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 Triebert B flat Clarinet
Author: Stuart Inselman 
Date:   2000-06-28 19:05

My dad got me a "Triebert" B flat wooden clarinet in 1948, brand new. On the bell is inscribed "TRIEBERT". On the barrel is inscribed "TRIEBERT A PARIS", and the same inscription on the upper section. I would like to know if anyone has heard of this make, and any idea of its value. I started playing again after a 48 year layoff. The instrument was completely overhauled. My teacher says she thinks it may be an offshoot of Buffet. The Eflat key has a black roller so you can slide over to the "c" key played with the right pinky. According to my teacher the tone is excellent.

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 RE: Triebert B flat Clarinet
Author: Don Berger 
Date:   2000-06-28 23:09

S I - is your clar a Boehm or an Albert-Muller? Rendall shows F Triebert [1813-1878] as a maker. Mark, please help! He and ?family? developed the Conservatory Oboe nearly to today's nigh-on-to-perfection!! I do have an old-old A cl [Boehm] which has rollers on the pinky keys, so old practice did carry over from A-M to B. Interesting, Don

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 RE: Triebert B flat Clarinet
Author: Stuart Inselman 
Date:   2000-06-28 23:39

The Triebert is a Boehm system. I researched the name at the library and found out basically what you found out. Oboe makers etc. Company name was GAUTROT, taken over by foreman, Francois Loree in 17 or 18 hundreds, I forgot what period it was. Loree family sold it to Raymond Dubois, died in 1957 and the Co. was taken over by Robert de Gaurdon. My research ended there.


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 RE: Triebert B flat Clarinet
Author: Graham Elliott 
Date:   2000-06-29 08:04

Howarths had a pair of Trieberts on sale for c.£2000 for some while. I don't know if they are still in the shop, but if so, they haven't shifted at that price.

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 RE: Triebert B flat Clarinet
Author: javier garcia 
Date:   2000-06-29 08:57

De Gourdon is the actual maker of Lorée's oboes in Paris. As I know, the Triebert family hold the factory until de beginning of the XX century, and then, it pass to F. Lorée.
The modern oboe is a development of the Triebert family. Known as the "full conservatory system" it was established with the current features in the end of the XIX. Nowadays, the factory is hold by De Gourdon but the brand "Lorée" is conserved. Lorée is reputed as one of the best oboe's brand.

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 RE: Triebert B flat Clarinet
Author: Graham Elliott 
Date:   2000-06-29 10:51

There is another pair of Trieberts on offer in Myatt's Wind for £1800.

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 Re: Triebert B flat Clarinet
Author: Lennyclarinet26 
Date:   2010-10-16 20:31

So, I just got a hold of one from a friend to fix it a little bit, it's a wood Triebert, pre-50's key work judging by the fact the the A and G# keys share a joint which changed after Buffet made the R13. I took all the keys off, and all that I found was QS26 written on both upper and lower section, as well as a cursive style L on the lower section, it said "made in France" on the lower section by the bell, and that's all I found. I doubt it's in it's original case, and the original barrel is missing. Anyone know when this could've been from?

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