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 College Auditions
Author: olewannabe88 
Date:   2006-01-24 00:36

I have several college scholarship auditions coming up, and I'm just wondering what exactly is appropriate to wear (I'm a girl, btw). Is a skirt or nice pants alright, or do I need something more fancy? Any help is appreciated.


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 Re: College Auditions
Author: graceej13 
Date:   2006-01-24 03:08

A skirt or slacks would have been fine back in "my day" 1980 ish. But, alas, these things go in stages so keep asking if you don't find anyone here who knows. I sent my son to solo and ensemble last year in a pair of jeans - which would have been acceptable in "my day" but he stuck out like a sore thumb amongst all the black slacks, white shirts, long black dresses that day. I'd like to say it's all about the music but, unfortunately that's not always true. Although you couldn't go wrong with basic black, I would think.

Good luck to you!



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 Re: College Auditions
Author: clarinets1 
Date:   2006-01-24 18:04

don't wear high heels. can't play clarinet with heels. wear something you feel good in, not too revealing, something that's flattering. for some people that is a nice pair of pants or a pretty skirt. the decision really is up to you, just use common sense.
the best advice i've heard: wear something that you would wear to an important job interview.

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 Re: College Auditions
Author: Brenda Siewert 
Date:   2006-01-24 18:25

Nice black slacks and nice black shoes with a nice conservative blouse is always right unless skirts are the norm for that school. Many understand that clarinets don't work well with skirts. I only wear a skirt when I'm doing orchestral work where the director says he wants the women in black skirts. Then I have a nice conservative long skirt that gives me freedom of movement. You might add a nice blazer that can be removed when you play if you want to do so.

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 Re: College Auditions
Author: charlie_star_uk 
Date:   2006-01-25 16:55

i always go for trousers.. and a kind of business like approach in dress...
that way you look professional and though you are serious. i think sometimes skirts look a bit "soft"....
something smart, and not fussy...

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 Re: College Auditions
Author: BassClarinetGirl 
Date:   2006-01-26 01:14

No high heels?!

Oh, man.... I always wear heels, with jeans, skirts, slacks, in the morning, at night, during band practice..... with EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE!

clarinets1 said:

"don't wear high heels. can't play clarinet with heels."

Is there really anything to that? I do this every day in band and don't have a problem, sitting or standing...

Interesting! I might have to take my heel-wearing habits into consideration...

Sad thing is, I think I have one pair of tennishoes and definately no flats!


Post Edited (2006-01-26 01:50)

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 Re: College Auditions
Author: clarinets1 
Date:   2006-01-26 17:26

the heels thing was something my first clarinet instructor suggested to me for important auditions/recitals. i suppose that if one had no issues with heels otherwise, go ahead and wear them. i don't wear them often, so playing in them (especially when standing) would be too distracting for me. i did have to do a Rockette-like dance routine in heels once...nearly broke my leg.
all with a grain of salt...

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 Re: College Auditions
Author: Katrina 
Date:   2006-01-26 17:54

It's my understanding that really high heels affect your posture negatively. A moderate (1-2 inch?) heel shouldn't do much, IMHO...

As for the audition, my recommendation would be to dress "professionally" and wear either slacks or a skirt with a nice shirt/blouse/sweater. Stay away from jeans and from anything super-trendy...


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