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 Pyne Barrel
Author: bcl1dso 
Date:   2006-01-14 21:30

Has anyone her ever tried a Pyne Barrel. I was just wondering if they were any good?

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 Re: Pyne Barrel
Author: Scotti 
Date:   2006-01-14 22:39

They are pretty good, but I have always prefered more conservative barrels, such as the Buffet Chadash and Moennig models.

Considering that the Pyne are made out of a synthetic material, I would strongly recommend you try the synthetic Muncy barrels offered by Muncy Winds. The material is pretty much the same, and I think they play as well as almost any high-end wooden barrel being offered. And they are not nearly as overpriced as the Pyne barrels.


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 Re: Pyne Barrel
Author: Bob Phillips 
Date:   2006-01-15 14:26

Like, Scotti, I've been satisfied with my Muncy barrel. It improved intonation a bunch, but it did not perform the miracles reported by some folks with their new barrels.

Bob Phillips

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 Re: Pyne Barrel
Author: Brenda Siewert 
Date:   2006-01-15 16:06

I've owned one and they're better than a stock barrel, but don't have the great tone of a wooden barrel.

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 Re: Pyne Barrel
Author: Scotti 
Date:   2006-01-15 16:36

"but it did not perform the miracles reported by some folks with their new barrels."

I think it's worth pointing out that no barrel ever does that for anyone. Whenever a new piece of equipment is introduced to one's setup, everyone goes nuts over it for a short period, but eventually their own playing tendencies creep back in. The only real way to improve is to work at it. For this reason alone, I've never found high-priced synthetic barrels to be worth anything.

As far as what Brenda said about tone, I feel the same way. But I also believe a lot of it is in our heads, just like mouthpieces that we think have a better sound because they either feel a certain way, or because they are of a better "pedigree."

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 Re: Pyne Barrel
Author: cdgaflash 
Date:   2006-01-15 21:53

I recently purchased one; a 67mm #1+. Its wonderful!

I am using it with a Pyne M13B mouthpiece. My horns are Buffet R-13 Bb (circa 1973), Buffet RC Full Boehm Bb (circa 1984) and LeBlanc L200 A (mid '80s; yes the 67mm works great with the LeBlanc).

I recently acquired the RC, which came with only a 65mm barrel for 442 tuning. The 66mm from my R-13 worked fine (Thanks Vytas for that info.), but I still needed a tuning ring (as with the R-13) due to the overall length of the mouthpiece.

Before ordering the barrel, I spoke with Kyle (Pyne) and let her know of my set-up. (We went to school together at SUNY@Buffalo. I studied with Jim as a non-major) I also let her know what I had wanted to accomplish in regards to tone/tuning. I prefer a dark, "chocolatey" tone... She was very helpful in regards to choosing the proper barrel length, as well as type of resistance (there are options). She sent a couple barrels for me to try, a 66mm and a 67mm. I kept the one that was best for my application and sent the other back.

While at my tech's this afternoon, I played both my Bb's with the standard Buffet 66mm and the Pyne barrel side by side, as I wanted another opinion regarding the horns themselves, as well as between the barrels.

The Pyne barrel performed markedly BETTER (for both horns) in regards to evenness of tone across registers, as well as clarity/projection of articulation. This was also the impression of the principal of one of the community orchestras I play in. He also tried the barrel with his own R-13 with Grabner mouthpiece and commented about the projection of articulation.

*Believe it or not, I have found that the RC plays much better than the R-13, producing a richer, darker tone that projects quite nicely. From what I had read here/on line about the RC in general, I thought that the tone would be brighter. I am very glad this was not the case. The RC is now going to be my primary Bb. I am still in the process of adjusting to the extra keywork... I've found myself reaching over a little too far for the left C#... Having a "long" Bb is a good thing-

Anyway, I can certainly say that my own experience with a Pyne barrel has very positive.

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 Re: Pyne Barrel
Author: BobD 
Date:   2006-01-16 13:44

Yes, I have two of them and use them regularly with pleasure.

Bob Draznik

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 Re: Pyne Barrel
Author: Josuejr 
Date:   2018-04-07 04:14

Hi , Robert
I'm urgently looking for a pyre barrel. I saw in the woodwinds forum that you have two barrel pyne. Are you interested in selling one? I await your feedback.

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