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 Low C Extension - Bass Clarinet
Author: Don Gross 
Date:   2007-04-08 17:40

I would very much like to have a low C extension fabricated for my vintage (1950) Selmer (Paris) bass clarinet. Steve Fox is no longer making them and the number of works for which it's required, even in the contemporary wind ensemble literature, does not justify -- at least for me -- the expense of purchasing a new Buffet or Selmer low C bass.

Does anyone know of technicians and/or shops that still fabricate low C bass clarinet extensions?


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 Re: Low C Extension - Bass Clarinet
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2007-04-08 18:02

Pete Worrell has made a few low C extensions, but he's in the UK.



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 Re: Low C Extension - Bass Clarinet
Author: Tobin 
Date:   2007-04-08 20:59

If you contact Walter Grabner, I believe that he can make them. I know that the bass he plays with has an extension he made himself.


Gnothi Seauton

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 Re: Low C Extension - Bass Clarinet
Author: DougR 
Date:   2007-04-11 02:47

thanks, Chris, for the link to Pete Worrell. glad to know his name--my repair guy, who's a real artist & craftsman in his own right, once mentioned that the only low-c extension he'd ever seen that he thought was worth it was one made in the UK, but he couldn't remember the maker. From the looks of the photos on Mr. Worrell's site, I suspect it's him. (I think neither Mr. Grabner nor Mr. Fox are actively making these extensions, though I could be wrong about that.)

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 Re: Low C Extension - Bass Clarinet
Author: BassetHorn 
Date:   2007-04-11 03:20

David Spiegelthal also made low C extensions for 2 of his own bass clarinets, not sure if he would take on a project for others though.

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 Re: Low C Extension - Bass Clarinet
Author: David Spiegelthal 2017
Date:   2007-04-11 16:07

I wish I had the time to make extensions for other folks, but since I'm a part-timer, it takes me forever to get one done (the last extension I made for myself took the better part of six months of my spare time). Besides, my craftsmanship is very rough and nowhere near the minimum standards for sale to other than close friends who don't care how it looks! One would think that adding just three keys to the bottom of an instrument would be a fairly trivial task, but I can assure you it's not. Steve Fox does a beautiful job, it's a shame he's (apparently) not making extensions currently.

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 Re: Low C Extension - Bass Clarinet
Author: Tom Piercy 
Date:   2007-04-11 21:01

Get in touch with PeterWorrell for more info on a low C extension.

I recently asked him the same quetion and this was his response:

I do undertake bass clarinet extensions, actually I am busy with one at the moment.
The standard price is about £1000.00

This is only a guide as I would need more details about the particular instrument.

All the very best

Peter Worrell
Woodwind Maker and Repairer

Tom Piercy

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 Re: Low C Extension - Bass Clarinet
Author: Ken Shaw 2017
Date:   2007-04-12 01:22

I think Tim Clark may make extensions. He's a superb technician. http://www.timclarkwoodwinds.com/index.html

Ken Shaw

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 Re: Low C Extension - Bass Clarinet
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2007-04-12 13:50

While Pete was still at Howarths, he fitted several linkages and adjustments to my Buffet Prestige bass, mainly so I could use standard fingerings in the lower altissimo and get around in remote key signatures much easier.

At some point I'll also get him to convert my wooden Mollenhauer flute to closed G#.


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