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 New mouthpiece.
Author: kev182 
Date:   2006-08-14 13:24

Wanted some input on a new mouthpiece. As soon as i got to interlochen my teacher put me on an M13-Lyre..big change from my B45!!

I'm now finding this mouthpiece really closed and resistant and am dieing to change! It's hard to explain but i get too much of a wood-hitting-plastic sound and the harder i blow it gets to a point of completely closing off. Most of my reeds are starting to feel like toilet paper on this mouthpiece. I'm using 3 1/2 V12's now...4 was wayy to hard for me.

So i was thinking maybe a mouthpiece like the M15 (slightly longer facing + more open) or M30 would help?

any suggestions would be great =D

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 Re: New mouthpiece.
Author: clarinetmc 
Date:   2006-08-14 17:04

M15 and M30 are both nice mouthpieces, I played the M15 for about four years. But, if you would really like to try a "magical" mouthpiece, I suggest any of Richard Hawkins' mouthpieces. His mouthpieces really open up the sound, you will also notice that the tone color is more brilliant. I love all of his that I own!

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 Re: New mouthpiece.
Author: Alseg 
Date:   2006-08-14 18:51

Ask your teacher to check it out....did you try several?

-Where the Sound Matters Most(tm)-

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 Re: New mouthpiece.
Author: clarinet@55 
Date:   2006-08-14 22:50

I'll post my inquiry here, since the subject of moutnpieces came up. My original post was about mouthpiece diferences between an HS and a bundy #3. I've forgotten why I had a HS (Selmer) on my Malerne many years ago in HS Band. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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 Re: New mouthpiece.
Author: kev182 
Date:   2006-08-15 07:41

We'll i tried a bunch of M13 lyres and choose a good one..but he didn't let me try others.. i think he wanted to put me on an M15 but forgot

I'll ask if i can try the M15 and the hawkins you mentioned, he actually taught at interlochen a few year ago before a new teacher came in! Wow, didn't know it was the same hawkins!

any particular hawkins you would reccomend? something closer to M13/M15 as opposed to B40/45


I also heard about Cheddevile? dont know much about them

Post Edited (2006-08-15 09:29)

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 Re: New mouthpiece.
Author: clarinetmc 
Date:   2006-08-16 03:21

Hawkins has three professional mouthpieces: "S" model, "B" model, and "R" model. All are just depends on what you like. Glad we could help.

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 Re: New mouthpiece.
Author: kev182 
Date:   2006-08-16 08:20

Yea thanx for the help ;)

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 Re: New mouthpiece.
Author: clarnibass 
Date:   2006-08-16 08:20

Do you study with Nathan Williams?

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 Re: New mouthpiece.
Author: kev182 
Date:   2006-08-16 09:02

My god, yes i do!!

don't tell me you met him when he went to israel! amazing! =D

he told me he was going to israel to play in Haifa and tele viv during spring break!

you went to his concert or master class then?

Post Edited (2006-08-16 09:10)

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 Re: New mouthpiece.
Author: clarnibass 
Date:   2006-08-18 09:06

First of all the city name is Tel Aviv, not Tele Viv, and I did see him when he was here. Both in the concert and in the master class. He had good advice to the students in the master class.

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