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 Selmer Paris K4000 serial number
Author: mnhnhyouh 
Date:   2006-08-18 14:01

I am looking at a Semer Paris clarinet with a serial number in the 4000 range with a K prefix. So it is k4000 odd.

The sites I have looked at dont have any listings for serial numbers in the K range.

Does anybody know how old this would be?


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 Re: Selmer Paris K4000 serial number
Author: Don Berger 
Date:   2006-08-18 15:44

Hi h - I have a good Selmer Bb, L12xx, dated to 1932. Its a Full Boehm model 20keys/7rings. It has RI [Radio Improved] in its logo. Yours, being a late K model [assuming its that old, a K might be a very late {repeated} designation, not sure !] so I'd guess about 1930-1. What else does it have in its logo, SGDG, perhaps?, my 1929 Sel A has it ! Luck, Don

Thanx, Mark, Don

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 Re: Selmer Paris K4000 serial number
Author: John O'Janpa 
Date:   2006-08-18 15:44

I believe th "K" series is from approximately 1930. They preceded the "R.I" and the "B.T."

Someone else will probably have more specific info.

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 Re: Selmer Paris K4000 serial number
Author: DressedToKill 
Date:   2006-08-18 16:23

I have nothing of substantial help to add to the thread, but I did want to say that one of the best A clarinets I have ever played in my entire life was a Selmer K series...I constantly kick myself for selling that sucker.

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 Re: Selmer Paris K4000 serial number
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2006-08-18 16:53

I have a K-series full Boehm Bb (K23xx) - oval logo (very similar looking to the Buffet logo, which is why they changed it) but with a transplanted top joint with the circular logo, though it does need a total rebuild - some silly arse has soft soldered a bit of brass to the low E key (which I've taken off) and had only this key nickel plated - if I can't get that reverse plated (ie. removed) I might have the lot silver plated.

On the bell under the logo it has:


You can't go wrong with these, so long as they're sound - and well worth having overhauled to top notch playing condition.

The A in the set has the serial number 70xx, is a standard Boehm but has a perforated fingerplate (like an oboe) for RH 1, with a bridge and adjusting screw fitted as well to close the ring key pad with it. Nicely done, but the keywork generally is very well made and made with a high degree of pride by the looks of it - and certainly not what you'd find in a production clarinet nowadays.


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 Re: Selmer Paris K4000 serial number
Author: Bill 
Date:   2006-08-19 02:54

I have L296 (a three-digit serial number), which I believe is made to "K" series specifications. It has a much smaller bore than my N series.

Intonation is excellent, great twelfths. I had some problems with it in the beginning when I used a short barrel I was convinced was the right one to use (came with the instrument, etc.). As soon as I started using the 66 mm that came with my N series Selmer, it tuned up excellently. It is an odd clarinet in that the lower joint extends higher than all the other clarinets I have seen. Also, the top joint extends noticably higher above the register key hole than average. Even the bell is more elongated.

When I purchased it, I was shopping for a BT or at least a Selmer in that range. Of course, I didn't obtain that. But now I am in awe of K series Selmers. And, anyway, my personal theory is that Selmer bores widened up into the N series (i.e., I think N's were wider than the famous BTs). I have the L, an unrefurbished M (not a BT but an early N-style), and my N. The N is the widest.

But there no touching the P series CT. Tough choices. I think I'll keep them all.


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 Re: Selmer Paris K4000 serial number
Author: super20dan 
Date:   2006-08-19 23:30

i also have an k series and agree its a good horn but my bt is a better clarinet. i brefly owned a k full boem but it didnt play all that great so i sold it

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 Re: Selmer Paris K4000 serial number
Author: ghuba 
Date:   2006-08-20 15:08

Interesting. I have exactly the opposite reaction -- a K I have is an exceptional clarinet and one of the best I own and "better" than BT, L, and CT Selmer clarinets (all restored by the same tech) that I also own.

For me -- an amateur -- the sound I get with a K is dark and "smoky" and similar to that of a Selmer Recital and quite different from that of the BT, L, or CT which are brighter and less in tune.

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 Re: Selmer Paris K4000 serial number
Author: BTBob 
Date:   2006-08-21 02:22

Interesting. I'm gonna have to try one of the Ks...maybe change my name to KBob if I like it :)

Where are some of the tuning difficulties on the BT than the K does not have? Can you recall? TIA...

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