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 For Charlie Parker fans
Author: hans 
Date:   2006-08-19 18:55

Here is a link to a newspaper article that may be of interest to Charlie Parker fans:


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 Re: For Charlie Parker fans
Author: David Peacham 
Date:   2006-08-19 19:41

If you enjoy music for jazz sax and strings, then you need professional help

No, sorry, misprint, start again.

If you enjoy music for jazz sax and strings, you may already own the Stan Getz album Focus. If not, you might like to know that it was broadcast in its entirety on BBC Radio 3 yesterday, and seems to be available for the next week on the Web.

I endured it

damn those misprints

I listened to it on the way home yesterday afternoon.


If there are so many people on this board unwilling or unable to have a civil and balanced discussion about important issues, then I shan't bother to post here any more.

To the great relief of many of you, no doubt.

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 Re: For Charlie Parker fans
Author: Steve Epstein 
Date:   2006-08-19 19:43

Hey, I play traditional folk music in contradance bands, so I play with "strings" all the time. Oh, that's really not the same, is it? Well, they're fiddles and mandos. And they don't wanna transpose to my keys :)

Wonder why he liked the chords in concert pitch?

Steve Epstein

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 Re: For Charlie Parker fans
Author: Bruno 
Date:   2006-08-20 16:17

Quote from linked article: "He liked the melody transposed for E flat (alto sax), but also the changes in concert (pitch) under the staff -- which nobody does."
What's this about? What does concert pitch have to do with a song's key signature?
I think what he meant to say was that although Parker liked to read the changes transposed for alto sax he liked also to see the chord progression in the original key. E.g. he played "Out of Nowhere" in E because it's written in G but he like to see the line in G as well as in E.
Since Parker used a lot of tritone substitutions and extended chords this was (and is) a good idea.
Wish I knew a fraction of what he forgot.


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 Re: For Charlie Parker fans
Author: allencole 
Date:   2006-08-20 16:29

I've listened to 'strings' works by a number of jazz artists and enjoyed them just fine. If nothing else, we don't have to wonder how they might've functioned in such settings. (and I find them a lot more interesting than 'smooth jazz')

They also provide a means to wean the average listener off of vocals and build their tolerance for instrumentals. It's good light listening, and let's now forget that a lot of these guys were actually pretty thrilled to work in that format.

Of course, this could be a bit boring to tour with night after night, but that probably gave some of those guys an even deeper appreciation for a rhythm section like Oscar Peterson's.

Allen Cole

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 Re: For Charlie Parker fans
Author: David Spiegelthal 2017
Date:   2006-08-20 18:09

"Parker With Strings" is terrific stuff, not to be confused with the Mantovani Orchestra or other Muzak-ish background music.

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 Re: For Charlie Parker fans
Author: Brenda 2017
Date:   2006-08-20 23:59

I'll be there, and we're getting a group of friends out for that performance next week! The prof is local, the location is close, and the price is right. Wouldn't miss it. Another prof from the same Mohawk College music department wrote a neat compositon for our Clarinet Choir - Diz, you'll remember that one from the recording you received.

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