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 Buffet R-13 Greenline?
Author: Leenk 
Date:   2007-06-09 14:22

I'm looking to buy a Buffet Bb R-13 and I was intrigued by their greenline R-13 that is made from recycled grenadilla wood/polycarbonate fiber that will not crack. Does anyone have a greenline R-13 and can share their thoughts on it? Thanks!

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 Re: Buffet R-13 Greenline?
Author: William 
Date:   2007-06-09 15:18

I played one a few years ago at the old IMS in DesPlanes and really liked it, especially for its tone quality and ease of response. Like an old 1956 T-Bird convertable, I wish I had bought it. However, it was only "one" and maybe it was a "good" one. Their is definately a big advantage in owning a clarinet which is vertually indestructable weather-wise, but you should play as many as possible because--like all of the traditional wood clarinets--no two are exactly alike and you need to find the one(s) that play best for you--not me.

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 Re: Buffet R-13 Greenline?
Author: sfalexi 
Date:   2007-06-09 16:51

The Army has issued me an R13 greenline for outdoor gigs. I think it's allright. It doesn't sound any worse than a regular R13 (from what I can tell and remember from the R13s I've tried), but it does have the same properties of the R13s. If you want one, like said above, try a bunch and use the same selection method as you would any other clarinet.

If it's just a clarinet that will resist elements and keep your mind at ease with cracking, there are other options out there. I, as well as others on this board (do a search) really like the Tom Ridenour Lyrique. I really like it.


Small Group Leader
US Army School of Music NCO Academy

Post Edited (2007-06-10 13:47)

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 Re: Buffet R-13 Greenline?
Author: kilo 
Date:   2007-06-09 17:15

I enjoy playing mine; I really, really doubt that a blindfolded player — or listener — could detect any acoustic difference from a similar quality instrument made of wood, rubber, plastic, or metal. Just try to test out a few because there's no substitute for actual comparison in real time conditions.

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 Re: Buffet R-13 Greenline?
Author: Keith Ferguson 
Date:   2007-06-09 17:18

I have had a Greenline R13 on trial for the past few days, during which I have (1) played it "side by side" with my grenadilla R13, (2) recorded myself playing the same pieces on each, and (3) played some etudes in unison with my instructor, who was using one of his grenadilla R13s. Since it is, after all, an R13, it plays very similarly to the grenadilla version and has similar intonation tendencies. When I'm playing it, this particular Greenline seems to have a slightly more penetrating quality to its sound than my grenadilla R13, but it was very hard to detect when listening to the recording. I've heard much greater tonal differences between two grenadilla R13s.

I agree that you want to try several, because there are individual differences between any two clarinets, but I would say that you're going to end up the the qualities of an R13 whether you buy grenadilla or Greenline.

The only concern I have is the stories I've heard about tenons breaking on the Greenline version. I don't know how common this is, and I don't know if it's repairable. Perhaps someone else has experience with this issue?


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 Re: Buffet R-13 Greenline?
Author: pplateau 
Date:   2007-06-09 21:18

I've had a Greenline for about 5 years now; love it. Had to try several before finding the right one. Don't drop it, I hear it shatters!

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 Re: Buffet R-13 Greenline?
Author: sdr 
Date:   2007-06-11 02:20

I've had mine for 4 1/'2 yrs and still love it. A bit heavier than solid grenadilla, but dimensionally stable, insensitive to temperature change (can't crack), immune to blow-out (if you believe there is such a thing), and never needs the bore oiled. What's not to love?


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 Re: Buffet R-13 Greenline?
Author: clarnibass 
Date:   2007-06-11 05:59

I've tried all the models of Buffet both wood and Greenline, except the R13 (which I only tried wood). I thought both were very good. There was no difference between the wood and Greenline clarinets that was specific to the material (just the slight variation between all the clarinets).

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 Re: Buffet R-13 Greenline?
Author: BobD 
Date:   2007-06-11 11:17

Polycarbonate fibre ??

Bob Draznik

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 Re: Buffet R-13 Greenline?
Author: Brenda Siewert 
Date:   2007-06-11 14:22

If you're needing an outdoor instrument, or one that you don't have to worry about cracking, then the Greenline is an excellent choice. I've owned a Greenline R-13 and enjoyed playing it. It was hand-selected for me by Lisa Argiris at her old store (William). She said she selected it from several on hand at the time. I also owned a Buffet R-13 Prestige, so ended up selling the Greenline because I couldn't justify the expensive Greenline for outdoor use when I also had a couple of inexpensive models in the background. But, I do wish I had kept it because it had a beautiful tone and smooth key action.

Also a good outdoor instrument, in fact an excellent INDOOR instrument is Tom Ridenour's new professional model Lyrique. It sounds as good as an R-13 and is hard rubber. I own one right now and use it quite a bit. It's very smooth and easy to play.

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