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 Clarinet use? No comment...
Author: John J. Moses 
Date:   2006-06-19 03:36

Légère Artist
Clark W. Fobes Artist

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 Re: Clarinet use? No comment...
Author: Katrina 
Date:   2006-06-19 03:44

I've been wondering what to do with my instrument when the time comes...Can't imagine giving it to any of my family! ;)


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 Re: Clarinet use? No comment...
Author: ClariTone 
Date:   2006-06-19 04:06

Now that's dedication!!!!!


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 Re: Clarinet use? No comment...
Author: claclaws 
Date:   2006-06-19 10:31

The story is inspiring. I might do the same...Or would it be too egoistic? Somebody may still play it? ClariTone wrote:

Lucy Lee Jang

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 Re: Clarinet use? No comment...
Author: Don Berger 
Date:   2006-06-19 13:06

Interesting, I'll be 87 in 2 weeks, so I believe I'm entitled to make comments. That is a very nice/suitable gesture for him/them?, IMHO, it just hadn't occured to me, tho. For me, music, cls, sax and oboe has been a 77 year pursuit along with a chem eng career, wife, 4 kids and ever increasing "clan" . On discussing with family what to do with my horn colledtion, our elder son, a fair sax player/ fine pharmeceutical chemist-physicist, volunteered to accept what insts I didn't want/need to sell or give to museums [Vermillion {USD} and Claremont, CA {Fiske} ] so as to carry on my practice of supplying quality insts to our younger generations and close friends, to promote musical education and performance. So, with wife, we have made up a [possible] distribution listing of assets, with trading privileges, for the kids, as equitably as possible. As to being buried/ashes with such as our favorite auto, a 39 Lincoln Zephyr, I've heard of such somewhere, but being a liberal/conservative, I dont wish to destroy assets in that fashion, am 1/4 Scotch, and trying to increase it !! Don

Thanx, Mark, Don

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 Re: Clarinet use? No comment...
Author: christian_comeau 
Date:   2006-06-19 13:15

Give it to someone instead...spread the joy you had playing it

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 Re: Clarinet use? No comment...
Author: Bob A 
Date:   2006-06-19 16:45

Hey Don, you have a few years on me (81) but I'm concerned about your health. You said ( in part) "am 1/4 Scotch, and trying to increase it !! Don"
Really, I recommend my tipple, Kentucky Aged Straight Bourbon Whiskey-- and 1/4 is enough .
Bob A

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 Re: Clarinet use? No comment...
Author: Don Berger 
Date:   2006-06-19 17:45

TKS, Bob, glad you got "it", the KASBW aint at all bad, but Glenlivet, for me, is better. Cheers, bottoms up for good health ! Don

Thanx, Mark, Don

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 Re: Clarinet use? No comment...
Author: Terry Stibal 
Date:   2006-06-19 17:53

With the scope of Don's collection, the South Dakota museum is certainly a good idea. I might consider the same with my Oehler, the Selmer "full Boehms" and my New Wonder Conn alto.

For the rest, they can auction them off, realize some value from them, and thus let someone else use them for a while.

leader of Houston's Sounds Of The South Dance Orchestra

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 Re: Clarinet use? No comment...
Author: Don Berger 
Date:   2006-06-19 18:35

TKS, Terry, earlier I gave them [Debbi Reeves and Margaret Banks in partic.] {all old} a Conn alto cl, a Pedler bass cl, a 1920's Sel FB, and this time a Conn sop sax [1903] with suggestion of a pic [if I can find it] of an early German Band in front of a saloon !!, and a couple of lesser horns . I have sent [to CA}, for Al Rice's Fiske, a mid1800s Eng Horn, a Pupeschi-Conn, an 8 keyed wood flute and an 11? keyed [2 ringer] cl both with "inlaid tone holes", as best I recall. Considering the difficulties of finding buyers, coupled with our pleasant-educational visits, induced me to give them away in spite of the nearly zero tax-credit yield. There were/are welcomed, and provide [student?] reasons for maker/?player?/age research. Will re-visit to view displays and read D R's Historically Speaking in the ICAJs. Fun, Don

Thanx, Mark, Don

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 Re: Clarinet use? No comment...
Author: Grant 
Date:   2006-06-20 01:16

I made a deal with a great young man fifty years younger than me. If he goes first I get his Yani tenor if I go first he gets my set of LL's.
I was going to have them cremated with me but now I would rather someone gets some use out of them.

Peace on Earth and May You always have a reed that PLAYS.

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 Re: Clarinet use? No comment...
Author: John O'Janpa 
Date:   2006-06-21 14:51

This may be something new to put in CSO (clarinet shaped objects) ads.

Funeral Director Approved

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