarinet, music youtube video(s)
Author: clarnibass 
Date:   2007-08-19 11:22

Great video of Sonny Stitt!

Here are some videos including a few I found lately. There are so many so these are just random ones I chose to post. It's a lot but I think each of these is worth listening to (and watching).

Charlie Parker & Coleman Hawkins and others.



Evan Parker, one of my favorite saxophonists (bad audio).



Another one of my favorite saxophonists Lee Konitz.



Michael Brecker solo.


And a few of Louis Sclavis (I don't speak French so have no idea what they are syaing).



Same singer/pocket trumpeter from the clip above doing human beatbox.


Need a cooking lesson?


Anthony Braxton (I like the sound of the birds).


A few videos by Lasse Gjertsen.



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 Re: Non-clarinet, music youtube video(s)
Author: claclaws 
Date:   2007-08-19 13:10

Hi, Alexi,
Great idea to have a thread full of nice music youtube videos.
(BTW, my best wishes to you. I remember how you posted quite regularly, then apply for the army (or is it navy? Sorry) band. I think you'll be a great musician!)

RE: the Korean blind girl playing the piano. She was on a show called 'Star King'. I also happened to see it. Quite moving, but isn't she what you call 'savant' autistic child?

Lucy Lee Jang

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 Re: Non-clarinet, music youtube video(s)
Author: sfalexi 
Date:   2007-08-20 06:58


In the army band right now. Actually, my posts are coming to you from my laptop while I'm in Iraq. I'm not sure exactly what the story is behind that girl (whether she's autistic, or a savant, or whatnot), but I did find it amazing that she could play that way, blind, and her hearing is so good that when she hits a wrong note, she hears it and corrects it. I found it awesome.


US Army Japan Band

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 Re: Non-clarinet, music youtube video(s)
Author: skygardener 
Date:   2007-08-24 06:05

I have heard of blind classical pianists that perform just as well as their sighted coulterparts- saw a short clip of it once. All the music is transcribed into a special Braile that was created to interpret sheet music.

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 Re: Non-clarinet, music youtube video(s)
Author: Garret 
Date:   2007-08-24 09:22

Here's one of a high school Japanese marching band contest. There's also links to other marching bands and DCI:

and here's another one of Jon Nakamatsu (pianist) giving a talk:

and just for fun, here's a non-music youtube from MadTV:

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 Re: Non-clarinet, music youtube video(s)
Author: JessKateDD 
Date:   2007-08-26 04:28

I enjoy this Paganini video by a 14 year old Chinese guitarist:


And I just love this Fred Astaire number:


Here's Gershwin playing the piano:


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 Re: Non-clarinet, music youtube video(s)
Author: John J. Moses 
Date:   2007-08-26 17:26

A very moving tribute to Charlie Parker...Bird Lives!


Don't do drugs or alcohol...!

Légère Artist
Clark W. Fobes Artist

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 Re: Non-clarinet, music youtube video(s)
Author: bstutsman 
Date:   2007-08-29 23:19

sfalexi, Be careful over there in harm's way. Come home safely.

I hope you enjoy the videos here. I have several in my YouTube playlists. Look in the channel for bstuts7914.

Here’s some that I especially like:




Alto Sax:



Be sure to watch the soloist in the last variation here:


The following one shows how to make good use of resting measures:


French Horn:


Men’s a capella:


Symphonic Band:

Hard to imagine a high school band playing more expressively than this:


Percussion fun:


Dance, sort of:




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 Re: Non-clarinet, music youtube video(s)
Author: tictactux 2017
Date:   2007-08-29 23:35

I stumbled over this gem when I was looking for <cough> instructional videos for some of our christmas concerts's pieces:


(edit: clickable link)


Post Edited (2007-08-29 23:36)

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 Re: Non-clarinet, music youtube video(s)
Author: bstutsman 
Date:   2007-08-30 01:21


I forgot about this. The link below makes it possible to download video files from YouTube to your computer. I don't know what restrictions, if any, you have to work with on your military network, but you might be able to use this. Once the file as been saved and perhaps converted on your local machine, you can play it at your leisure without worrying about streaming video and bandwith issues. Keep in mind, the download make take a while depending on your situation.

Generally, YouTube files can't be larger that 100 Meg. Depending on length of the video and its resolution, they may be considerable smaller than that.

If the tool below doesn't work for you, Google "download youtube" and you will see some other tools to try.


If you have trouble, let me know and I will try to help.

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